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Best 15 Monsoon Makeup Trends You Need To Learn In 2024

Best 15 Monsoon Makeup Trends You Need To Learn In 2024

Monsoon makeup trends

Embrace the attraction of the monsoon season with the latest cosmetic trends that match the rain-kissed environment. As the sweltering heat gives way to cool showers, it’s time to rethink your makeup regimen and embrace the beauty of dewy skin, soft pastels, and water-resistant products. Today, we will talk about the monsoon makeup trends in 2023. 

The monsoon provides its own set of issues, from humidity-induced makeup meltdowns to smudging and fading concerns. It does, however, provide a chance to experiment with simplistic yet exquisite designs that represent the serenity of the season.

We’ll dig into the exciting world of monsoon beauty trends in this post, bringing you through dewy skin, pastel eyeshadows, waterproof necessities, and other professional advice to help you look your best during this rainy season.

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Best Monsoon Makeup Trends to follow in 2024

Learn how to embrace the rain in style and raise your style game with the latest monsoon makeup trends.

1. Dewy Skin for that Fresh Glow

During the monsoon season, the emphasis switches to obtaining that natural, dewy appearance. Replace heavy, matte foundations with light, water-based products that give you a bright, fresh-faced radiance. To balance out your complexion without feeling heavy on the skin, use tinted moisturisers or BB creams. A good primer may also help your makeup stay put in humid conditions.

2. Embrace Soft and Neutral Tones

The monsoon season is all about soft, subdued colours that convey a sense of calm in the middle of the rain. Use neutral colours for your eyes, cheeks, and lips, such as gentle pinks, peaches, and earthy tones. These colours not only complement the season, but also lend a sense of sophistication to your entire style.

3. Waterproof Makeup Essentials

Waterproof cosmetic kits become your greatest friends when venturing out during the downpour. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner keep your makeup in place even if you get caught in a sudden rain. To avoid the dreaded raccoon eyes, use smudge-proof and waterproof eyeliner pencils.

monsoon makeup trends
monsoon makeup trends

4. Pastel Eyeshadows for a Pop of Color

Pastel eyeshadows will add a pop of colour to your monsoon makeup. Blue, green, lavender and coral pastels may quickly brighten your eyes and lend a fun touch to your style. Blend the eyeshadow well for a soft, diffused look that fits the wet weather.

5. Soft, Fluttery Lashes

Voluminous and dramatic lashes may weigh down your eyes during the rains. Instead, go for delicate, fluttery lashes produced with extending mascara. Curl your lashes before applying mascara for a wide-eyed, natural look that brightens your eyes and improves your entire appearance.

6. Glossy Lips for that Juicy Pout

For a more youthful appearance, ditch the heavy matte lipsticks in favour of glossy lips as one of the popular monsoon makeup trends. Lip glosses give your lips a delicate sheen and plumpness, giving them a beautiful, juicy appearance. Lip glosses with moisturising characteristics will keep your lips moisturised all day.

7. Blurred Lips for a Soft Stain

Blurred lips, commonly known as the “bitten lip” look, are a monsoon makeup trend that emits a pleasant, carefree spirit. Apply lipstick to the centre of your lips and smudge the colour outward with your finger or a brush to get this appearance. The end product is a delicate, diffused lip tint that seems natural and is ideal for the rainy season.

8. Minimalism is Key

Monsoon makeup trends are frequently minimalist. Embrace the “less is more” credo by emphasising your natural characteristics rather than hiding them. Light coverage, a bit of blush, and a smidgeon of gloss may all help to create a youthful appearance.

9. Setting Spray for Long-Lasting Makeup

Invest in an excellent setting spray to guarantee your makeup lasts through the humidity and drizzles. A setting spray will keep your makeup in place, prevent it from smearing or fading, and keep you looking fresh all day.

monsoon makeup trends
monsoon makeup trends

10. Waterproof Brow Products

Don’t forget to groom your brows! Choose waterproof eyebrow pencils or gels to keep your brows maintained and defined even when it rains. Waterproof brow creams resist smudging and keep your brows in place.

11. Monochromatic Makeup Look

Another popular monsoon makeup trends is the monochromatic look, which involves using a single colour for your eyes, cheeks, and lips. Choose a gentle peach or pink tint, for example, and use it as eyeshadow, blush, and lip colour. This sleek and simple style ties your makeup together for a harmonious appearance.

12. Use Cream-based Products

During the rainy season, cream-based makeup works wonders. They integrate smoothly into the face and provide a natural finish, making them excellent for attaining a dewy, moisturised appearance. For a delicate and luminous appearance, replace your powder blush with a cream blush and try cream eyeshadows.

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13. Keep Makeup Removal Wipes Handy

While waterproof makeup is necessary, it can be more difficult to remove. Make sure you have makeup removal wipes or a light oil-based makeup remover on hand to remove your makeup without damaging your skin at the end of the day.

14. Hydrate Your Skin

It’s critical to keep your skin moisturised during the rainy season, in addition to altering your makeup regimen. Although humidity might cause excessive oil production, don’t be tempted to forgo moisturiser. Choose a lightweight, oil-free moisturiser that hydrates without blocking pores.

15. Embrace the “No-Makeup” Makeup Look

monsoon makeup trends (2)

When you want to seem especially light and natural, try the “no-makeup” monsoon makeup trends. This style focuses on delicately enhancing your features with sheer and barely-there makeup. A little tinted moisturiser, mascara, and natural lip balm will give you a fresh-faced look that’s ideal for casual outings during the monsoon.

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The monsoon season is an excellent time to experiment with your cosmetic looks, highlighting the beauty of monsoon makeup trends. The trick to monsoon makeup trends is to keep it light, fresh, and water-resistant, whether you want dewy skin, soft pastels, or minimalistic appeal.

Remember that monsoon makeup trends are all about enhancing your natural beauty while also embracing the spirit of the season. Keep waterproof products and setting sprays on hand to guarantee your makeup remains placed in the face of inclement weather.

So embrace these monsoon beauty trends, adapt them to your particular taste, and let your makeup reflect the wet season’s enchanting charm. With these pointers, you’ll be ready to go out in style, oozing confidence and elegance as you navigate the lovely world of fashion.


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