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Best 18 Makeup artists for your Wedding day For a glam look

Best 18 Makeup artists for your Wedding day For a glam look

Best 18 Makeup artists for your Wedding day

You might have heard people questioning each other about the best or the most memorable day in their lives. Majority of the people have said the day when they got married is one of the most memorable events in their life. Let’s check out the list of the best makeup artists.

It’s a reality most people have dreamt of this day in their life and were quite worried and confused as well! N0! N0! Confused not about the partner they want to get married to but about their look and makeup on their memorable day.

Makeup gives us confidence. Who doesn’t want their makeup to be perfect every day? Especially when it’s your D–Day. Everyone’s eyes will surely be on the bride and groom. So every angle must be perfect. From outfits to accessories from makeup to footwear. Everything should be eye-catching. 

Delhi has scored best in terms of makeup artists because weddings in Delhi are not just ceremonies; they are grand celebrations infused with culture, tradition, and timeless elegance. 

At the heart of these extravagant affairs lie the brides, resplendent in their bridal finery, their beauty accentuated by the skilled hands of makeup artists who weave magic with their brushes and palettes. If you want to look stunning on your day but are worried about burning a hole in your pocket. Don’t fret. 

Makeup artists, you need to consult for your special day

Check out this list of the Best Makeup Artists for the joy that they are going to add to your biggest day. For weddings, Shoots or events reach out to these professionals to sort the day out for you!

1.Tejaswini Shetty, Powai 

Best 18 Makeup artists for your Wedding day
Say I Do to Beauty 18 Makeup Artists for Your Wedding Day Glam

Be it a simple, elegant or glammed-up doll look she knows everything as she already has a plan on her mind! Some big and fabulous makeup projects have been added to her profile.She is one of the trusted makeup artists. 

Yes, the most important thing you don’t need to break your bank account to get in touch with her. She also does airbrush makeup (yep, the secret that happens at the backstage of Fashion Week).

PRICE: INR 2000 onwards for basic looks and INR 15000 for weddings.

2.Nandini Advani

Dream of getting your makeup done by an award-winning artist! Yes, you are looking for the right profile, an award-winning makeup artist who offers a whole new bunch of makeup looks to women of all ages. 

Rage is the word you can use for her bridal looks.

PRICE: INR 12,000 upward for the basic party and INR 25,000 upward for bridal services.

3. Meghna Butani

Meghna Butani is one of the well-known celebrity makeup artists and has built her name in the industry throughout the years. The makeup looks range from HD makeup looks to natural bridal makeup looks & also makeup tips, She provides these services within an affordable range! 

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She is competent and knows how to make the bride look all glam on her big day and we think that is what you want and are looking for. Meghna is not only qualified but will make sure that you are not sad on your day.


Best 18 Makeup artists for your Wedding day
Wedding Day Wonders Discover the Top 18 Makeup Artists

Namrata Soni stands as a beacon of elegance and sophistication in the realm of bridal makeup. With a portfolio adorned by the most discerning brides and celebrities alike, 

Soni’s artistry embodies timeless grace and contemporary flair. Each stroke of her brush narrates a tale of intricate detail and sublime beauty, enhancing the natural allure of every bride she touches.


In the tapestry of Delhi’s wedding makeup artists, Ambika Pillai’s name shines brightly, blending tradition with innovation in every creation, 

Her artistry resonates with brides seeking a harmonious balance between heritage and contemporary style. From elaborate bridal adornments to minimalist chic, her versatile repertoire caters to the diverse sensibilities of brides, ensuring that each one steps into her new chapter radiating confidence and grace.


Shalini Singh’s canvas is a testament to versatility and creativity, where each stroke of her brush tells a story of transformation and beauty.  Specializing in both traditional and avant-garde bridal makeup, She effortlessly navigates between cultural traditions and modern trends. 

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With an innate understanding of colour, texture, and form, she crafts bespoke looks that reflect the unique personality and style of every bride, leaving an indelible mark on Delhi’s vibrant wedding landscape.


 Kriti Dhir’s creations resonate with the essence of each bride’s vision, translating aspirations into tangible beauty. From intricate bridal ensembles to whimsical fairy-tale fantasies, her repertoire reflects a kaleidoscope of styles and inspirations, each one meticulously tailored to evoke awe and admiration.

 In the tapestry of Delhi’s wedding makeup artists, Kriti Dhir’s name shines brightly as a beacon of creativity and craftsmanship.


