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Best 10 Diwali Outfits For Men That You Need Invest In

Best 10 Diwali Outfits For Men That You Need Invest In

  • These were some of the best Diwali Outfits for men that you need to invest in. Check the details now!
Diwali Outfits for men

Looking for some Diwali outfits for men? You better get prepared for the Hindu celebration that is the brightest and liveliest because it is coming up soon. not for anybody but yourself. Although getting dressed may not be at the top of your priority list this year—this year being fairly dark—that doesn’t mean your Diwali attire has to be uninspired or worse—last year’s.

Now, guys, be sincere. Do you believe there is any clothing in your closet right now that would be appropriate for Diwali 2022? If you said “no,” you still had some shopping to do.

Best Diwali outfits for men to try in 2023

Here are a few carefully chosen Diwali outfits for men to help you become inspired for your well-planned outing. These outfits will not only personify your compassion but also draw attention to the enigmatic structure of your spirit.

1. A simple dhoti kurta

Diwali Outfits for men
Diwali Outfits for men pictures

When ethnic clothing is mentioned, a Kurta is the first item that comes to mind. However, we are unaware that there are other alternatives if we decide to avoid it. But in my opinion, choosing a printed Kurta is the most secure method to wear one. Not only does it make a small splash, but it also spares you the trouble of overaccessorizing. Moving on to the bottoms, a basic Dhoti is a custom and frivolity that every male should sport, at least during the festival seasons. Finally, finish off your Diwali ensemble with a pair of Kolhapuris or black or brown sandals.

2. Nehru jacket with asymmetry

Nehru jackets are popular among everyone as a Diwali outfits for men. They match practically anything you wear underneath. Your Diwali outfit will look amazing with such an unconventional layer of fashion added on top of it.

We don’t have anything against the standard Nehru jackets, but it’s Diwali 2020, and unless your attire is unique and unusual, you won’t ever get the attention it deserves. So, take a look at this lovely asymmetrical Nehru Jacket. You can wear it with a simple white kurta dhoti or pajama set and a pair of brown mules.

3. Printed kurta and jacket set

Diwali Outfits for men
Diwali Outfits for men pictures

One of the numerous methods to demonstrate your confidence is to be over the top about the newest trends. The majority of the time, those who are knowledgeable about the most recent trends—yes, the stylish ones—rise to the challenge. The world looks up to their persona. The actual definition of festive couture is to be who you are while expressing your desire to dress differently yet better. like this unconventional outfit. a patterned mid-length kurta worn with a plain black traditional jacket, white straight-leg slacks, and black monks.

4. A printed short kurta

Always a key component of style is comfort, and being at ease in one’s own skin is considered trendy. the dark-colored chinos and shoes go well with this short kurti with prints. In other words, if you still have a part of you that wants to wear something more subdued for Diwali, this clothing combo will work for you.

The classic design can, however, be accessorized in a variety of ways if you so want. Start by including a simple watch or beaded bracelets. Furthermore, try a white dhoti in place of these dark chinos as your Diwali outfits for men. A great pair of Kolhapuri Chappals should be exchanged for these terribly casual shoes, just one last thing. There you go. To you folks, a happy Diwali!

5. Kurtas with Chikankari embroidery

Diwali Outfits for men
Diwali Outfits for men pictures

I have always loved chikankari kurtas, thus I never use the term of this style in vain. The Chikankari work of art, which comes in the style of a traditional suit with loose-fitting bottoms, is far more elegant than the standard kurtas and is something every man should own. This keeps you quite comfy in addition to improving your appearance.

It delivers brightness and sophistication that the other ethnic clothing for men lacks, and I believe that this may be your greatest alternative if you’re afraid to try something new but yet want to look amazing. Wear these to your Diwali celebration and you’ll be the talk of the event, in conclusion.

6. Kurtas that are asymmetrical

What’s new on the fashion scene? Trail cut uppers! You don’t belong in the world of fashion if you haven’t encountered any recently. Everything you chuck down the trail cut travels perfectly fine. However, picking the right colors is the trick. Choose bottoms with contrasting colors, darker solids, and darker hues.

Finish off the ensemble with a pair of traditional shoes like Juttis, sandals, or plain Kolhapuris. This outfit comes straight out of a fashion lookbook and defines both style and comfort.

7. Have fun wearing printed shirts.

Having said that, we entirely understand if you don’t feel like a Kurta. However, we also have another method for assisting you in seeming festive without a Kurta. How? Actually, one of the newest ethnic clothing trends for guys to watch out for is block printed shirts in vivid colors.

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They have an incredibly beautiful appearance and exude delight. This festive season, printed shirts are the way to go if you want to forego the Kurta look.

8. Ensure that it is properly accessorized

Paying attention to the little things can add the finishing touch to your holiday ensemble. A smart accessory to include is a pocket square for your jacket. The following silk pocket squares can give your festival attire that finishing polish.

9. Don a watch and some bracelets.

Never undervalue the kind of finishing touch a watch or bracelet may provide. Not only is a decent metal strap watch a practical tool, but it’s also possibly the safest addition to your wardrobe. You should unquestionably wear bracelets with your attire if you enjoy and feel comfortable wearing them.

10. Blue denim jeans, slip-on shoes, and sunglasses

A prime example of fusion print is the ditsy pattern on a short kurta with a banded collar and rolled-up sleeves. When worn with blue/black denim jeans, a black/maroon slip-on, and sunglasses (only if it’s sunny and outside), this type of print can be easily pulled off at a family function. Add a beaded bracelet to complete the printed short kurta’s stylish style, and you’re ready to go.

Summing Up:

These were some of best Diwali outfits for men, you can check the complete list for you! Don’t forget to take your pictures and share it with us at Fashna. You can check-out the men wear at Myntra

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