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Best 20 Trending Lipstick Shades

Best 20 Trending Lipstick Shades

Palette Panache Elevate Your Look with Trending Lipstick Hues

Being ahead of the curve is crucial in the quick-paced world of beauty, particularly when it comes to lipstick trends. Use the Top 20 Lipstick Shades that have gained popularity and become recognisable in the beauty industry to enhance your makeup game. These lip colours are more than just cosmetics—from the timeless appeal of classics like Revlon’s Fire and Ice to cutting-edge hits like Smashbox’s Thrill Seeker—they are declarations of confidence and flair. 

Chic Chromatics Trending Lipstick Hues to Flaunt
Chic Chromatics Trending Lipstick Hues to Flaunt

Savour the Hollywood classic, Red Stiletto by Bobbi Brown, which strikes the ideal ratio of edgy to refined. Discover the history of Christian Dior’s renowned 999, a timeless classic red that continues to sell well. Immerse yourself in the Gen-Z favourite with Glossier’s Coupe, an alluring hue of blood orange that fits nicely with current trends of lipstick shades.

Whether you like the understated elegance of Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk or the timeless classic of Fashion Fair’s Chocolate Raspberry, this carefully picked collection of lipstick hues that are currently in style is sure to change the way you think about lip colour. Explore the charm of these hues, each with distinct qualities that add to their unquestionable appeal in the beauty industry. Take a trip of style and self-expression with these lip tints that aren’t only hot right now—they’re also becoming the norm for classic elegance.

1. Fire and Ice by Revlon

Pout Perfection Must-Have Lipstick Shades Right Now
Pout Perfection Must-Have Lipstick Shades Right Now

Revlon made waves in 1952 when it debuted its Fire & Ice advertising campaign, which featured Vogue cover girl Dorian Leigh. The campaign included a quirky quiz to determine whether or not a person was indeed a good fit for this classic vivid red.

2. Red Stiletto by Bobbi Brown

This alluring shade is a best-seller for Bobbi Brown and a Hollywood favourite. Its deep, rich crimson lipstick shade instantly draws attention and complements all skin tones, striking the ideal mix between bold and classic. Rich colour payoff is delivered by its silky smooth texture that applies flawlessly, and its long-wear formula keeps a velvety smooth finish all day.

3.999 by Christian Dior

This is Dior’s best-selling, timeless red, and it’s rumoured to have been the lip colour worn at the brand’s inaugural catwalk show, which was once known as 9. It’s commonly known by its other name, “Iconic.”

4. Coupe by Glossier

Lipstick Chronicles Unveiling the Season's Hottest Shades
Lipstick Chronicles Unveiling the Season’s Hottest Shades

The Gen-Z favourite brand knows how to make a superb lipstick, and this lipstick shade hue of blood orange is no exception. Designed to bring together all the best features of lip products into one, this lipstick is perfect for experimenting with new shades, including orange.

5. Thrill Seeker by Smashbox

Aptly named Thrill Seeker, this striking lipstick shade is a favourite of our beauty editor, Maya Allen. With a priming oil compound, it is waterproof, liquid-matte, and includes a precision-tip applicator for the ideal pucker.

6. Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tillbury

Thanks in large part to TikTok, Hailey Bieber is not shy about exposing her beauty rituals. The Charlotte Tillbury Matte Lipstick in Pillow Talk and the Anywhere Caffeine Lip Liner from Make Up For Ever, which Bieber adores since it complemented her natural lip colours, were the stars of a recent video in which she revealed her go-to lip combo. One of Allen’s favourite nudes is also this one. 

7. Creamy Nude by Clinique

Glamour Gradients Discovering the Trendiest Lipstick Shades
Glamour Gradients Discovering the Trendiest Lipstick Shades

Here is one of Clinique’s most sought-after nude hues. Its creamy texture applies smoothly, adding a natural charm that gives your lips a delicate yet visible shine.

