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Should you use Toothpaste to Treat Pimple? Get The Answers

Should you use Toothpaste to Treat Pimple? Get The Answers

  • It is possible that using toothpaste will help pimples dry and shrink more quickly than doing nothing. However, using it can have a number of adverse side effects.
Should you use the toothpaste ?

Pimple is the nightmare for every girl. Before going to bed, you wash your face and notice the first signs of a red, angry pimple. What ought to be done? You can be led to believe by rumors that applying some plain toothpaste to a zit will cause it to heal overnight. However, even while it’s true that a few toothpaste chemicals are skin-drying and may help your pimple shrink, the risk of using this natural acne treatment isn’t worth it.

Although applying toothpaste to a pimple can sound like a promising acne home treatment, there is no proof that it actually works. There are several more efficient treatment options, the majority of them are widely accessible over-the-counter medicines.

In addition to being of little genuine use, applying toothpaste to a pimple could also be harmful. While toothpaste and some acne treatments have the same ability to kill bacteria, they are two different products made for different purposes. Additionally, you might try a number of simple therapies in their place. See why toothpaste shouldn’t be applied to the skin in the following paragraphs.

Applying toothpaste to zits could be detrimental

Should you use the toothpaste pimple ?
Should you use the toothpaste pimple ?

Although the actual origins of this tendency are unclear, the following are some possible causes:

  • An ingredient called triclosan used to be a common ingredient in toothpaste recipes, and it had the potential to help fight breakout-causing germs.
  • Several substances that are frequently present in toothpaste, like baking soda, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide, are known to be drying and may assist a zit contract.
  • The menthol in toothpaste might produce a tingly feeling that might momentarily lessen discomfort and swelling, says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse.

Therefore, it’s not completely illogical to think that this home cure might be effective. However, there are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t rely on toothpaste as your primary acne treatment.

Unreliable information

The majority of businesses no longer include triclosan in their toothpaste compositions, to start. Testing suggests that triclosan may have a negative impact on thyroid hormones, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Trusted Source. Therefore, even if you do find toothpaste with this ingredient, it might not be worth the risk to apply it to pimples.

Your skin may become irritated by toothpaste

Keep in mind that toothpaste is designed for teeth, not the delicate skin of your face. The chemicals in your toothpaste may be okay for your teeth’s bright whites, but they may be too potent for your skin. According to Shainhouse, toothpaste has a basic pH [level] and can irritate healthy skin, which naturally has an acidic pH. Using too much baking soda to change your pH might cause stinging and itchy skin. Another common component in toothpaste, sodium lauryl sulfate, might be too harsh to be applied on blemishes. Depending on how sensitive you are, it may irritate your skin.

Does Toothpaste Speed Up Acne Healing?

Should you use the toothpaste pimple ?
Should you use the toothpaste pimple ?

It’s common to think of toothpaste as a cheap spot treatment for pimples. The theory may be related to chemicals in many kinds of toothpaste that kill oral bacteria, but this does not make those toothpastes the best option for treating germs that cause acne.

Although some claim that toothpaste swiftly clears up their zits, the majority of people will discover that the toothpaste irritates and reddens their skin. An already red, bloated blemish is likely to get worse as a result of this.

Skin Irritation or Burning from Toothpaste

The main justification for avoiding toothpaste on pimples is because it won’t likely help and would likely burn and irritate your skin, especially your face. After putting toothpaste on a pimple, some people get chemical burns or an itchy rash known as contact dermatitis. After using toothpaste, your skin could feel uncomfortable for several days, and it might even make your zit look worse.

Overdrying might be harmful

Even if you manage to avoid becoming irritated, negative reactions could still occur. For instance, using toothpaste may make your skin overly dry, which may exacerbate acne.

What to substitute

There are better options that you probably already have access to, despite the temptation to dab toothpaste on a pimple in a pinch.

Special items for acne

Shainhouse advises against using prescription medications to prevent and treat acne. These frequently include topical retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid. At your neighborhood pharmacy, you can buy goods in the following forms:

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  • face washes
  • creams
  • masks

You can also buy over-the-counter spot treatments that you can apply directly to a pimple that is already present.

Various home remedies

For devotees of natural and DIY cures, there is some good news. If essential oils are your thing, you might already have a bottle of tea tree oil on hand. Tea tree oil has been shown in numerous studies to be highly effective in treating mild to moderate acne, including one that was just recently published in the Australian Journal of Dermatology (Reliable Source). You can add a few drops of tea tree oil to your regular face products or use it as a spot treatment by dabbing a few drops on a blemish.

Should you use the toothpaste pimple ?
Should you use the toothpaste pimple ?

Willow bark, a natural source of salicylic acid that can be found in extract form, is another option for those who prefer natural products, according to Shainhouse. She also suggests goods made of clay, charcoal, or sulfur. For instance, charcoal masks have recently grown to be very well-liked.


It is possible that using toothpaste will help pimples dry and shrink more quickly than doing nothing. However, using it can have a number of adverse side effects. A much safer option and one that doesn’t have to break the bank are products made specifically for use on acne and facial skin. You’ll probably get better results and avoid the more harmful side effects of using toothpaste on your face if you use a dab of salicylic acid cream or tea tree oil instead.


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