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Sylvester Stallone Fashion: The Three Different Looks

Sylvester Stallone Fashion: The Three Different Looks

Sylvester Stallone fashion

Sylvester Stallone fashion is something that has grabbed a lot of attention from all age groups. After years of struggle in the industry, the actor who rose to fame through the movie The Lords of Flatbush was American actor Sylvester Stallone who is also a screenwriter and a filmmaker.

Portraying the struggles and fights of a boxer on screen, Stallone has had a massive influence on his audience and that has left them impressed by his exceptional acting skills.

Sylvester Stallone fashion looks for 3 different occasions 

Besides this, he is also quite a handsome hunk with good taste in Fashion and so let us now have a look at Sylvester Stallone fashion.

1. The macho man

Sylvester Stallone fashion
Sylvester Stallone fashion pictures

Being a cool and macho man, Sylvester Stallone has a huge body built that looks enhanced in a blazer and he probably knows this fact and so a lot of his fashionable looks are in a blazer. So, for the launch of a movie once, Sylvester wore a black and white checks blazer over a white sheer shirt and dark blue denim pants.

A black leather belt with gold painted clip, black leather shoes, a golden dialed wrist watch, and a pair of black cat-eye sunglasses were all a part of this macho man’s outfit.

In yet another stylish avatar of this man, Stallone was seen wearing a round-neck black T-shirt and black parallel pants,s and to top that off he wore a navy blue blazer over the T-shirt. To match his outfit perfectly, he added black leather shoes and the same black cat-eyed sunglasses to match his overall look. Looks like Sylvester Stallone prefers his fashion sense to be simple and even minimal.

To go s little out of the box is pretty normal for anyone when it comes to fashion and celebrities are often seeking to do that. In one of Sylvester Stallone fashion appearances on the red carpet appearances, he wore a navy blue shirt with a silver tie and a black and white checks blazer that was also paired with a light blue denim pant to just add a pop of color, a pair of bright orange shoes were also added to his outfit.

His hairstyles have been the same over the years as he prefers having a simple and sleek combed hair look and so does not experiment with his hair at all.

2. The cool guy

Sylvester Stallone fashion
Sylvester Stallone fashion pictures

Being over seventy years, Sylvester Stallone has not at all lost his touch of fashion and tend to remain up to date with the latest fashion trends. Once on a very casual outing, he was seen wearing a simple black T-shirt underneath a black windcheater jacket and denim pants. He even added a black leather belt to the denim that had a silver clip over it and to make sure in order to look cool, he also wore a pair of black sunglasses.

In the summers, it is very much likely to go for outfits made of linen or cotton since they are the most comfortable to wear and so Sylvester Stallone wore a light yellow linen shirt with blue denim pants and brown leather shoes. Well, he even added a round dialed silver wristwatch and a silver bracelet to his same hand of his and put on a pair of black sunglasses to protect his eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

3. The shopping look

Sylvester Stallone fashion
Sylvester Stallone fashion pictures

While running a few errands in the city, people usually prefer to go dressed in a very simple and casual manner since it is nothing special as such. Buy looks like Sylvester Stallone takes even his short and casual trips quite seriously when it comes to his fashion as he was spotted wearing a white floral printed shirt and parallel light blue denim pants that he wore with light brown leather shoes and black sunglasses.

His hairstyles are nothing special since he prefers to have a sleek and well-combed hair look which is always the same at any given event that he has mostly attended.

Well, in yet another time, he wore a baby pink printed T-shirt with light blue denim and black leather boots that seemed more like the heavy industrial shoes used on the construction sites. Well, just for a change, this time Stallone wore a brown leather belt wristwatch and a wristband in the same hand. As usual, he had to have his glares on his face and so he wore light grey colored sunglasses, and just to top off the look he added a fancy silver finger ring that was pretty huge in size.

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To appear more casual, on one of his trips, Sylvester Stallone wore an olive green T-shirt with collars and with his usual light blue denim pant. This time he went for black leather boots that had a slight amount of heels attached to them. Well, not so surprisingly, he wore a light brown pair of sunglasses on this look and so this was one of his shopping looks that was pretty casual but quite fashionable.

Summing up:

Do you know that is popularly known for having played the character of a boxer named Rocky Balboa in a series of super hit action films titled Rocky? So, this amazing actor has given us so many  Sylvester Stallone fashion look ideas. 

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