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The 26 Best Emerging New Fashion Brands in India: Find More!

The 26 Best Emerging New Fashion Brands in India: Find More!

  • The fashion industry is booming at first pace and many new fashion brands are emerging. Here is the complete list of the emerging new fashion brands in India handpicked for you.

The fashion industry has completely changed itself after the pandemic. Due to Covid restrictions, many brands switch to digital channels to sell their clothes and garments. This changed the game in the fashion and textile industry and many new fashion brands in India started emerging.

With the rise of new fashion firms that are reshaping the industry, India’s fashion scene is undergoing a dynamic transformation. These companies provide a new viewpoint, unique products, and a dedication to sustainability and diversity. From modern fusion wear to conscientious fashion and handmade workmanship, these emerging fashion labels in India are establishing a name for themselves and pushing the boundaries of style with their own offers.

In this article, we will delve into the intriguing world of these emerging fashion firms, highlighting their innovation, quality, and impact on India’s expanding fashion industry. Prepare to be impressed by these firms’ innovation and vision as we dig into their contributions to the ever-changing world of Indian fashion.

If you are more brand conscious and want to invest in some of the leading brands, this article is for you. Here, we will talk about the top new fashion brands in India in 2022 worth investing in.

Top 26 new fashion brands in India

We have curated the top 26 new fashion brands in India that are ruling the clothing and garment industry. Do you want to know more, quickly scroll down!

1. Essgee

New Fashion Brands: Essgee
New Fashion Brands: Essgee

Essgee is one of the new fashion brands in India, dominating the fashion and garment industry. Here, you will find ruffle dresses, tie-dye shirts, and lounge sets. If you are looking for a vacation-ready outfit, then this brand is just perfect for you. Sagarika Grover’s Essgee has become one of the leading boho luxury brands within the shortest time scale. 

2. Tanned

New fashion brands: Tanned
New fashion brands: Tanned

If you are looking for leather accessories and perfect necklaces, get in touch with Tanned. It has a wide range of sunglasses, necklaces and leather accessories. From Kriti Sanon, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, and other celebrities loved the collection at Tanned.

3. Aroka

Shweta Agarwal’s Aroka is an emerging new fashion brand in India. Here, you can get your hands on silhouette, layered textures, and raw fabric. If you are looking for a fancy outfit, then Aroka has the best collection. From structure tailoring to gossamer organza, you will love the collection over here.

4. Alamelu

If you are looking for a heritage-rich textile, invest in Alamelu. Whether you are looking for silk, Polka dots or Uzbeki Motif, or Yayoi Kusama, there are many such varieties. From coats to pantsuits, you will find a perfect blend of eastern and western cultures. 

5. Nappa Dori

Another popular emerging new fashion brand in India is Nappa Dori. It is a proper blend of contemporary fashion designs and unique Indian motifs. It employs the finest fabrics and creates the most sophisticated and unconventional appeals for its customers. 

6. KGL

KGL or Kanika Goyal label is one of the leading new fashion brands in India emerging as stars. It has a wide variety of menswear, women’s wear, and accessories at an affordable price. In her clothing, you will see different intersecting shapes and the play of shadows and lights. All the collections are euphoric.

7. Smoke wear

New Fashion India: Smoke Wear
New Fashion India: Smoke Wear

Sanya V Jain’s smoke Wera is all about Street fashion line with contemporary luxurious aesthetic wear and monotone pairing. There you will find oversized shirts, and raw stripped dresses. Here, you will also find Polka dots and checks, which give a modern and aesthetic look. The quality of the fabric is high.  

8. Fabindia

Traditional Indian fabrics and modern silhouettes FabIndia is a proper blend of it. Fabindia is one of the leading sustainable fashion brands running across the country and empowering the rural weavers and traditional artisans by giving them employment and respecting their art.

9. Delhi wear

If you are looking for a typical Delhi wear outfit, this brand is just perfect for you. Quality-driven Indian street wears with proper friendly budgets. All the clothes are rooted in Indian tradition and deal with regular everyday clothing. The quality of the fabric is super amazing, and you will love the simple patterns and practical silhouettes.

10. Doodlage

Doodlage is another most popular emerging new fashion brand in India. If you are looking for premium quality high Street fashion clothes, Doodlage is the right choice. Do you know what is most unique about this brand is that it creates environment-friendly clothes? It uses scrap textiles and materials to manufacture them into new products which reduces the carbon foot prints burden on the earth. This brand has a perfect blend of contemporary and modern garments.

11. Guapa

New fashion brand: Gaupa
New fashion brand: Gaupa

If you are looking for fun and flirty resort wear or an outfit for your best friend’s cocktail, get your hands on the handpicked collection at Guapa. You will find a wide variety of layered maxi dresses, striped sets, and floral dresses. If you are looking for a happy color outfit, Guapa is the right space for you to scroll.  

12. Anokhi

How about getting your hands on the beautiful and vibrant block-printed ethnic clothes? Anokhi is a perfect place for ethnic lovers. You will find beautiful designs with Indian touch and motifs. It is a homegrown new fashion brand that has been in service for over 40 years from now. It uses traditional techniques like hand printing and creating organic fashion.

13. Jaywalking

If you are looking for an unforgettable unisex and women’s brand, invest in Jaywalking. Here, you can find streetwear outfits, and the label is rich in fabric and designs. Jaywalking is rich in traditional fashion. From beautiful embroidery and prints, you have so many varieties. From famous Bollywood celebrities to top musicians, this new fashion brand is loved by all.

