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The Night Manager Fashion Looks With Best 6 Actors

The Night Manager Fashion Looks With Best 6 Actors

The Night Manager

“The Night Manager” is a crime drama series that takes inspiration from John le Carré’s novel with the same title. The show revolves around the protagonist, Jonathan Pine, a former British soldier who now works as a hotel night porter.

Pine’s life takes a turn when he is approached by an intelligence agent who seeks his help in spying on a wealthy international businessman named Richard Roper. It is suspected that Roper has established a dangerous alliance between the illicit arms trade and the intelligence community, making surveillance imperative.

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The Night manager fashion looks 

Pine embarks on a covert mission to infiltrate Roper’s inner circle by assuming a criminal identity, all the while concealing his true intentions from his hotel colleagues and girlfriend. Following are the looks of the main characters of The Night Manager.

1. Anil Kapoor Shailender Shelly rungta

Kapoor possesses exceptional fashion sense, effortlessly pulling off various styles ranging from all-black outfits at the beach to cream-white attire during sunset, as well as donning abstract designs on green shirts or leaf prints on off-white shirts.

Working with Anil Kapoor proves advantageous for every actor, as he not only enhances their performance, but also presents a formidable competition. 


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Anil’s cinematic prowess is unparalleled, evident even before the release of his upcoming film’s trailer, which generated anticipation among viewers to witness his portrayal of a gangster. Like any young actor, his action sequences captivate and astonish the audience.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Anil Kapoor’s versatility allows him to excel in any role he undertakes. Directors consistently prioritize him as the ideal choice to make each character shine. Despite his age, Anil’s remarkable appearance defies stereotypes, proving that age is merely a number.

2. Aditya Roy Kapur as Shantanu ‘Shaan’ Sengupta

Shaan undergoes significant transformations both professionally and personally throughout the series of “The Night Manager.” He embarks on his journey in Dhaka, then moves to Shimla, and eventually ends up in Sri Lanka. His character experiences a multitude of challenges and changes throughout the storyline.

According to the show’s producer, they opted for three distinct looks for Shaan. These included a clean-shaven appearance, a bearded look, and a stubble look.

Managing each of these looks was a challenging task, as each required 5-7 days of preparation. Additionally, transitioning from a clean-shaven to a bearded look would take approximately 14 days.

Despite the production difficulties, the creative team made a decision to ensure that the storytelling remained uncompromised.

The Night Manager
The Night Manager

3. Sobhita Dhulipala as Kaveri ‘K’ Dixit, Shailendra’s girlfriend

Sobhita Dhulipala is a true fashion enthusiast who consistently showcases her impeccable fashion sense on her Instagram profile.

She effortlessly achieves fashion objectives and regularly updates her followers with glimpses from her fashion diaries.

Whether it’s effortlessly nailing casual styles or providing guidance on dressing up in traditional outfits, Sobhita excels in all aspects of fashion.

Recently, she delighted her fans by sharing a series of photos showcasing her promotional look for The Night Manager.

4. Tillotama Shome as Lipika Saikia Rao, RAW Officer

Tillotama Shome’s portrayal of the character Lipika is motivated by her experiences of failure, and it is this very factor that drives her to persist in her profession and distinguishes her performance in the Night Manager.

In an interview with Lachmi Deb Roy from Firstpost, Tillotama Shome shared that when she attempted to pursue acting at the age of thirty in Mumbai, she was informed that it was not the right age to find work.

However, the skepticism in those words only reinforced her determination and belief in her own capacity to aspire towards becoming a professional actor, which kept her spirit alive.

5. Ravi Behl as Jaiveer ‘Jayu’ Singh, Shelly’s associate

Ravi Behl, an actor with over thirty years of experience in the Hindi film industry, continues to be recognized by people, even after more than two decades, thanks to the impact of television.


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Boogie Woogie, a dance show that revolutionized not only television but also various other aspects, remains vivid in the memories of many. This is a testament to the lasting influence and power of television in keeping Ravi Behl’s name and work alive in the minds of the audience.

6. Saswata Chatterjee as Brij Pal alias BJ, Shelly’s right-hand man

Saswata Chatterjee’s portrayal of Bob Biswas, the unassuming contract killer in the film Kahaani (2012), has left a lasting impression on Hindi audiences.

This enduring memory is not solely a reflection of his versatility, as he has demonstrated his acting prowess in both Bengali and Hindi cinema.

Rather, it highlights the unsettling impact of his brief 15-minute performance in Kahaani. In an interview with Film Companion, Chatterjee expressed, “I feel that I don’t have the appearance of a conventional hero, so we must select compelling characters. Villains can often become remarkable heroes.”

This statement reinforces his preference for choosing substantial roles that challenge traditional stereotypes and showcases his belief in the potential of negative characters to shine as protagonists.

The Night Manager
The Night Manager

7. Varun Shashi Rao as Naren Rao

Varun Shashi Rao, who is widely recognized as the “Cadbury boy,” is an Indian model and actor. He has gained significant popularity among television audiences, having appeared in over a hundred television commercials.

Born in Karnataka, India, Varun Shashi Rao had a nomadic upbringing due to his father’s frequent transfers as a government bank employee.

He has a brother named Shashank Rao. Because of the constant relocation of his family, Varun Shashi Rao attended various schools, including The Frank Anthony Public School in Delhi, St. Mary’s High School in Belgaum, Seventh Day Adventist School in Bangalore, and Kendriya Vidyalaya Schools in Baroda, Mysore, and Udhampur.


The initial portion of the story, although expansive and slightly promising, progresses at an extremely slow pace. Shaan (Aditya Roy Kapur) and Lipika (Tillotama Shome) invest a significant amount of time and effort in gaining the favor of the gang leader, Shelly (Anil Kapoor), which can test the patience of the viewer.

When the audience has already suspended disbelief and is ready to embrace the fictional world, it becomes puzzling why it takes an agonizingly long time to establish a rather straightforward premise.

Thankfully, Part 2 of the Night Manager brings a sense of relief as it is more concise and energetic compared to its predecessor. It introduces plenty of unexpected twists and turns, and the constant reminder that time is running out adds urgency to the plot and the overall proceedings.


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