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6 Unique Bridal Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

6 Unique Bridal Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

Bridal makeup ideas for brown eyes

Hey beautiful, here we have come up with the amazing bridal makeup ideas for brown eyes. We know your wedding makeup look is an important thing since it is a part of one of the most important and special days of your life. Being hitched to the love of your life forever is a special feeling and so you will always want to cherish that moment all your life.

In such a case, it is important that you look good and moreover beautiful and in this context makeup is important. Since the moment your loved one will set his eyes on you, you will want that moment to be like that forever and so when he looks at you in the most loving way possible.

Bridal makeup ideas for brown eyes.

You will want your eye makeup to look glamorous so that he cannot take his eyes off yours. Since a lot of Indian brides have dark to medium brown eyes, here are a few bridal makeup ideas for brown eyes.

1. The natural look

Bridal makeup ideas for brown eyes
Bridal makeup ideas for brown eyes pictures

Brown-eyed people can easily pull off any kind of eye makeup since their eye colour is quite versatile and goes and matches well with the most vibrant and dark as well as the light shades. If a bride-to-be is looking for a simple eye makeup look then this can be just the guide for you to follow on your big day.

Using a dark shade such as black or brown, start blending it in the outer corners of both your eyes and either add very little amount or completely skip adding a shimmery eye shadow on your eyelids to keep the look natural and minimal. Adding matte eye shadow on the outer corners can eliminate the need for shimmer and still add glow to the bridal look.

2 The dramatic water line look

Some brides cannot stand the simple and natural makeup look on their big day and need more drama and colour on their face to look more beautiful and elegant and so for such brides, the dramatic waterline look will probably be a great option to explore on their big day and later cherish their entire life.

Adding dark shades to the water line creates a good base for the shimmery eye shadows adding a dramatic look to it. Having a brown eye is the best advantage that one can have in such a case since the brown colour can hold up to any colour with varying intensities, unlike most other colours. Lining the water line with a bold and dark eyeliner such as black or even any eye shadow and later smudging it well to create a smokey eye look is what is to be done.

Adding this smokey look to the lower lash line can also be done just to add some more drama and intensity and depth to the eyes. Adding the same shade of colour used on the waterline over the upper lash line will further dramatize the look for you to create a smokey and dark-eye makeup look.

3. Matte eye look

Bridal makeup ideas for brown eyes
Bridal makeup ideas for brown eyes pictures

Quite a lot of brides prefer to go for matte makeup look rather than shimmery eye makeup looks since in their opinions a shimmery eye look is over the top. For such brides, using a matte eye shadow look to add a sort of a natural tone to the eyes can be done. Since matte eye shadows can create quite a lot of mess, it would be better to use an eye primer as a base for the matte pigment to hold on to your eyelids for a longer period of time.

Using a subtle brown colour for instance over the crease and towards the outer corners of the eyes or creating an eyeliner look with that can also be done to achieve the fresh, clean and matte eye makeup look that goes well with most skin tones. Adding a setting spray over that is also needed just to lock the pigment completely over your eyelids.

4. The eyeliner look

Since there are different perspectives of bride-to-be regarding their makeup, there is a category of them that prefers to go with the old and trusted black eyeliner as the only eye makeup which is also a great option. Since the black liner can give a dramatic or even a natural look depending on how one uses it, this eyeliner look is quite versatile and brown-eyed beauties can slay in it completely.

Start applying the liner from the inner corner of the eyes towards the outer corner, in a manner that looks thinner in the beginning and gradually turns a bit thicker towards the outer corners. Adding some amount of highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes as well as under the brows and the brow bones will create the illusion of bigger and wider eyes and give definition and depth to the eyes.

5. The glossy eye makeup look

Bridal makeup ideas for brown eyes
Bridal makeup ideas for brown eyes pictures

The glossy eye makeup look has become a trend all over social media and is the new chic girl makeup look that gives the aesthetic mood feels and the juicy and plump effect to the skin. The glossy makeup look is a look in which one can easily inculcate glowy makeup by skipping over the shimmer that can cause fallouts and turn messy and ruin the rest of the facial makeup.

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Liquid eye shadows with a glossy finish to them can be used in this case along with the combination of glossy lips to slay on the aisle. This look will make you appear glowy and brightened and make you feel like a glazed doughnut.

6. The Coral eye makeup look

Instagram has made people try out different things during the quarantine and so people discover the coral shades of eye shadows that can turn a boring and simple look into a cheerful one by just adding a pop of colour to it. These coral colours can be neutral and natural looking but if layered over and over again can turn vibrant and even eye-catching. Underestimating coral colours might be your loss at the end of the day as this might also be another great option for the brown-eyed bride-to-be women there.

Using pink, peach and slightly orange shades is the best to add a pop of colour to the brown eyes. Adding it all over the eyelids and then adding some highlighter towards the inner corner and later going on with a very thin black eyeliner or just skipping the eyeliner will leave you with beautiful-looking eyes.

Adding a blush and a lip colour the same colour as your eye shadow will create a monochrome look and give you a completed makeup look.

Summing up: 

So, these were some of the quick bridal makeup ideas for brown eyes. So, experiment and try out all the new looks. Let your eyes do the magic.

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