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Best Step By Step guide on smokey eye makeup

Best Step By Step guide on smokey eye makeup

Smoldering Glamour - A Step-by-Step Guide to Perfect Smokey Eyes

If you enjoy makeup, smokey eyes are nothing new. Only a few beauty styles can match the timeless allure of smokey eye makeup. The smokey eye is a cosmetic technique that uses dark, blended eyeshadow to produce a sensuous, smouldering appearance. This makeup style is ideal for a night out or any special occasion requiring a dramatic and powerful appearance. The smokey eye may be formed with several colours, but the most common ones are black, grey, and brown. 

This is for those make-up aficionados who want to define their appearance or aren’t afraid to experiment, however, not everyone can pull off this look without seeming sloppy or messy on the eyes. This classic and dramatic technique can fascinate and mesmerise, making it an excellent choice for party makeup, nighttime makeup, or simply channelling your inner femme fatale. So read on to learn how to create the smokey eye makeup look step by step in a simple, enjoyable, and foolproof manner.

1. Gather Your Arsenal: Tools and Products

Unveiling Beauty Step-by-Step Smokey Eye Makeup Mastery
Unveiling Beauty Step-by-Step Smokey Eye Makeup Mastery

The route to Smokey Eye Makeup expertise begins with assembling the necessary equipment and supplies. Invest in a high-quality collection of eyeshadow brushes, blending tools, primer, dark eyeshadow pallet, mascara, and eyeliner. These items will serve as the brushes and paints for your Smokey Eye Makeup creation.

2. Begin with a Blank Canvas: Clean and Moisturized Eyelids

Begin your eye makeup step by step with a nice CTM regimen. You’ll note that the skin tone around the eyes differs from the rest of the face. This may be remedied by using a decent mattifying foundation to the entire face, including the eyelids. Use a concealer to mask any redness, discolouration, or imperfections. Complete with a setting powder or compact.

3. Prime for Perfection: Apply Eyeshadow Primer

Applying an eye primer to the eye region preserves the skin’s natural oils while smoothing out pores to produce a smooth base, which is especially useful for oily skin. Apply a little amount with your fingers or a concealer brush to the lids, under the eyes, and the skin beneath the brows. Allow the primer to dry on its own before proceeding to the next step.

4. Colour Coordination: Choose Your Eyeshadow Palette Wisely

Smokey Eye Perfection - Your Comprehensive Step-by-Step Tutorial
Smokey Eye Perfection – Your Comprehensive Step-by-Step Tutorial

The selection of eyeshadow colours is important to every Smokey Eye Makeup look. Choose a palette that has a balanced blend of dark, medium, and light tones. Classic colours like charcoal, rich brown, and glittering silver are ageless for achieving the attractive Smokey Eye Makeup look.

5. Map It Out: Highlight Brow Bone and Inner Corners

Begin by applying a light eyeshadow to accentuate the brow bone and inner corners of your eyes. This approach not only adds dimension but also attracts attention to the centre of your gaze, making your eyes stand out and emphasising the Smokey Eye Makeup.

6. Transition to Elegance: Apply a Light-Toned Eyeshadow as a Base

Begin by using the lightest eyeshadow on the upper eyelid. Apply a small amount of eyeshadow on the basic shadow brush. Tap off extra powder to lightly coat the bristles. Begin applying the eyeshadow from the inner corner of the eye, working outwards to cover the entire upper eyelid. 

7. Intensify with Depth: Incorporate Darker Shades Gradually

Mastering Smokey Eyes - The Ultimate Step-by-Step Makeup Guide
Mastering Smokey Eyes – The Ultimate Step-by-Step Makeup Guide

You can use the same or a different brush for the deeper shade. Dark colours provide depth, making your eyes more visible and defined. Begin at the outer edge of your upper eyelid and softly move it to the centre. Don’t direct it towards the inner eye. 

8. Seamless Harmony: The Art of Blending

Use a smaller brush for the intermediate shade; this will be your blending brush. Glide the brush from outside to inside, mixing the deeper tone with the base shade and removing any stark contrasts. The colours should appear to move from bright to dark.

9. Lining the Drama: Enhance with Eyeliner

Lining the upper eyelid enhances the appearance of your lashes and draws attention to your eyes. Eyeliners also allow you to experiment with more dramatic effects, such as winged eyeliners. For a sharper effect, use liquid, waterproof eyeliner,  while a pencil or crayon will provide a softer result. In any event, apply the eyeliner as near to the lash line as possible. You may change the thickness of your eyeline to your liking.

10. Lower side drama: Line the lower waterline

Eyes That Mesmerize - Your In-Depth Step-by-Step Smokey Eye Tutorial
Eyes That Mesmerize – Your In-Depth Step-by-Step Smokey Eye Tutorial

While optional, putting kohl or kajal to the bottom waterline creates a dramatic, beautiful look. When lining the bottom waterline, leave the inner quarter open to avoid an overdone effect. 

11. Illuminate: Highlight the Inner Corners for a Radiant Finish

You’re almost finished with the eye shadow makeup tutorial, but if you like, you may highlight beneath the brows or the inner corners of the eyes. To make the brows more defined, apply the lightest shade you used on the base directly under the brow arch. For added drama, apply a little amount to the inner corner of the eye, blending it in well.

12. Define with Precision: Perfect Your Eyebrows

The best approach to comb untidy brows is using an eyebrow brush. You may fill in the gaps with brow pomade and utilise this time to shape your brows properly. Finally, use a spoolie brush to mix everything.

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13. Curl and Coat: Mascara Magic

A Pro's Guide to Smokey Eye Makeup - Step-by-Step Brilliance
A Pro’s Guide to Smokey Eye Makeup – Step-by-Step Brilliance

Remember to curl your lashes to make them appear longer and thicker as you go through your eye makeup steps. Using your hair dryer, gently heat your favourite lash curler for a few seconds. Hold it an inch away from the back of your hand to see whether it’s too hot. Then, carefully put the curler in between the lashes and clamp down. To finish your Smokey Eye Makeup, apply a layer of mascara to give length, volume, and appeal.

14. Clean Up: Correct Mistakes and Sharpen Edges

Your step-by-step eye makeup is nearly complete, and you may now correct any mistakes. Dab a Q-tip in makeup remover and use it to erase smudges and wrinkles. Finish with some transparent powder to secure everything in place.

15. Final Touch: Set with Setting Spray

Smoldering Glamour - A Step-by-Step Guide to Perfect Smokey Eyes
Smoldering Glamour – A Step-by-Step Guide to Perfect Smokey Eyes

To enhance the endurance of your Smokey Eye Makeup, use a high-quality setting spray. This not only helps your creation endure the test of time, but it also keeps it looking fresh and vivid all day and night.


Yay! Congratulations, you’ve mastered the art of producing a smokey eye makeup look. Turn attention at every gathering with smokey eyes as the secret to your glam appearance. Remember, don’t be scared to try new colour combinations and methods to get your trademark smokey eye makeup look. With our complete lesson as your guide, you can now dare to be appealing and leave a lasting impression with this captivating smokey eye makeup look. 

Smokey eye makeup can look great with any clothing. It is appropriate for a job if done gently.  The smokey eye makeup looks great with a nude lip, but if you want bold, match it with strong red lips.

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