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10 Best Tinted Lip Balm You Should Check Out

10 Best Tinted Lip Balm You Should Check Out

  • We adore matte liquid lips just as much as the next person, but it's no secret that the formulations aren't very hydrating.
10 Best Tinted Lip Balm

Honestly, we live for a good tinted lip balm. We’re constantly looking for a moisturizing, luscious splash of color that won’t dry out our lips like long-wearing lipsticks do. And with these natural-looking balms in pinks, reds, and nudes, you won’t have to give up any long-lasting moisture.

You need solutions that are high in moisturizing compounds like hyaluronic acid, are non-sticky, and provide an intense rush of moisture. For an everyday appearance, a solid container of moisturizer (sunscreen is a must) and the best tinted lip balm are the holy grail.

Chapped, dry lips may spoil the appearance of your complexion, which should be glowing and dewy. You need moisture as well as a flush of color on your lips, and for those who don’t enjoy wearing lipstick on a daily basis, tinted lip balm may be the ideal product that you must perfect. So, here are ten of the best tinted lip balm on the market for hydrating, protecting, and plumping your lips while leaving them feeling juicy and shiny. 

1.NARS Afterglow Lip Balm

10 Best Tinted Lip Balm
Tinted Bliss Top Tinted Lip Balms for Soft, Kissable Lips

We liked the texture of this balm since it wasn’t overly waxy or too slippery, and it lingered on our lips for a good period of time. This best tinted lip balm moisturized our lips after just one application (so we didn’t have to reapply during the day, except when we needed a little extra color) and kept them soft long after we swiped it on.

We love how some of the colors have a little shine to them, which can look extremely sensual when done correctly. And all of the hues are pretty wearable, albeit none are very bold or vivid. 

2.Hydrating Core Lip Shine by E.L.F. – Joyful

e.l.f is a dupe generator, and we all like the brand for that. They consistently provide near equivalents to high-end cosmetics with similar or superior formulas, and this one is a tried-and-true imitation of Clinique’s Black Honey lipstick. This best tinted lip balm with a moisturizing heart-shaped center provides complete hydration and moisture. It gives off a really attractive thin tint, comparable to Black Honey, and is available in eight tones that are all great for every day. It is also significantly less expensive. 

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3.Bobbi Brown New Extra Lip Tint – Bare Raspberry (Lip Balm)

10 Best Tinted Lip Balm
Color Comfort Best Tinted Lip Balms for Effortless, Everyday Wear

Bobbi Brown has a cult following for their best tinted lip balm, which, while expensive, are well worth the money. This ‘Extra Lip Tint’ contains jojoba oil, avocado oil, and olive oil, as well as plumping peptide technology, to make your lips seem soft, smooth, and moisturised. This shade’s texture is also incredibly sheer, making it ideal for everyday use; moreover, you may choose from nine other hues according on your color taste.  

4.Dot & Key Gloss Boss Tinted Lip Balm SPF 30 Vitamin C + E – Strawberry Crush

We love when our lip care has SPF 30, and this one from Dot & Key does, as well as vitamins E and C. This best tinted lip balm heals, moisturizes, smoothes, and plumps the lips for a luscious sensation. We definitely enjoy the gloss aspect of this lip balm, and it lasts a long time while also taking care of the pigmentation & Lip Serums For This Summer.

5.Benefit Cosmetics California Kissin’ Colorbalm – 300 Rosewood

10 Best Tinted Lip Balm
Lip Color Companion Top Tinted Lip Balms for a Natural Pop of Color

Benefit is the first brand for tinting. Their Benetint is still the most popular, and although it is fantastic, if you want that balm feel and care in the most appealing hue, this color balm is really worth a try. It comes in 12 lovely tones and feels like a wonderfully moisturizing, lightweight lipstick with the greatest color pigment. 

6.DIOR Addict Lip Glow – 007 – Raspberry

For those with a little more money to spend on their daily and best tinted lip balm, the DIOR Addict Lip Glow is a product that is well worth the expenditure. It mimics the effect of lip gloss and results in the most hydrated, nourished lips that seem plump and shining. It contains cherry oil, shea butter, sunflower and rice waxes to protect and soften the lips, and each of the six tints has a lovely dewy finish.

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7.Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Lip Balm

10 Best Tinted Lip Balm
Tinted Treat Best Tinted Lip Balms for Subtle Color and Hydration

A tinted lip balm does not stay as long as a matte liquid lipstick. However, certain colored lip balms will stay longer than others, such as Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Lip Balm. It not only comes in five really attractive hues, but it also has a terrific color payoff that lasts longer on the lips than some of the other products on our list. Furthermore, the recipe is more waxy than buttery, indicating that it will linger on your lips longer than a thinner consistency would.  

8.NIVEA Tinted Lip Balm – Fruity Pomegranate

Nivea, a childhood favorite, still has the same admiration and affection for us. With a powerful glide application, a color that can be built up, and moisture and hydration that softens and smoothes the lips, this is a bankable product that should be a part of anyone’s vanity. They have seven more hues, and each one is as gorgeous as the last & How Long Does Lipstick Last?

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9.Faces Canada Color Balm – Rose Petal

10 Best Tinted Lip Balm
Balm with Benefits Best Tinted Lip Balms for Nourishing Lips with a Touch of Color

Faces Canada offers high-quality items at economical prices. Their best tinted lip balm contains SPF 15, rose extracts, shea butter, and vitamin E, which moisturizes, protects against discoloration, and keeps lips full. And, while being available in three hues, all three are on the pink and red spectrum, making them quite wearable and, overall, a fantastic value for the price. 

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10.Keys Soulcare Comforting Tinted Lip Balm

Need an ultra-hydrating recipe to help you through the colder months? Try Keys Soulcare’s Comforting Tinted Lip Balm. This best tinted lip balm feels extremely conditioning without any stickiness, dryness, or tackiness, owing to the avocado and camellia seed oil, which profoundly nourish the lips. However, the color palette might be improved with some creativity. We wish the berry-heavy collection had a pink or blue-toned red to accent more hues & How To Wear Red Lipstick.


We adore matte liquid lips just as much as the next person, but it’s no secret that the formulations aren’t very hydrating. And, to be honest, we refuse to give up a supple pout for more color. Simple solution: don’t. Instead, take a colored lip balm and enjoy those freshly moisturized, colourful lips!

Given the abundance of tinted lip balm options—many of which are excellent formulas—it was tough to narrow down our best-tinted lip balm to just a few, as highlighted in this list. They leave your lips feeling ultra-smooth and supple, and they also double up as a cheek tint. Consider a swirl around the cheekbones for a gentle flush & guide for lip care.


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