Celesti Bairagey – The Doppelganger of the Gorgeous Alia Bhatt

Celesti Bairagey

Celesti Bairagey has a very uncanny but almost perfect resemblance with Alai Bhatt, so much so that the first glance hers feels like having watched Alia Bhatt herself. She broke the internet with her pictures and videos in which she tried to recreate Alia Bhatt’s appearance and surprisingly the audience initially believed that she herself was Alia Bhatt.

Upon realizing that she was a doppelganger, the internet made her an overnight sensation as she became a viral internet star which has earned her a place in the soon-to-be airing television show titled Udti Ka Naam Rajjo and this will be her big screen debut.

Bollywood stars have a crazy and massive fan following around the globe and they have the ability to reach out to any person through their acting skills Bollywood films have now become the most widely accepted films almost in every part of the globe.

In an effort to impress their favorite stars, the ordinary audience is always in search of an opportunity to resemble their favorite stars through their appearance, style, attitude, voice, etc. The leading lady of Bollywood, Alia Bhatt is also one such star that has a lot of fans that have been blasting their love for her over the internet and one such fan of hers is Celesti Bairagey.

Celesti Bairagey background

Celesti Bairagey
Celesti Bairagey pictures

Celesti Bairagey was born on the 12th of March in the year 1999 and is currently twenty-three years old. She hails from the beauty of the North East of India, that is, Assam. Her zodiac sign is Pisces and she is a model and actor by profession.

She has done her masters in English from a college in Rajasthan and her hobbies are traveling, sketching, and singing while she is also fond of learning new languages. She is a huge fan of actor Tiger Shroff and cannot stop herself from grooving over Arijit Singh’s voice.

Rise to fame

Celesti Bairagey
Celesti Bairagey pictures

Celesti rose to fame when she recreated one of Bhatt’s dialogues from her latest released film Gangubai Kathiawadi. In the video, Celesti imitated Alia really very well and the rest is history. It seems she created her Instagram account during the time the whole country was under lockdown and she had nothing to do to entertain herself. This is where she started creating reels as she was encouraged by her friends and her brother.

She has over three hundred and ninety thousand followers on Instagram and has recently bagged a television show in which she will be seen playing the role of a protagonist. The show will be airing over the Star Plus channel and her fans are really excited to watch her perform in front of the camera.

The show is based on the life of a young girl who aspires to be an athlete and so has to overcome all of the societal norms and other obstacles to fulfill her dream.

Earlier works

Celesti Bairagey
Celesti Bairagey pictures

You might be surprised to know that Celesti has collaborated with renowned brands such as Burger King to promote their products and has also featured in a few Assamese music videos such as the ones titled Protitu Pol 2.0, Dhon Keteki, Julie, and Tumi Ruwa wherein she featured opposite Assamese singer Vicky Kalita. She also appeared in a music video by the Wonder Sisters titled Premore Behela. Celesti even featured in a music video titled Nasomi Tumi Moi Dhulia and Tumi Junak.

With this in mind, it’s no longer a surprise that Celesti made her acting debut through a film based in the Assamese language titled Niveer Aru Tara which was actually a web film in which she played the role of a girl named Tara. The cute-looking and charming Celesti even wrote the script of the film all by herself and the film managed to have over four million views. Later she even acted in a film titled Runjun which too is a film based in the Assamese language.

Well, that is quite a lot of projects to have been done at such an early and young stage of life, that is, at just twenty-three years of age. One interesting fact about Celesti is that she is multi-lingual and can speak languages such as Hindi, Assamese, English, Marwari, Tamil, and Telugu.

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She actually never meant to become an actress and always dreamt of entering the field of academics as a professor but now that she has entered the field of acting and has found inspiration in the form of Alia Bhatt, she looks up to Bhatt and wants to follow her path of becoming an exceptional actress. She even desires to work with actor Tiger Shroff someday and says that she’ll feel honored to share the screen with him.

Summing up:

Well, this is like an adventurous ride for a person like Celesti Bairagey, to begin as an influencer who shared reels to just be called a doppelganger of a successful and skillful actress like Alia Bhatt to later bagging the role of a protagonist in a Hindi television serial that will be aired nationally.

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