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Elena Gilbert Fashion: The 7 Most Iconic Fashion Moments

Elena Gilbert Fashion: The 7 Most Iconic Fashion Moments

Elena Gilbert Fashion

Elena Gilbert fashion has been the talk of the town since the 2000s. If a 2000s kid ever had a crush in this time then it was definitely Elena Gilbert played by Nina Dobrev in the show titled The Vampire Diaries wherein her character was the protagonist of show which was based on the novel titled the same as the show.

The humble, kind,   and generous Elena has been this innocent girl who has a freakishly cute face and an even cuter fashion. 

Elena Gilbert Fashion: The Best 7 outfits of Her

Being a young school girl in the show, her fashion tends to match well with her age. Let us now have a look at some of the iconic Elena Gilbert fashion moments.

1. The Miss Mystic Falls look

Elena Gilbert Fashion
Elena Gilbert Fashion pictures

The Miss Mystic Falls is a prestigious beauty pageant held in the town of Mystic Falls and since Elena Gilbert was one of the participants in the contest, she had to wear a gown that could be like a show stealer and make her look like thunder which is full of energy and powerful and confident.

She wore a dark blue sweet heart neckline line dress that was symmetrical and matched it with black high heels and silver ornaments. Her curly hair was partially tied back while her makeup was a no-makeup makeup look with all of the neutral and nude shades of products over her face. She almost looked like a cute Barbie doll in this outfit.

2. The iconic look

When one thinks of Elena Gilbert fashion, the first thing to strike the mind is a slim-fit top and tight-fitting slim jeans. Since this was mostly the outfit worn by Elena, she has been the fashion icon of most young, school-going girls. In one of her iconic and perhaps the most famous and nostalgic looks, Elena wore a maroon-shaded tank top with a black leather jacket and dark blue denim pants.

She also wore her iconic pendant full of vervain with her middle-parted straight hair being open and looking its best. Being a school-going girl, she had no makeup on her a day exposed her flawless-looking bare skin.

3. The summer look

Elena Gilbert Fashion
Elena Gilbert Fashion pictures

The summer season requires us to wear loose and comfortable clothes that are lightweight and breathable.  Seems like Elena has exactly the same clothes that perfectly match all these terms. While enjoying her summer break, she was seen wearing a dark blue tank top with black slim-fit denim pants and black high leather boots.

As usual, she had her pendant on along with a bracelet on her wrist as her accessories. Her hair here is different as she went on for bangs this time and a side parted hairdo. Her cute face with no makeup could easily flaunt this look very well.

4. The prom night look

Prom night is probably an important night in the life of a high school student and so they do not want to miss an opportunity to dress up at their level best. Elena wore a magenta pink strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline and with a flairy skirt at the bottom.

Since she prefers simplicity and minimalism in her looks, she wore a diamond bracelet on her wrist and a fancy handpiece on the other. Her long wavy hair was pinned towards the back while her bangs appeared on her forehead. Here too, she had a no-makeup makeup look on.

5. The refreshed look

Elena Gilbert Fashion
Elena Gilbert Fashion pictures

In the near end of the show, Elena is seen wearing a rather different kind of outfit that is cool looking than her usual ones and she looks refreshed and rejuvenated here. She wore an olive green tank top with a V-shaped neckline under a multi-colored shirt jacket and black bell bottom pants. She matched them with black high block heels.

Just to make her appear younger, she was given a straight cut and so had to chop off her extra length of hair. But the short side-parted hair made her look really cute.

6. The post-vampire look

Being a human, Elena is this quiet and lonely girl who is very innocent and also quite shy but after turning into a vampire, when she switches off all her emotions, Elena turns into this sassy, arrogant and bad girl that she had never been before and so her fashion sense changes accordingly.

One of her very first looks post turning into a vampire is her wearing a maroon shaded full sleeves top with a V-shaped neckline and a high waist black slim-fit pants. Slight brown smokey eyes, a nudish brown lip color, and light contour added to those bad girl vibes on her face. Her wavy long hair with golden locks and a cute little pendant was the just perfect things needed to complete the look.

7. A simple casual look

Elena Gilbert Fashion
Elena Gilbert Fashion pictures

Since simplicity and casual clothes are her comfort zone for Elena, most of her looks are more or less pretty much the same in appearance and one cannot differentiate a lot between them but this look of hers is something that any young girl can easily and comfortable wear while going to either school or college or even on a casual day out.

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She wore a black tank top with a V-shaped neckline and a beige-colored leather jacket to bring in some color over the dark shade. She wore black pants under that along with her usual, middle-parted straight hair and no makeup makeup look.

Summing up:

These were some of the most iconic Elena Gilbert fashion moments that we all admire. Her style has been the charm of every teenager of 2000. Even today her style is her style relevant.

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