Best 10 Maternity Photoshoot Ideas in a Saree Outfits

  • Planning to get a maternity photoshoot? So, we have come up with the best maternity photoshoot ideas in a saree. Scroll down now!
maternity photoshoot ideas in a saree

Are you looking for maternity photoshoot ideas in a saree. In India, traditional sarees are one of the oldest garments. They are great for weddings, festivals, parties, and maternity shoots, among other events. If pregnant women want maternity photoshoot ideas in saree, they should know which sarees will make them look beautiful during their photoshoot.

Even though heavy cotton or chiffon sarees with embroidery are common for women to wear, not all sarees are suitable for a maternity shoot. Therefore, for conventional maternity photoshoot concepts, choose the one that is most appropriate for the occasion. So, here we have some cool tips on maternity photoshoot ideas in a saree.

Tips for Successfully Implementing Maternity Photoshoot Ideas in a Saree

You can use the best maternity photoshoot ideas in a saree while remaining safe and content. The following are some pointers that may be of use to you:

1. Sarees in Light Fabric

One of the best traditional maternity photoshoot ideas in a saree is to wear a saree in light fabric if you want to enjoy every moment of your shoot. Comfortable, simple to drape, and soft, these sarees are ideal. Fabrics like cotton, chiffon, and georgette work well.

Indeed, even material sarees can be a decent decision. You should stay away from the ones with a lot of embroideries because they might make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

2. Carefully Choose Saree Blouses 

One of the best maternity photoshoot ideas in a saree is to wear blouses that stylishly cover your growing baby bump. To cover your midriff, you can smartly wear a long or choli blouse.

maternity photoshoot ideas in a saree
maternity photoshoot ideas in a saree

Additionally, ensure that the blouse’s design is airy and form-fitting. Also, make sure the pattern of your saree blouse is soft and comfortable so you can sit, do different things, and pose in different ways during your maternity photo shoot. Here, blouses with full sleeves or jacket-style sleeves are a good option. Additionally, experimenting with designer blouses made of soft fabric is simple.

3. Avoid Wearing High Heels

If you’re looking for maternity photoshoot ideas in a saree, you shouldn’t wear your saree with high heels—that’s the norm. In most situations, you can’t afford to wear a saree without high heels, but for a maternity photoshoot, it’s best to wear flats.

Instead, choose fancy flats or shoes that look good and make it easy to pose. So, you’re all set to wear a saree to your maternity photos. However, selecting a saree alone is not sufficient; you need a place where you can take good pictures.

4. Maternity Belly Band

During pregnancy, use a maternity belly band or a pregnancy belt. Choose an elastic maternity belly band that can be stretched. Pregnancy belts in a variety of colors are readily available on the market.

You can also use this stomach band on your belly depending on the color of your saree. Because of this, your clothing is safe and comfortable. If you don’t want to show your stomach, covering it also helps.

5. Choose Sarees With Loose Fabrics And Avoid Heavy Embroidery

When you’re pregnant, you’ll already have a baby bulge that will make you appear heavier. To avoid appearing even bulkier, avoid wearing a saree with heavy embroidery.

Banarasi, tissue, and fluffy cotton sarees, as well as heavy zardozi and crystal work sarees, should be avoided. Instead, go with a crepe, chiffon, or georgette.

6. Drape It Over Or Under Your Baby Bump

If you’re comfortable showing off your growing baby bump, tie the saree below your belly button. You can knot the saree over it to completely conceal it if you don’t want to show off your baby bump.

maternity photoshoot ideas in a saree
maternity photoshoot ideas in a saree : Drape It Over Or Under Your Baby Bump

With your saree pleats hanging too low above your shoes, make sure you don’t show too much of your back. Additionally, the pleats shouldn’t be too low that they make it difficult to move around the room.

7. Try A Different Style To Drape

There is no rule that says you can’t show off your style while you are pregnant; in fact, you ought to make use of your fashion sense to appreciate and enjoy your pregnancy.

If you want to hide your growing baby bulge, ditch the traditional ulta pallu drape and opt for a different style. The drapes of a Bengali or Gujarati saree can be used.

8. Saree in the Bengali style

Bengali draping style is ideal maternity photoshoot ideas in a saree. If you want, it will also cover your belly bump. This method makes use of folds rather than pleated cloth. There are few alternatives like it, and a wide range of women can wear it.

9. Gujarati Saree 

The pallu is a great way to hide your stomach. The woman drapes the pallu over her midriff for a stunning midriff-revealing appearance, which will make her look absolutely stunning in her pregnancy photos.

10. Saree in Coorgi Style

The drape is placed over the chest, tucked over the shoulder, and the pleats are tucked into the front rather than using the traditional draping techniques.

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The belly is completely hidden as you draw the pallu in from the front to the back. Because it’s the simplest way to cover a growing stomach, this is the best method for women in their third trimester.

11. Silk Sarees 

These are just what you need for weddings. A silk saree will also make you look flawless for a pregnancy photoshoot. Choose embroidery that is lightweight and minimal.

maternity photoshoot ideas in a saree
maternity photoshoot ideas in a saree : Silk Sarees

Make sure the saree is draped correctly. Cover your belly with it. To avoid appearing bulky, keep the front pleats to a minimum. Draping the silk saree is simple. Women can wear silk sarees even during the godh bharai ceremony, also known as the baby shower.

12. Sarees for Parties

Indian women love to dress in sarees for all kinds of special occasions. It is the most common attire that Indian women wear to parties and weddings. During your pregnancy photoshoot, you can wear designer party sarees. For your photography session, select georgette sarees with minimal embroidery. It’s extremely light.

Because it falls in such a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing manner, you need not be concerned about pleats. In your photographs, a net saree is the ideal attire for a party. It’s the hottest saree, and every woman has one in her closet. It is thin. Designs for net sarees can be easily found online. Choose a pretty matching blouse and a red or black net saree for maternity photoshoot ideas in a saree.

13. Sarees Made Of Satin Silk Or Organza

Satin silk or organza sarees look great for pregnancy photoshoots and receptions. An embroidery blouse can be worn with a light work border on a plain saree. At a casual gathering, a saree with a plain or printed design looks great. Trendy prints include floral and striped ones.


Women’s all-time favorite outfit is the saree so pick the best maternity photoshoot ideas in a saree. It is appropriate for any occasion. Women adore wearing sarees on any occasion, from weddings to parties.

You might have a lot of saris in your closet. from ones with lots of decorations to ones with just a few. When you’re pregnant, it’s hard to wear a sari. The only thing that matters is your comfort. You can easily wear a saree while pregnant as long as you stick to the safe zone.


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