5 Best Zombie Makeup Ideas To Try This Halloween

Zombie Makeup Ideas

Even though there are a few months left for Halloween, it is never too early to start preparing for the makeup ideas to be done during Halloween. Since, it was believed that on the day of Halloween, the souls of the dead people returned back to their respective homes. People dressed up in costumes and even lit up bonfires to ward off the ghosts and the spirits.

Due to this reason, the theme of Halloween parties is usually spooky and scary. So, what better way to celebrate it than getting dressed as a zombie, right? In this case, the zombie makeup ideas tend to be very important.

A zombie is believed to be an undead creature that has been present in the world. Due to the reanimation of a dead corpse. They are very much active characters in the horror and fantasy genres that have fascinated people and inspired them. Then, people tend to create zombie makeup ideas for Halloween and they do indeed look scary and spooky.

Zombie makeup ideas for Halloween

But finding the ideas and the inspiration to dress up as a zombie can be hard and tough especially when it comes to doing one’s makeup. Since it requires a lot of patience and intricate details to achieve the look and even one small mistake can ruin the whole look. Let’s have a look at some ideas to do the zombie makeup ideas. want to know best makeup ideas for black dress.

1. Creating the wounds like effect

zombie makeup ideas
zombie makeup ideas photos

One of the very first Zombie makeup ideas is to create a wound effect. Creating the wounds can give an immortal and inevitable sort of effect on the skin. This indeed is a characteristic of a zombie and so what better than using latex or even gelatin to achieve such a look. But a moisturiser and SPF must be skipped in the process to achieve the wounds. This will help to avoid the sliding off of the latex or the gelatin.

Open wounds, bite marks, broken noses and even a bloody gash can be achieved using products such as liquid latex or gelatin. They both are quite easy and fun to work with. These products need to be applied before the application of the paints over the face so as to let them dry well on the face. The application of the paint will prevent that from happening and that might end up putting your efforts in vain.

2. The white-colored base

Since the human body consists of blood, the skin tends to look pink or yellow that indicating the circulation of the blood. But since the zombies are creatures that have been raised from dead corpses. It means that there is no blood present in their skin so their skin should look pale and dry as if it is completely drained of blood. To achieve that kind of look, white paint is the best option and probably the safest to use as well.

Dabbing and blending the white colour with a makeup sponge or a brush. It can be done to cover the whole of the face with a thin white layer and make sure to not completely blend the white colour into your face. Once it is dried, the same procedure can be repeated again and the same procedure. It can be used over the hair to make them appear grey and make the person look old in age. Colours such as grey, red, purple and green can be used to create the ashen and decayed effect, the bruised effect and the gangrene effect respectively.

3. Darken the key areas

zombie makeup ideas
zombie makeup images

Use a darker shade of colour or an eye shadow preferably a black colour. One can create a dark circle to give a worn effect to the face. Such sunken eyes will help to look sleep-deprived, dead and even injured in a violent manner. Once its application is done, one needs to smudge the colour and then can add a red or blue colour towards the edges of the eyes to give it a fresh bruise-like effect.

Sucking in the cheeks and adding some black paint or a powder. Then blending it a bit can cause highlighting and lifting up of the cheeks to give an emaciated look. This needs to be followed by a dark shade of lip colour like black or brown to appear like dried lips. Using a red and a blue paint then one can create small and thin crooked lines all over the face to appear like bloodless veins.

4. Application of the fake blood

By purchasing ready-made fake blood from the market or applying red colour to the face, one can achieve the effect of real blood. Since zombies are believed to be brain-eating creatures, they must be drenched in blood. One can use a paintbrush or a toothbrush and dip it in the fake blood. Later, with the help of a finger run it through the bristles of the brush by aiming toward the face to make it look like a spatter of blood. One can even use a dropper and then drop a few drops of the fake blood on the face to give it the effect of dripping blood.

5. The last needed things

zombies makeup ideas
zombies makeup ideas Images

For the final stage of transitioning into a zombie, one can opt to wear a weird shade of contact lenses to give a spooky and scary look. Next, one needs to give their hair some effect by adding excess oil or hair gel to make it look like the hair has been unkempt and not maintained at all and to give it a dirty and greasy effect.

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As mentioned earlier, using white paint or sprinkling some amount of baby powder or eye shadow to create grey hair and give one an ageing effect. Using the fake blood over the teeth can also be done to make it look like a brain-eating and blood-sucking zombie. Lastly, a costume is a must to complete the whole transition.

Wearing old, torn and dirty-looking clothes and adding some amount of mud, fake blood and drawing random lines in a black marker can give the costume a dirty and ragged and unkempt effect. All this will then give you the perfectly creepy and spooky zombie look and this is exactly what you need when you think of zombies makeup ideas.

Summing up:

So, these very some interesting zombie makeup ideas for you.  One must always begin the makeup by prepping the skin well and so the first step in doing so is to have a clean canvas, that is, to have a clean face. One must always cleanse the face with a gentle cleanser to remove all the dirt and oil from the skin and then pat the skin dry with a clean towel or napkin.

This should be followed with a sufficient amount of moisturizer and SPF and this must not be overdone since that might cause latex-based makeup to slide off. It is also important to tie your hair back in a ponytail or a bun according to your preference to avoid your hair from creating a mess throughout the whole process.


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