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Best 21Traditional Rajasthani Dresses To Try On

Best 21Traditional Rajasthani Dresses To Try On

  • Rajasthani traditional dress has been going on for centuries and is becoming more beautiful and attractive with time. Here is the list for you!
Rajasthani Traditional Dress

Rajasthan is popular for its beautiful and fascinating cultural history. As attractive as its history is, the dressing sense is also attractive here. The dressing sense here is not only from Rajasthan but people from outside also like it very much. Today, you will get information about different types of adorable traditional Rajasthani dresses.

The traditional Rajasthani dresses are looks beautiful with some new modern color. It seems as if Rajasthani’s dress leaves an impact on everyone’s mind.

Rajasthani traditional dress has been going on for centuries and is becoming more beautiful and attractive with time.Tourists going to Rajasthan buy beautiful traditional Rajasthani dresses for themselves. From turban to dhoti to kurta to accessories for men and women have gained great attention. Tourists come and shop from the Rajasthani market every year.

The Top 21 Traditional Rajasthani Dresses With A Blend Of Colors 

1. Turban (Pagri):

Rajasthani Traditional Dress

Turban, also known as paag, safa, and Pagri is an important part of Rajasthani dress. People feel proud of wearing it. The turban represents the royalty of Rajasthan. It also displays the beautiful civilization of Rajasthan along with pride and honor. It is part of a large cloth that the people of Rajasthan proudly wrap and tie on their heads. The style of wearing a turban also changes with different cities of Rajasthan.

Although these turbans are available in different colors as per the choice of the people. Most people wear only a red and yellow turban and both these colors look very attractive and beautiful.

In a festival or event, when men go around wearing beautiful turbans of different colors and different designs. The turban of Rajasthan has been the centre of royalty and beauty of its people since history.

2. Angrakha:

Angarkha is an essential part of the Rajasthani dress. People of Rajasthan wear it as a protective shield. After wearing it, there seems to be the enthusiasm and style of a soldier within the people. The people wear Angrakha over the chest to secure it. These Angrakha are of two types:
1. Long Angarkha
2. Kamari Angarkha.
Both of these types of Angrakha are very popular. 

At the same time, the Angrakha worn in festivals and occasions have a lot of mirror work and are very much designer. These Angrakha in events are the centre of attraction of the people and they are worked on for much design.

3. Dhoti and Pajamas:

Dhoti and pajama is an important full dress in Rajasthan clothes. People wear these garments on the lower part of the body. Dhoti and pajamas look amazing with Angrakha or kurta. The dhoti is a large cloth that is wrapped around the waist and tied between the two legs. 

The dhoti is of cotton fabric and is quite comfortable and breathable. Payjams are a little loose like normal pants. During festivals people wear dhotis, are predominantly white in color. Dhoti and pajamas add beauty to the beautiful Rajasthan dress. The designs, styles, and colors of dhotis and pajamas change at events and festivals according to time and place.

4. Bandhgala:

Bandhgala is a part of the traditional Rajasthani dresses. People mostly wear these at wedding ceremonies, festivals, and other big occasions. It looks like a blazer that is made of fabric. Wearing a Bandhgala on a Rajasthani dress like a dhoti and a kurta adds beauty to the moon. Bandhgala is sold in the market of Rajasthan in an attractive and beautiful style. When this Bandhgala decorates the shops, then the tourists visiting there are unable to stop themselves from buying.

5. Accessories:

Rajasthani Traditional Dress

Accessories are not a dress, these are some of the embellishments worn above the traditional Rajasthani dress to look beautiful. These accessories add beauty to the beautiful Rajasthani dresses.  The men of Rajasthan wear round-shaped studs to the ears and wear semi-precious stones and beads and beads of beads around the neck.

The rich people of Rajasthan prefer wearing a gold chains. The rich people wear the waistband, which is a very beautiful garment. The silver hansli, which is well-liked by the common people there, is worn around the neck.

6. Footwear for men:

When it comes to footwear in Rajasthani dresses, people think of different types of beautiful and attractive Mojaris. With Rajasthani dresses, people wear the Jutis and Mojaris . While men wear leather footwear. Embroidery on this footwear is very good and beautiful decorative items are applied to them.

Originally used in black and brown colors, but in various colors with various designs are available in Mozaris markets. These different and beautiful-looking Mozaris become the centre of attraction during weddings, parties, and festivals.

7. Ghagras:

Ghaghra looks like a skirt and is slightly larger. Ghaghra is a famous garment of women in the Rajasthani dress. It is worn in the lower part of the body. It starts from the waist and goes down to the ankle.

Ghagra is slightly above the ground so that the ornaments worn in the feet remain visible. They are near distance from Jaipur to Delhi power near the waist and widen as they go down to the ankle. Ghaghra is seen in various colors and various designs. Beautiful and attractive design works are also done on them.

These skirts are often worn at weddings in the form of lehngas. There is also plenty of Gotta Patti and Embroidery on them to make them beautiful to look at. A lot of embellishment is used on this ghagra. Ghaghra is mainly made of cotton and has beautiful and attractive design borders.

8. Choli or Kanchli:

An important dress in the traditional attire of Rajasthan is the Kanchi. The snatch is of the short sleeve which women wear over the blouse. The latch is mainly made of cotton or silk and embroidery work is done to make it beautiful. The mirrors, mirror work, beads, and shells make the choli attractive.  

9. Odhni or Chunari:

Rajasthani Traditional Dress

The women of Rajasthan wear odhni or chunri with Ghaghra choli. The Odhni puts the moon in women’s Rajasthani attire. It is a cloth of 2.5 to 3 meters long with a width ranging from 1.5 to 2 meters.

