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How To Wear Jumpsuit on 5 Different Occasions?

How To Wear Jumpsuit on 5 Different Occasions?


The trusty jumpsuit is a staple of fashion and a go-to outfit for many occasions. But let’s dig right in and take a quick look at where they come from. When Italian artist Ernesto Michahelles developed it in 1919, it was first referred to as Tutua.

The phrase “jumpsuit” was created to describe the clothing because it was intended to be used by skydivers and parachutists. But the suit has been redesigned for casual, everyday wear because of how practical and easy it is.

Here, we will talk about the jump suit and how you can carry these on different occasion.

Different designs of jumpsuits

  • Jumpsuits and blazers
  • Jumpsuits for boilers
  • Jumpsuits with cuffs
  • Jumpsuits in denim
  • Overalls
  • Rompers or jumpsuits
  • Jacket and shirt
  • A tight jumpsuit
  • tank top jumpsuit
  • Jumpsuit with Flared or Wide Legs

Because of its numerous variations in styles, designs, and comfort, jumpsuits are our preferred option for every occasion. Additionally, these one-pieces are appropriate for a variety of body shapes, ages, and can be worn by anyone based on personal preference. It could be difficult to select the best for a one, though. 

5 Ideal Jumpsuit for every occasion

Following the lead of our stylish Instagrammers, we have created a list of events and the best jumpsuit for each one. No matter the event—a holiday, a date, a brunch, a business meeting—we have you covered.

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1. At home 

Since WFH became a reality, we have set ourselves the goal of being comfortable while still being stylish. The best option in this situation is to wear a relaxed onesie. A harem-inspired like the one Shereen Sikka is wearing from Rheson seems ideal for spending the entire day at home.

The bold colors and printed pattern give your outfit some pzazz while the soft material keeps you comfy all day. A loose fit and tapering leg style are also great for looking stylish without sacrificing comfort if you need to rush to the store or take a Zoom call.

2. On the job

All the strong women, please respond! Use a one-piece jumpsuit instead of your typical two-piece suit to project dominance. This is a good alternative if you want to look professional without dressing too fancy.

Malini Agarwal stands out in a turquoise wide-leg playsuit by Ajiesh Oberoi paired with a blazer. Dark colors like pinstripes, black, navy, bottle green, or charcoal grey should be worn for business wear. Additionally, don’t be afraid to accessories it with expensive accessories and heels!

3. Weekend Brunch

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A blazer playsuit is the perfect combination of formal and casual for the weekend. Riya Jain radiates a chic, carefree charm while wearing a white playsuit. She chooses to go with bold red sunglasses, a huge neckpiece, and a red pocketbook to allow her accessories speak for themselves. Being clad in lightweight, breathable clothing is crucial during the monsoon season.

As a result, a playsuit made of elastic material in a color scheme appropriate for the daytime is preferable. To appear more carefree, you can choose to pair your outfit with casual sneakers—the ideal look for a lazy Sunday brunch!

4. Holiday Fun

Whether you’re lounging by the beach or exploring a new city, a romper is just what you need. With her leopard print romper, which she accessorized with gladiator sandals and large sunglasses, Debasree Banarjee had the ideal vacation look.

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A romper is a stylish alternative to the typical beach cover-up. Layer your swimwear underneath for a gorgeous, carefree look if you want to be as comfortable as possible! Additionally, because you can do this with anything from flip-flops to sneakers, matching footwear is quite simple.

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5. Cocktail or Night out

Instead of dressing up for the occasion, choose to shine in a one-piece wonder for the evening. Wearing vivid colors, soft fabrics like silk, and glittering accessories will make you appear elegant. Deme Gabriella Dimitriades looks gorgeous in a deep-V-neck .

This elegant yet classic ensemble is suitable for a formal night out. Adding a stylish handbag, a pair of stiletto shoes, or some glittering accessories will dress up the look further. Make a statement and stand out from the crowd in this chic outfit.

Summing up: 

In the 1920s, when she took on the role of its face, legendary designer Coco Chanel transformed the jumpsuit into loungewear. The playsuit had been embraced by many renowned designers by the 1930s, who altered it to make it more feminine. Additionally, these costumes were created especially for sports endeavors like skiing.

This traditional style began to be worn by ladies around this time, which contributed to its rise to popularity. By the 1960s, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie Onassis, all members of the Hollywood elite, had adopted this style. It also signaled the start of other jumpsuit variations that are currently in fashion.

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