8. Taupe by M.A.C

When red is combined with a dark grey-brown hue, what do you get? Thanks to M.A.C.’s superior formulation, this taupe matte lipstick shade works well as a wonderful neutral and will last all day.

9. MAC Red Lipstick in Ruby Woo

This classic shade, and trending lipstick shade. which has delicate blue undertones that instantly brighten teeth and the whites of eyes, is flattering on almost everyone. It is the coolest of cool reds.

10. Tom Ford Lip Color in Bruised Plum

Bold Lips, Bright Trends A Guide to Trending Lipstick Colors
Bold Lips, Bright Trends A Guide to Trending Lipstick Colors

In the tube, this hue appears deeper than dark plum, but as you brush on the glossy, semi-opaque consistency, it reads more like a rich, deep fuchsia that you can build up to the opacity you like.

11. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in #19 Fuchsia Pink

Rouge Pur Lipstick No. 19, a blue-toned rich fuchsia that Yves Saint Laurent first introduced in 1979, is still a best-seller today because of its vibrant pink pigments and gorgeous silky finish.

12. Guerlain 1830 Rouge Du Tigre

Rouge Impériale, a rich berry crimson that was initially introduced in 1870 and was the house’s first lipstick shade in stick form, was recently uncovered for Guerlain’s Legendary Reds collection by creative director of cosmetics Violette.

13. Train Bleu by NARS

Palette Panache Elevate Your Look with Trending Lipstick Hues
Palette Panache Elevate Your Look with Trending Lipstick Hues

This beloved product produces the same effect as a matte lipstick in a pencil shape, so it’s a fantastic choice if you like that application technique. It may also be used as a foundation colour or combined with other lip products for added dimension.

14. Gifted by Rare Beauty

Even though Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty company is well-known for her viral blushes and all-around fantastic products, celebrity beauty companies can occasionally be a mistake. Milia Ware suggests the matte lipstick, which is one of its newest releases and is buttery and pigment-rich.

15.1990 by Merit

Actress Cameron Diaz also loves this lipstick shade as does Nieves. It is one of the greatest lipsticks available for use throughout the day because it is not only eco-friendly and clean, but also extremely moisturising.

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16. Resilience by Valde Beauty

Valdé is the brand to take into consideration while investing in lipstick. Superfine particles that provide amazing coverage and lipstick shade when applied are refillable in each lipstick. Keep the incredible armour and change the colours whenever you want.

17. Chocolate Raspberry by Fashion Fair

For many Black women, the brand’s best-selling lipstick, Chocolate Raspberry, is a throwback classic. Thankfully, it has made a comeback to our counters with the reopening of Fashion Fair this year.

18. Dare to Bare by Terry

With a mix of moisturising hyaluronic acid and something dubbed “filler spheres,” By Terry’s best-selling hue globally is a pink-based nude that glides over the lips and promises full, moisturised colour that won’t settle.

19. Pink by Dior

This thin, moisturising lip balm is one of the items that has gone viral because of TikTok; it changes colour on everyone in an amazing way. That being said, you can also rely on the app to provide some excellent dupes if your budget is less than $38 for a lip balm.

20. L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipcolour in Fairest Nude

This creamy pinky-taupe nude glides on sheer and gives a boost of brightness to a wide range of complexions thanks to its recognisable vanilla smell.


In summary, the wide range of popular lipstick shades included in this collection illustrates how tastes in beauty are changing. From the timeless appeal of Revlon’s Fire and Ice to the contemporary brightness of Rare Beauty’s Gifted, and homemade pomegranate every hue tells a different tale in the language of makeup. These lip colours upend the norms for stylish self-expression by embracing both modern trends and classic elegance.

The ongoing popularity of these popular lipstick hues is shown by Bobbi Brown’s Red Stiletto and NARS’s cult favourite Train Bleu. Beauty fans celebrate the broad spectrum of uniqueness and style as they explore these hues, embarking on a journey that flawlessly mixes tradition with the avant-garde.

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