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Samantha Akkineni in Saree: The 7 Looks To Take Inspiration From

Samantha Akkineni in Saree: The 7 Looks To Take Inspiration From

  • Samantha knows how to wear vibrant pink and make individuals go crazy over her looks and attitude. Samantha looks effortlessly gorgeous in these looks. The healthy glow on her face just adds so much light to the pictures.
samantha akkineni in saree images

Formerly known as Samantha Akkineni, Samantha Ruth Prabhu is a Tamil and Telugu film actress and a model who is one of the most established and respected actresses of her generation. Her style, beauty, elegance and simplicity are the factors that have gained her the stardom that she has been experiencing today and of course, her acting skills also contribute to that.

She has an amazing choice of outfits so let us go through some of Samantha Akkineni in saree. Here, we go!

Samantha Akkineni in Saree: The trending top 7 looks

1. The cute pink saree look

The colour pink has many vibrant shades and looks very elegant and classy over an individual irrespective of his or her skin tone and that is what makes it a very special colour. While hosting the reality television show, Bigg Boss in the year 2020, Samantha was seen glowing in a bright pink saree and looked like the cutest and prettiest television host. Samantha Akkineni in saree looks pretty perfect!

samantha akkineni in saree images

To be more specific, Samantha’s saree has a silverish pattern all over it with a similar coloured border while the blouse of her saree was simply a plain pink in colour to match the saree perfectly. With her hair tied in a neat bun, a huge gold necklace, pink gem earrings and a bangle each on one of her hands, Samantha looked ready to host the show with a very sweet yet confident smile on her face and a no-makeup makeup look.

Another time when she donned a similar outfit was during her recent visit to Nalgonda, a city in Telangana, India. She wore this vibrant pink saree with multiple patterns over it in silver and gold colour and a closed neck blouse of the same colour.

Her hair is a very tidy hairstyle and a diamond choker complements the patterns over the saree alongside the similar pair of earrings and no other accessories look extravagant on Samantha. Let us just say that Samantha knows how to wear vibrant pinks and make individuals go crazy over her looks and attitude.

2. The pastel obsession

Pastel colours are quite a trend these days and everyone seems to be loving these sober and comforting colours. One such person is actress Samantha Akkineni who even captioned a picture of herself in a pastel saree as “Obsessing with pastels” and her fans clearly seem to love this look of hers.

In a picture posted by Samantha, she is seen wearing a plain peach pastel coloured saree with golden semi-circular patterns at the edge of the saree. She has paired the saree with a white half sleeves blouse that has slight golden checks all over it and a thin red coloured border to it. A smokey brown eye makeup look with a soft touch of pink on the lips and flawless base makeup, Samantha has also added a pair of huge earrings and a stone shaped bindi to complete the look. This look is the best for Gen Z who prefer light and comfortable colours to wear.

3. The naari in a white saree

The colour white is a very underrated colour that has started gaining the required amount of attention for the coolness and comfort that it provides upon being worn and it also gives the chic vibes. Lately, the colour white has been somehow associated with wealth and social status as well.

samantha akkineni in saree

While launching one of her films, Samantha preferred going authentic and classy and so she chose to wear a white organza saree with very light embroidery towards the edge of it. Her blouse was rather a bit different from her saree. Though white in colour, it had heavy embroidery over it and some white beads as well.  To add just a modern twist to it, there is a slit over the right arm.

Hair tied in a clean middle partitioned chic bun and adding white flowers to it makes it look really royal and elegant. Well defined eyebrows, a nude lip colour, a smokey eye look and flawless base makeup with a pair of white pearl earrings added glamour to this ethnic look and makes this look a party as well as a traditional wear look.

4. The bridal look

Indian brides are obsessed with wearing a red coloured outfit on their wedding day as red is a very rich and royal colour and is also a symbol of love. Samantha Akkineni seems to already know this and so she has a guide for the South Indian bride to be.

During a promotional shoot for a brand, Samantha is seen decked up in a bridal makeover and cannot keep calm upon seeing the cameras. The typical deep red saree has rose gold, floral pattern all over it while the blouse of the saree has small golden dots over it and a thick golden border with some beads over it.

With a diamond and pearl headband and white flowers on the hair, Samantha gives a riyal queen like vibes in these pictures. An eyeliner and a kajal are needed to level up the look while earrings and a necklace complementing the headband add grace to Samantha. The typical red coloured chuda is a classic accessory needed to make this whole look a combination of the North as well as the south Indian bridal look.

5. The red magic

The International Film Festival of India (IFFI) which is usually held in Goa is one of the most important events that take place in the acting industry and so no one misses a chance to look their best during this time and put forth the best of their fashion looks to impress the audience and the rest of the film fraternity.

During the commencement of the 2021 IFFI celebration,  Samantha Akkineni preferred to go a little sassy with her looks and so wore a red smoking hot floral saree with a similar netted blouse and curly hair with a no-makeup makeup look. While the top part of her saree was a maroonish red colour, the bottom part of the saree is like a burnt red colour. 

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Samantha Akkineni in saree, looked so magical!

6. The boss lady

Bosses are usually donned in black but Samantha Akkineni is an exception to that. She dons in almost every colour possible and her fans go crazy over her looks and the way she carries her outfits. In a post shared by Samantha, she is seen wearing a baby pink saree with an off white embroidery and a similar Liaoning sleeveless blouse. Samantha Akkineni in saree looked like a boss lady. 

This is the most gorgeous party wear look to go for as it is really trending these days. With a diamond chocker on the neck and diamond studs in the ears, wavy hair and a decent amount of makeup, Samantha looks effortlessly gorgeous in these pictures. The healthy glow on her face just adds so much light to the pictures.

7. Hand painted saree look

Hand-painted sarees are not much of a trend in India but are still being worn by a lot of people to promote local artisans and their local handicrafts as well. In a picture shared by Samantha Akkineni, she is seen wearing a pastel green hand painted saree with a sheer golden border and an intricately designed golden coloured blouse. Samantha Akkineni in Saree looks so adorable, isn’t it?

samantha akkineni in saree photo

Glossy lips, silver earrings, as well as a bracelet and a very light brown smokey eye look, simply stunning in these pictures. Her fans showed all their love for her in this look and her comments section is the proof of this.

Summing up

To sum up, Samantha Akkineni has a really high standard of dressing up and leaves no tables unturned to keep up with the trendy fashion. With her beautiful face, elegance and self-confidence she can pull off any outfit with the same amount of glamour. So, these were some of the best Samantha Akkineni in saree looks that we all admire. 

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