Best 18 Makeup artists for your Wedding day
Glam Squad Goals The Best 18 Makeup Artists for Your Wedding

Meenakshi Dutt stands as a pioneer in the world of bridal makeup, redefining beauty standards and inspiring generations of brides with her visionary artistry. 

With a career spanning decades, Dutt’s legacy is etched in her transformative techniques and unparalleled creativity. From timeless classics to contemporary trends, her mastery transcends boundaries, as she continues to push the boundaries of bridal beauty with each creation.


From radiant dewy looks to glamorous transformations, her mastery of light and shadow evokes a sense of awe and admiration, leaving an indelible impression on Delhi’s discerning brides & also rani pink bridal wedding lehengas.

Sakshi Malik’s artistry illuminates the bridal landscape with its brilliance and charm. With a passion for perfection and a commitment to personalized service, Malik’s creations exude elegance and allure, capturing the essence of each bride’s unique journey.


Parul Garg is rated as a top makeup artist in Delhi, Gurgaon and NCR. She takes pride in her makeup and her happy clients are a testimony to her skills and dedication. 

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Using the best of skills and products, Parul’s work is almost magical. Her makeovers are seen to be believed. She offers the best services in bridal makeup, party makeup, occasion makeup, media makeup, editorial makeup, and fashion makeup.

The diversified makeover is provided only by Parul Garg Makeup & Hair styling in Gurgaon and Delhi.


 Amit Kumar is regarded as one of the greatest makeup artists.  Celebrities like Urvashi Rautela and Sushmita Sen have given him awards. His work is compelling. 

His work consistently reflects the fusion of Indian cultures as well as the traditions in Families. Another aspect is that it is always done at the right time and in line with the occasion.


Best 18 Makeup artists for your Wedding day
Elevate Your Bridal Look 18 Makeup Artists to Trust on Your Wedding Day

 Shruti Sharma is another talented artist and a well-known personality in the makeup field & wedding makeup look

She truly focuses on bringing out the true beauty of a bride through her makeup skills. Shruti enhances the beauty of her features, with her amazing products and incredible skills.

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 She is one of the most known artists in Bollywood and fashion circles as well. Her creativity and skilled hands make her the best among the rest. 

She focuses on every detail. Her experience and expertise in this field will make you look perfect effortlessly. She offers perfect makeup and an amazing hairdo.


 Another best makeup artist on the list. Her friendly personality makes her different from others. She prefers considering your suggestions. Chandni Singh offers classy bridal makeup neither too loud nor too decent. 

Unless or until you are expecting the same. She observes your skin meticulously. Find out the skin concerns, then correct them accurately. Chandni Singh uses products from the best brands for makeup and tools for hairstyles.


She is another amazing makeup artist in Delhi. She gives a natural, flawless look with her skills. She is perfect for bringing out the best beauty in you. 

If you love quirky eye makeup. Desire to enhance the look of your bridal lehenga with the same. Then visit her for your bridal look.


Best 18 Makeup artists for your Wedding day
Bridal Bliss Begins Here The Top 18 Makeup Artists for Your Wedding Day

The bridal makeup by Alkausermakeovers embodies the actual meaning of marriage. This dedicated bridal makeup artist knows exactly what the bride-to-be wants for her special day, She is one of the most loved makeup artists.

From subtle undertones to smokey eyes, she tailors the cosmetics to make each bride stand out in her way. With years of experience in the field, this makeup artist has dealt with brides who had various needs. 

She is skilled at giving distinctive and beautiful makeovers for each person. You can rely on her skill and talent to help you look and feel your best on your special day.


This is one of the skilled and experienced makeup artists who can enhance your natural beauty and create a flawless look that complements your wedding dress. 

This makeup artist is extremely loved and recommended by her clients. Her bridal makeup will make you feel confident and beautiful as you walk down the aisle.


This professional makeup artist is known for celebrity makeup. She learned her skills from the London College of Makeup. When you stalk her on social media, you will notice numerous women flaunting their bridal makeup and outfits just like an angel.


Wedding already comes with a huge list of do to list and adding an expensive makeup artist can disturb the budget. And if you are looking for a Budget artist then check this list!

If you have been looking for some tips on what time one should look to book a bridal makeup artist then please go through this artist list.

In this narrative, we delve deep into the realm of bridal beauty and unveil the charisma of Delhi’s premier wedding makeup artists. There are many well-known makeup artists & salons available in Delhi. They will fulfil your desire for the best wedding look & pre-wedding skin care.

From having a simple and nude makeup look to looking like a Diva. Here are some best makeup artists in Delhi for your wedding.

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