14. The Pot plant

Last but not least on our list is the Pot Plant. If you are looking for a quirky summer outfit, this space is for you.
You will love the exclusive collection with simple, elegant designs and an airy look. From bandhani to fusion fashion, you will find a huge variety over here.

15. Bhaane

Bhaane is a sophisticated fashion label that combines traditional Indian designs with contemporary sensibility. Bhaane produces apparel for both men and women and is known for its simple designs, clean lines, and high-quality materials. Bhaane offers fashion-forward products that are both fashionable and socially responsible, with an emphasis on sustainable practices as well as collaborations with craftsmen.

16. Chola the Label

Sohaya Misra’s Chola the Label is noted for its eccentric and gender-fluid designs. Chola offers a fresh and distinct view on modern fashion, with a focus on exaggerated shapes, layering, and deconstructed features. The bras well as embraces uniqueness while challenging society standards, making it a favourite among those looking for daring and avant-garde fashion.

17. Raw Mango

Raw Mango, helmed by designer Sanjay Garg, celebrates the beauty of traditional Indian textiles and craftsmanship. The brand specializes in handwoven sarees, showcasing intricate weaves, vibrant colors, and contemporary designs. Raw Mango has played a significant role in reviving and promoting traditional Indian weaves, making it a beloved choice for those seeking elegant as well as timeless ethnic wear.

18. Shift by Nimish Shah

Nimish Shah’s Shift is recognised for its comfortable as well as easy look. Nimish Shah’s designs merge Indian workmanship with modern styles to create adaptable and comfortable women’s wear. The brand prioritises sustainability and ethical practises, employing natural textiles and encouraging slow fashion.

19. Huemn

Pranav Misra and Shyma Shetty launched Huemn, a company that bridges the barriers between streetwear and high fashion. Huemn is known for its daring and edgy designs, which use unusual materials, brilliant colours, as well as surprising elements. Fashion journalists and celebrities alike have praised the brand’s bold approach to fashion.

20. Lovebirds

Amrita Khanna and Gursi Singh established Lovebirds, which is noted for its minimalistic as well as gender-neutral designs. The label’s modern apparel bridges the borders between menswear and womenswear, with a focus on clean cuts, subtle colours, and flawless craftsmanship. Lovebirds has a contemporary and inclusive approach to fashion, catering to those who value timeless elegance and adaptability.

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21.  Péro

Designer Aneeth Arora established Péro, which is noted for its quirky and romantic designs. To produce airy and feminine clothes, the brand mixes traditional Indian fabrics, exquisite hand embroidery, and meticulous workmanship. Péro’s works convey a feeling of humour and nostalgia, making them a favourite among individuals who value workmanship and artistic expression.

22. Doodh Patti

Doodh Patti is a contemporary fusion wear company that celebrates Indian workmanship while incorporating modern design features. The label sells garments and accessories with bright designs, distinctive draperies, and a combination of classic and modern styles. Doodh Patti’s designs promote ethnic variety and personality, appealing to fashion aficionados seeking bold and varied looks.

23. Dhruv Kapoor

Dhruv Kapoor is a fashion label that seamlessly combines streetwear elements with high fashion sensibility. The company is known for its vibrant patterns, edgy designs, and unorthodox shapes, and it gives a youthful and new take on current fashion. Dhruv Kapoor’s collections evoke a sense of revolt and self-expression, appealing to those who wish to make a fashion statement.

24. Eká

Eká is a sustainable fashion company that revives traditional Indian handloom fabrics. The label sells clothes crafted from handwoven textiles that has traditional styles, exquisite weaving, and handmade craftsmanship. Eká’s designs pay respect to India’s textile tradition while combining current design aspects, making them appealing to consumers who value timeless elegance and conscientious fashion.

25. Shift

Shift is a gender-neutral apparel company that disrupts traditional fashion rules. The label’s apparel bridges the borders between masculine and womenswear, with loose forms, clean cuts, and simple designs. Shift’s designs emphasise uniqueness and provide a forum for self-expression via fashion.

26. NorBlack NorWhite

NorBlack NorWhite is a fashion company that uses vibrant and varied designs to represent the vitality of Indian culture. The company provides a line of clothes that perfectly integrates current trends with traditional components, inspired by the rich legacy of Indian textiles and traditional workmanship. NorBlack NorWhite’s collections offer vivid designs, unorthodox cuts, and a blend of foreign inspirations, making it a popular choice for individuals looking for creative and culturally varied fashion options.

Summing up:

So these were some of the prominent new fashion brands in India. Every brand has its charm and elegance. From colors, prints, and fabric, you will find everything top-notch. There are so many varieties at an affordable price available. These are the high-quality, worth investing in affordable homegrown fashion labels.

The growth of new fashion businesses in India represents a lively and dynamic fashion scene that values innovation, sustainability, and inclusion. These labels create one-of-a-kind creations, honour traditional craftsmanship, and prioritise ethical and conscientious fashion practises. These fashion companies cater to a wide spectrum of style preferences, from whimsical and romantic works to strong and edgy designs, allowing consumers to express their personality and personal tastes.

Supporting these innovative fashion firms helps to create a more varied and sustainable fashion sector that values innovation and ethical practises. These businesses act as change agents, pushing fashion fans to accept distinctive designs, respect traditional workmanship, and make informed decisions.

The growth of new fashion businesses in India gives excitement and opportunity for individuals to explore and experiment with their style as the fashion industry continues to evolve. These labels not only reinvent fashion, but also lead the way for a more inclusive and mindful approach to personal expression via apparel.


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