Odhni is a large variety of fabrics and to make it beautiful and attractive, it has print work and different colors. The color of the odhni often resembles the color of the Ghaghra.

10. Patka:

The royal families or higher classes wear beautiful garments. In medieval times, the clothing used to be all around the waist but now it can be seen less among youngsters. However, Brahmins also use to wear Patka with traditional dupattas.  

11. Footwear for Women:

Rajasthani Traditional Dress

When it comes to Women’s footwear in Rajasthani dress, people think of different types of beautiful and attractive Rajasthani Juti. The Women wear along with the Rajasthani dress. These are either of Cloth or leather. Embroidery on this footwear is very good and beautiful embellishment is applied to them.

Originally used in black and Red, Brown, Maroon, Orange colors, but in various colors with various designs are available in Juti markets. These different and beautiful-looking Mozaris become the centre of attraction during weddings, parties, and festivals.

12. Royal Attire:

The traditional Rajasthani dresses are of regional style and royal in taste. The luxurious and rich costumes were designed beautifully by the special people during ancient times.

In order to take care of the dresses of king and queen, there were two specific sections, namely Kapaddwadra and Toshakhanand. Rajput kings loved to wear high-class dresses. Hence, they were colorful and designer clothing. 

13. Jaipur Costumes:

Rajasthani Traditional Dress

Jaipur has still followed some rare customs of Rajputs and so the costumes are a Mughal dress. The delicate cotton Sarees from Chanderi and Kashmiri shawls from Gujarat make Jaipur is more beautiful and attractive.

14. Rajasthani Textiles:

Rajasthan is popular for a variety of prints and textiles like Bagru Print, Sanganeri Print Leheriya, and Bandhani – types of tie-dye, Barmeri Print, Kota Doria.

It is quite unique and vibrant to this northwestern state of India. Also, it’s laudable that a state with a vast stretch of sand, scanty vegetation, and scarcity of water has such a rich history and culture.

They dress beautifully even for everyday purposes celebrating each day which makes their culture different from others. Suffice it to say, Rajasthani couture is a classic. 

15. Dupatta:

Rajasthani Traditional Dress

Rajasthani women generally wear a dupatta (outer garment) or collectively known as shalwar or choli (An imported term for dupatta) over their upper body including the neck and normally there is a beaded dupatta on top of it.

There are wide variations in dress among all regions of Rajasthan which include the type of dupatta, its color, length, texture, and embroidery patterns. Some women wear a dupatta over their shoulder. Also, some women wear shalwar-kameez while others wear the sari.

16. Jewellery for men:

Rajasthani men wear traditional silver jewelry Necklaces and earrings with intricate designs and motifs are the most common type of Rajasthani jewelry for men.

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Also, they attach beautifully designed kalangi to their turban which looks royal.

17. Jholas:

Rajasthani Traditional Dress

Essentially bags made out of cloth, the jholas are colourful and lend a unique look to a woman. Being a bride, you will need to carry yourself with a certain style, and these jholas are the perfect way to add dazzles to your look.

You can carry a jhola embellished with mirrors or stones for your sangeet or reception party. These jholas suit every kind of wedding attire and come in plenty of colors.

18. Modern Fusion:

These days the younger generations are preferring designs with a touch of urban and western fashion trends. While the women fall prey to the lures of Salwar suits and western wear, men too seek the casual comfort of Shirts, T-Shirts, Trousers, and Jeans. The office-going younger lot conforms to the global norms of dressing and corporate etiquette.

19. Ivory Bangles:

Rajasthani Traditional Dress

In most of the Rajasthani tribes, women wear ivory bangles. These ivory bangles have special marital significance to them and essentially signal protective beliefs associated with them. Additionally, it also signifies saved wealth.

The married women wear these ornaments till their husband is alive. The mothers present these as a gift during the wedding. That is so auspicious that the couple can perform other rituals only after that.

Also, an ideal set includes a total of 52 bangles (17 on the upper arm and 9 on the lower arm). These women cannot remove the bangles, not even during sleep. 

20. Kudan and Jadau Jewellery:

In Rajasthan Jewellery, Kundan-Jadau’s work is extremely popular. While Kundan is a type of stone, Jadau is the art of embedding Kundan and Polki stones into the metal surface,

In Rajasthan, jadau work began to rise as the artists crafted the art of embedding stones and metals on the surface of objects. The silver or gold foil placed below and in between the surface enabled greater reflection of light through the stone,due to which the stone highlighted brilliance and natural sheen.

Immaculately crafted with precision and accuracy, Kundan and Jadau jewelry is a one-of-a-kind type that requires highly skilled craftsmanship.

21. Silver Jewellery:

Rajasthani Traditional Dress

Along with the traditional Rajasthani dresses the Rajasthani tribal jewelry is also quite popular. The tribal groups of Rajasthan adorn colorful and weighty ornaments, decorated with coins, shells, beads, and metallic mesh which make them distinguishable at the very first glance.

Also, the Banjara tribes of Rajasthan wear embellished belts around their waists to complement their tribal banjara look. The list of silver ornaments adorned by Rajasthani women includes everything from upper armlet, neck ring/hansuli, Rajasthani necklace and mandliya string neckband, heavily layered belt, single waist chain, and toe rings.

Summing up:

Tokariya/antique tribal old silver hoops are well known among the tribal individuals in Rajasthan. Antique Rajasthani jewelry silver with a hint of Banjara/tribal appeal is gaining major points in the fashion industry.

And there you go. Our view on the traditional Rajasthani dresses. If you like to wear traditional dresses or have experience of wearing Rajasthani traditional dresses then please let us know down in the comments and share this article.


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