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Best 8 Fancy Sleeves Designs For Kurti This Season

Best 8 Fancy Sleeves Designs For Kurti This Season

  • Fancy sleeves for Kurtis are where comfort blends with style. We have so many options. Check out the details below:
Fancy Sleeves design for Kurtis

Fancy sleeves for Kurtis are where comfort blends with style. Kurti being a versatile piece of Indian clothing, can easily spice your daily wear closet extensively. Along with being comfortable, they are very trendy as well.

The make or break part of a kurti is basically its sleeves! Stylish and chic kurta sleeves design can make your kurti look magnificent.

Best 8 fancy Sleeve designs for you

From cold shoulders, off shoulders and sleeveless to frills and bell sleeves, there are ample amount of options to choose from to make your style more proficient. Here you can find some of the latest designs to give your wardrobe a complete makeover.

1. Bell shape sleeves

Bell sleeves are excessively in Indian ethnic wear. These are one of the most popular patterns which is seen a lot. What exactly is a bell sleeve? Well, a nice, flared bell sleeve is fitted around the shoulder and upper arm!

But gradually widens towards the end, giving it an exceptional flare look. These are perfect for plain pastel kurtis or a cotton kurta with sleek embroidery work.

Fancy Sleeves design for Kurtis
Fancy Sleeves design for Kurtis

2. Pleated sleeve design

These pleated sleeves kurta designs are beautiful enough to flaunt your unmatched style and rocket your self-confidence. Pleated sleeves have become all the rage this year this eye catching sleeve design works best with solid colored kurtis for a classy semi formal look. This beautiful pleats will surely make your kurta look even more elegant and prettier.

3. Full length sleeves

These can make a perfect addition to your ethnic wardrobe to show off your personal style. Long sleeves can never go out of style as they are versatile, classy, comfy and can easily be styles according to the events of your day.

Whether it’s a casual event or an event where you need to dress up, long sleeved kurtis with some nice ethnic jhumkas can never go wrong. If you ae looking for something that leaves the room you walk by all mesmerized, long sleeved kurtis are perfect.

4. Cowl and Pleated sleeves

This is one design that goes well with almost everything! You can use this particular design in your kurta, salwar suit, saree blouse or even in your lehenga blouse and it will instantly turn your complete outfit into a stunning piece of clothing.

Due to its elegance and posh look, this design of styling the sleeves is getting its popularity in the women of younger age group and we can totally understand the hype, this one is completely worth it. You won’t need fancy prints or work too hard on your neck patterns, this design alone would elevate your look.

5. Long flowy batwing sleeves

This type of sleeves looks exactly like its name! its long, flowy and like batwings running till the knees. These are gradually gaining the fame for daily wear but are highly popular when comes to wearing it on occasions!

Women prefer wearing this style while attending parties and receptions where a classy and unique look is required. These are also widely used for ethnic Indian gowns, where a classy and unique style always make you stand out.

6. Bishop style sleeves

Indian wear is highly mistaken to be a fit for traditional events only which is such a myth! Indian kurta can easily be a perfect replacement for you formal wears.

Fancy Sleeves design for Kurtis
Fancy Sleeves design for Kurtis

Western formals sometimes prove to be uncomfortable because of the tight fit and when one is uncomfortable, they cannot be focused enough to be confident in the crucial work ours, when those are some of the most important hours where you require to be confident considering the increasing competition. Well, kurti with bishop style sleeves has always got your back.

These are very comfortable like any other kurta will be and along with being comfortable to breath in, the sleeves gives it a very chic and professional look. Now, you can easily ditch those tight formals with these professionally beautiful kurta with bishop style sleeves.

7. Net Sleeves

A net sleeve can give you a perfect fusion look by giving your traditional avatar a touch of modernity. Of course, there are different blouse designs created specifically for different occasions. So, take your ethnic look to a whole new level with a gorgeous net sleeve on your kurti.

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Fancy Sleeves design for Kurtis
Fancy Sleeves design for Kurtis

8. Half sleeves

Sleeve pattern is a very important element of any design as it enhances the look of the garment and provides you the freedom of movement and comfort. There are tons of different patterns available in the market, and we have seen tons of patterns go in and out of fashions, but the one type that is always in fashion is half sleeves.

These are a portrayal of modern and urban with a sense of Indian touch. Be it a Pooja, wedding, reception or your office or college, these sleeves just blend in for any type of occasion and is a must in any women’s wardrobe.

Summing up

Now that we have a whole detailed explanation of different types of fancy —=sleeves, it is going to be a lot more easier to style Indian clothes according to the occasion is going to be hell lot of easy. Also, this means a variety of all these fancy sleeves kurtis which are basically all kurtis but in so many different styles and patterns.

All the pretty women out there have an excellent knowledge about how to dress, all they need is a little guiding light towards the currently available and in-trend designs. The more you experiment with your look and bring your bring your bold look out to your dressing, the heads you turn in every room that you enter. A wardrobe with variety of styles will surely give rise to your confidence.


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