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Best 11 Things To Remember From Parineeti’s Wedding Look

Best 11 Things To Remember From Parineeti’s Wedding Look

Parineeti's Wedding Look

Raghav Chadha and Parineeti Chopra have married! The couple married this weekend in Udaipur and revealed their marriage with a customised Instagram photo captioned, “From their initial chat at the table for breakfast, our hearts knew.” I’ve been anticipating this day for a very long time… We are overjoyed to finally be Mr. and Mrs.! We couldn’t have made it without one another…”Our forever starts at this moment.” Today let’s talk about the best Parineeti’s Wedding Look. 

The bride chose for simple makeup for a day wedding, wearing a hand-embroidered ecru Manish Malhotra lehenga that needed 2500 hours to construct. The bride adopted the less-is-more concept in all aspects of her wedding, from minimal mehendi to subtle makeup and loose hair. Take bridal beauty tips from Parineeti’s Wedding Look now.

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Parineeti’s Wedding look to adore 

If you want to dig into and know more inside details about Parineeti’s Wedding Look, quickly scroll down ! 

1. Champagne coloured glam

The bride embraced the less is more meets sun-kissed aesthetic with nude-toned makeup that included a wash of blush, champagne-toned eyeshadow, and a subdued pink lip tint with mascara and artificial eyelashes drawn on kohl-rimmed eyes. Take heed, brides: while arranging a day wedding, create drama with your eyes on a natural-looking face. Parineeti’s Wedding Look was all about a perfect eye makeup! 

2. Minimal mehendi

She chose basic kaleera patterns for both her hands and feet for the mehendi, which matched her haath phool jewellery well. Keeping with the wedding’s minimalist concept, the bride paired her mehendi with a white and nude manicure, demonstrating that clean girl nails may also be customised for weddings.

3. Parted flowing mane

Parineeti Chopra ditched the customary updos in favour of a trendy flowing appearance. Her hair was separated in the centre and flowed effortlessly, covered by her dupatta and capped with her stunning green maang tikka. Parineeti Chopra’s beautiful themed wedding was a lesson in modern bridal beauty, and we can’t get enough of it.

4.Parineeti Chopra’s emotional tribute to ‘naani’ with her bridal look

While completing her wedding attire, Parineeti Chopra paid close attention to the smallest things.She used a particular item to pay heartfelt respect to her maternal grandmother (naani). Designer Manish Malhotra claimed that she wore her grandmother’s challa (traditional keychain) as a latkan on her wedding day. The renowned designer, who created Parineeti’s ethereal wedding lehenga, explained that the actress wanted to pay a deep tribute to her grandmother, who used to wear the same challa in her saree with the keys.

The tinkling sound of the challa as her naani strolled around the residence was a symphony of power and grace for Parineeti.” “And that’s when I realised we had to include that legacy piece in her lehenga,” Manish continued.

5. Raghav’s Name On Veil

Parineeti's Wedding Look
Parineeti’s Wedding Look : The Veil

The name of Parineeti’s now-husband Raghav Chadha was stitched on her long veil, which was one of the most prominent aspects of her costume. The tulle veil was decorated with a pearl border and the groom’s name, Raghav, in Devnagari script utilising Zardozi’s badla technique. Raghav’s name sparkled wonderfully as she walked down the aisle on her wedding day.

6. Customised Kaleera

This is the most unique, and alas, it is not by Manish Malhotra. Mrinalini Chandra created Parineeti’s Kalira, which has some fascinating ornamentation. Parineeti’s Wedding Look Kaleerein may appear to be delicately made decorations, but they include microscopic components that represent the fortunate accidents the couple had together.

Parineeti's Wedding Look
Parineeti’s Wedding Look : Kaleera

The narrative of Parineeti and Raghav is a modern-day fairytale, the most spontaneous and beautiful meeting of two worlds that are vastly different yet equally intricate. She carefully selected each aspect to represent her experience with Raghav in the most loving way possible. The Kalira seems to be tiny decorations flowing from the bracelet at first view.

Its actual beauty, though, is in the underlying story it tells—a love story. These Kaliras have a really unique design. Each theme reflects a serendipitous meeting when their paths touched in a cosmic dance. It has the couple’s initials, the sign of Ek Onkar, a Punjab landmark, a coffee mug, a red London bus, and a telephone booth. It also included musical embellishments such as piano keys, treble clef, and an antique phonograph, demonstrating the couple’s mutual love of music.

7. Russian Emerald Jewellery

The addition of Parineeti’s Wedding Look jewellery took the look to a whole new level, and the emerald jewellery contrasted wonderfully with the softer beige colour of the clothing.

The necklace, which had an antique polish and was constructed of uncut diamonds, Russian, Zambian, and emeralds, was paired with matching earrings, a haathphool, and a maang tikka. Uncut bangles complete Parineeti’s look. Her custom-made kaleeras, pink-coloured choodas, as well as lehenga latkan designs added to her stunning bridal look.


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8. Pink Chooda

The Chooda, which is not the customary red one, is nonetheless a key centrepiece of Parineeti’s appearance. Mrinalini designed it once more, and it was adorned with two diamond emerald-studded kadas.

9. Geometrical-designed Lehenga

Manish picked a geometrical styled Lehenga for Parineeti, which took him over 2500 hours to make. The golden handwoven Lehenga was indeed a sight to behold.

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10. Diamond Solitaire ring

We are constantly drawn to the wedding ring. Parineeti kept things simple, but surprise what, her simplicity included a massive diamond solitaire. Isn’t it simple but elegant?

11. Pearl-embroidered Blouse

Did we realise Parineeti was donning a dual-dupatta combination before going on to the blouse? Isn’t it a difficult yet lovely one? Her blouse, on the other hand, had delicate pearl trimming around the sleeve borders, as well as one of her dupattas had a similar pearl highlight on the border.

Raghav’s Look

Raghav Chadha’s maternal uncle, fashion designer Pawan Sachdeva, made him an ivory-colored sherwani. The front part of the white achkan was embellished with gold buttons.

The ivory sherwani’s softly golden tone added to the festive feel of the ensemble. As an accessory, he was seen sporting a beige safa with a sarpech and a beautiful pearl multi-layered necklace. He might be seen wearing his wedding band, a fashionable watch, and a pair of black mojaris.

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For those who observed it, this beautiful event appeared magnificent. Both the bride and groom made certain that their personalities and preferences were reflected in the aspects and details of the ceremony, as seen by the images.

The couple’s subtle elegance at their wedding, as well as their ethereal look in the stunning images, wowed many. Parineeti and Raghav were a lovely pair, and their admirers couldn’t get enough of them. We wish the pair a wonderful life ahead.


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