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Sana Khan Lifestyle: From Controversaries To Facts About Her

Sana Khan Lifestyle: From Controversaries To Facts About Her

Sana Khan Lifestyle

Sana Khan is a former model, actress and a dancer who is an Indian by nationality and has worked across different languages such as Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films.

In the year 2019, Khan was in  a lovey dovey relationship with celebrity choreographer Melvin Louis but things soon came to an end for the couple after just one year of dating. Shortly after that, Sana decided to quit showbiz in order to serve humanity and to follow the order of the creator in 2022.

In the same year, she surprised everyone with the news of her marriage after she married an Islamic scholar named Mufti Anas Sayied in Surat, Gujarat. Life after marriage seems to have been changed for her and so let us have a look at Sana Khan’s lifestyle.

Sana’s Net Worth

Sana Khan Lifestyle
Sana Khan Lifestyle pictures

Sana Khan seemed to have earned sufficiently before quitting showbiz, through different sources such as music albums, films, advertisements, etc. It is estimated that her net worth as in the year 2022 is somewhere between ten crore to twenty corer Indian rupees and this is what I known to be her wealth after her marriage.

Five million was estimated to be the amount of her net worth before her marriage. After quitting showbiz, even though her income from sources such as film, advertisements and other entertainment sources stopped, she still earns quite a lot through her skincare clinic named Face Spa by Sana Khan.

Being such a wealthy person, one cannot expect such actresses to not own any swanky cars, do you? People from the showbiz have always had an impeccable choice in cars since they even possess the whopping amounts needed to pay the cost of such luxury cars. Reportedly, Sana Khan owns a red coloured Range Rover that is worth around two crore Indian rupees.

The controversies

Sana Khan Lifestyle
Sana Khan Lifestyle pictures

Controversies and television stars walk hand in hand. There have been rarely any stars who have not been a part of any controversy throughout their lives. Unfortunately for Sana Khan, she has been a part of some serious controversies that had quite a huge impact over her as well as her career.

She first got into a controversy in the year 2007 when she starred in a television advertisement in which she was seen provocatively scrubbing men’s under garments. The advertisement was later banned on grounds of sexual profanity.

Recovering after the backlash of such an advertisement and after almost six years of a peaceful and non controversial career, a controversy entered yet again in the year 2013 when Sana Khan was alleged of kidnapping a young minor girl due to rejecting her cousin’s marriage proposal.

In the following year, came another controversy when Sana Khan and her then boyfriend, Ismail Khan were arrested for molestation and intimidation of an agent.

After a gap of two years, floated another controversy wherein a follower of the Dera Sacha Sauda chief, filed an FIR against Khan and her fellow actors for having performed an act on a television show that hurt the religious sentiments of their community in the show.

Even in the year 2020, there came another controversy, this time generated by Khan herself wherein she accused her ex boyfriend Melvin Louis of cheating on her. This then led to a battle of words between the two over social media and then came a big revelation, Sana accused Melvin of being physically abusive towards her and being a womanizers’.

Facts about Sana Khan

Sana Khan Lifestyle
Sana Khan Lifestyle pictures

Well, this might come as a surprise for many, but Sana Khan has done short term courses in skincare and prefers spending her lone or spare time in her skincare clinic.

It is interesting to watch how an actor turned model would have had the time to learn such a course. According to several reports, Sana Khan has acted in over fifty television commercials with ace celebrities such as Yuvraj Singh, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and many other known faces of India.

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She won the International Tamil Filmfare Award for the Best New Actress in the year 2008 for her film, Sillambattam. She even participated in the popular television reality show Bigg Boss in the year 2012 and was declared the third runner up of the show. Three years later, she made a comeback on television by participating in another reality show titled Khatron Ke Khiladi but soon got eliminated.

Like the Indian Premier League, the television stars too have their own league known as the Celebrity Cricket League or the CCL. Sana Khan was the brand ambassador of this league and had even participated in it once.

Summing up:

Celebrities tend to have a lot of fans who absolutely love them and so shower them with gifts in order to express their love for their favourite stars. Sana Khan is one such star with a massive fan following and so her gifts are also quite a lot.

Having a cute face and a bubbly smile has attracted so many of her fans that Sana Khan has an winter collection of just Teddy bears that have been gifted to her by her fans and her loved ones. It is said that she began collecting these from the early 2006.

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