15 Best Saree Makeup Ideas To Try In 2023 For Farewell

  • Blush your cheeks with pink or peach blush to draw attention to your cheekbones and nose bridge. These are some of the best saree makeup ideas. Check now!
saree makeup ideas

Carrying a saree is a tough task but getting the right saree makeup ideas is even tougher. The royal and opulence of the saree are unique. In modern times, many ladies like donning sarees for a variety of events, including weddings and festivals. No saree look is complete without a perfect saree makeup ideas, so beautiful ladies this wedding season 2023 try these amazing trending saree makeup ideas to try in 2023. You will be amazed to see the end results.

An attractive woman can be created with the appropriate clothing, makeup, haircut, and shoes. It’s crucial that your haircut, makeup, and jewelry all perfectly complement the saree you’re wearing. It is very crucial to pick a perfect saree makeup ideas that complement your entire look and feel. So, be very careful, keep the makeup subtle, don’t go experimental on the D-day and do a quick research and trial before deciding on the final look.

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15 saree makeup ideas to level  up the glam game

To wear with your stunning sarees, try some of the amazing saree makeup ideas listed below:

1. Peach Makeup Naked

saree makeup ideas
saree makeup ideas pictures

The ‘no makeup’ makeup appearance is very different from the naked peach makeup look. Your stunning features are emphasized with naked makeup, which also gives you a bright appearance. Then, finish the look with a peachy nude lipstick or a gloss by lining your lips with a shade of nude lip liner.

2. Bright Lip Shade and Statement Jewelry

However, make sure the rest of your makeup is straightforward. You can choose to wear bold red lips. To look great, all you need is delicate eye makeup, big lips, and well-shaped brows. Aside from that, check to see if your lips match the saree you are wearing. This is one of the most loved saree makeup ideas to try in 2023.

3. Hair bun and smokey eyes

saree makeup ideas
saree makeup ideas pictures

This is unquestionably a favorite. People can die from having thick, smokey eyes. This look is really beautiful and features tons of eyeshadow and mascara to go with bare cheeks and lips.

Smokey eyes are always the star and complement dark saree colors. Apply a dark brown or grey tint under the waterline next. Blend the two colors together with a brush to create a dramatic smokey eye. The deep hue of your saree can also be used to change the way it looks.

4. Side-swept hair and unrefined makeup

To look nice in a saree, you don’t always need to apply a lot of makeup. One of the better options to attempt with a saree is the natural makeup style. It improves the beauty of your face while also seeming quite natural.

5. Bold Eyes and Classic Makeup

saree makeup ideas
saree makeup ideas pictures

You should choose a classic makeup style with striking eyes if your saree is pink, red, maroon, or maroon and green.On your face, first, apply foundation. Your appearance is instantly enhanced by a dramatic eye look. This is one of the most loved saree makeup ideas look to try on.

To draw attention to your eyes, use thick coats of mascara and black eyeliner. To finish the appearance, use a lip color that is either vivid or nude.

6. Saree and lipstick color matching

You might even choose a lip color that compliments your outfit. Consider using a subtle smokey eye. It will be more wearable that way. Put on multiple layers of mascara. Apply natural-toned blush and a matching bindi to complete your appearance.

7. Lips and Bold Eye Makeup

saree makeup ideas
saree makeup ideas pictures

Use heavy eye makeup to achieve a strong look if you want to keep the lips minimal. On your lips, you can apply any colour of naked lipstick. Make sure your eyeshadow matches the hue of your saree.

8. Soft Eyes and Naked Makeup

Apply a thin layer of foundation and concealer before setting them with transparent loose or compact powder. To give your eyes some definition, use champagne, mauve, or taupe makeup. To enhance your eyes, use brown kajal, eyeliner, and mascara on your waterline.

9. Fresh light makeup and side-swept hair

You may not have thought about applying fresh, light makeup before going to a particular event, but after seeing how stunning it looks, you should be persuaded that it’s a great idea. If you’re going to a wedding or other joyous event, wear side-swept hair and big jewelry.

10. Free hair and light makeup

Makeup should be light and understated if you are wearing a vibrant saree. To cover any discoloration or uneven skin tone, use a light coverage foundation and concealer.

Use a subtle ink blush and pink or nude lipstick to bring color back to your cheeks. A bindi and eye-catching jewelry complete the ensemble.

11. Bold Eyes and Bare Skin

You can try this trendy style out during evening occasions. The makeup is beautiful and understated without becoming garish. Therefore, give this makeup a try if you want to seem fashionable and lovely.

On the face and neck, evenly distribute foundation and concealer. With kohl, frame your eyes. Make use of a brush or the tip of your finger to smudge the kohl. Afterward, dab some charcoal black eyeshadow on your upper eyelid. On the crease, blend with a dark brown. Put on many layers of mascara. Put on pinky-naked lips and natural-toned blush to complete your look.

12. Natural rose-brown cosmetics

All you need is natural-looking makeup if you want to look stunning. Apply foundation evenly over the entire face, and then use your favorite concealer to cover up any dark circles, acne spots, or other discolorations.

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Use a rose-colored highlighter to draw attention to the cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow, and under the brows. Light pink blush will add color to your cheekbones; your favorite lipstick will complete the outfit.

14. Bright Party Makeup

The goal of summer makeup is to seem youthful and dewy naturally. Unfortunately, not all of us have flawless skin that is finished with dew. Fortunately, if you have the correct products on hand, attaining dewy skin is simple. Keep it moist and avoid looking oily, and you’ll be the topic of the gathering.

15. Glamorous Holiday Makeup with Side Braid Hair

Mix a small amount of powdered or liquid highlighter into your foundation. Before brushing on some compact, apply this lustrous foundation to your face.

Blush your cheeks with pink or peach blush to draw attention to your cheekbones and nose bridge. Apply a gloss or lipstick to finish the look.


Hope this blog gave you so quick, easy and great saree makeup ideas to try in wedding season 2023. Makeup is one of the best element to enhance your look but with right application and right makeup pick you can be the centre of attention. Avoid going overboard with your style, whatever it may be. Emphasize any single feature, like the lips or the eyes. Choose bolder makeup if your saree is plain, and simpler makeup if it is sequined and has rich embroidery. That is the secret to every beautiful makeup look. 


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