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Best 15 Wedding Day Emergency Kit You Need To Carry

Best 15 Wedding Day Emergency Kit You Need To Carry

Best 15 Wedding Day Emergency Kit You Need

It’s finally your special day. You’ve spent months (or even years) on wedding organising and making sure that every detail on the big day checklist—from floral arrangements to the colour of the napkins—is flawless. Wedding Day Emergency Kit.

But suddenly an unanticipated calamity strikes! Whether the maid of honour’s outfit suddenly doesn’t fit correctly or the bride’s huge up-do unravels quickly, every wedding requires a wedding emergency kit to help the bridal party face unforeseen circumstances with ease.  

Usually, the maid of honour maintains a wedding emergency kit on standby, which contains emergency supplies that may be needed during the day. Our wedding slogan, which is comparable to the Boy Scouts, is “Always Be Prepared.” 

The greatest bridal wedding emergency kits include bobby pins, fashion tape, and other items to manage any wedding day crisis one mini-emergency at a moment. 

We cannot promise that these items will solve every difficulty, but they should be sufficient to address minor issues and ensure that your wedding runs well. 

Wedding day emergency kit for your wedding Day 

So, put these must-have but sometimes overlooked things inside a tote bag or tackle package and have them handy throughout the wedding day. Here, is the wedding emergency kit.

1. Small Sewing Kit

Best 15 Wedding Day Emergency Kit You Need
Be Prepared The Best 15 Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials

Purchase a little sewing kit with safety pins and mini scissors. You are never sure when you’ll have an issue with your wedding gown or with your bridesmaids.

Including this in your wedding emergency kit can put you at rest. If something takes place, you are already equipped with everything you need on hand.

2. Extra Earring Backs

This may appear to be a goofy addition to your wedding, but you will not be disappointed. Wedding crises occur every day. Losing an earring is a serious emergency!

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What if you had your grandmother’s diamond earrings on? You do not want to lose them! Place the extra earring supports inside your wedding survival kit just in case of an emergency.

3. Pocket Mirror and Touch Makeup

For fast touch-ups before the marriage ceremony and throughout the reception. This is a thing you could need a lot on your wedding day. With this being the most significant day of your life, you’ll want to ensure that your makeup is flawless.

4. Safety Pins

Best 15 Wedding Day Emergency Kit You Need
Ready for Anything 15 Essential Items for Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

You might require something kept together on your wedding gown, or you may be required to poke a very little button & also rani pink lehengas for the bridal wedding.

In any case, no one expects to require a safety pin; it simply occurs sometimes. Packing safety pins might be a lifesaver on your special day.

5. Granola Bar

You could be too busy to eat just before a wedding. Nothing would be worse than you passing out for lack of nourishment. A granola bar has enough nourishment to provide energy while also not making you nauseous.

Granola bars come in a variety of forms and sizes. Choose several that you and your wedding party will like.

6. Sunscreen

You don’t want to become burnt on your big day or before your honeymoon. When you wake up, apply sunscreen immediately away. Consider purchasing sun-safe cosmetics.

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7. Hair Pins and Ties

Are you attempting to do your hair for the wedding day? Perhaps you’re having somebody do your hair? In any case, hairpins and hair bands are useful.

8. Hairbrush and Comb

You are never going to be too safe on your wedding day. Add your favourite brush and comb to your wedding emergency kit. You’ll be happy you did.

9. Deodorant

Best 15 Wedding Day Emergency Kit You Need
Peace of Mind 15 Must-Have Items for Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

If it’s a new brand, make sure to test it out well beforehand the wedding. Check to make sure it doesn’t become cakey or create stains & best hairstyles for brides.

You’ll be shocked at how simple it is to start stinking on your wedding day. Carrying extra deodorant in your Wedding emergency kit can just save the day!

10. Medications and Basic First Aid

You have no idea what to anticipate on your big day. You may get a headache or nausea. Keeping basic medications on hand as a first aid kit is a smart idea.

11. Straws for drinking

You do not want to stain your lipstick! This is correct. You don’t want to be applying lipstick all day; it gets tiresome.

When you have drinking straws, simply put them in your drink. However, even with this, you might smudge somewhat.

12. Aspirin or Pain Relievers

Best 15 Wedding Day Emergency Kit You Need
Ensure a Smooth Day The Best 15 Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials

Headaches are not enjoyable. As soon as you notice a headache building on, consume aspirin or a pain killer immediately.

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I don’t think there is anything more terrible than having a headache. It can also linger! There are several reasons why headaches occur. Sometimes there is stress. Sometimes eating too little enough or becoming dehydrated.

13. Band-Aids

Did you cut yourself by shaving too quickly? When your subconscious is racing, it’s quite simple to make errors. Pack band-aids for your wedding emergency kit. This will be beneficial in “just in case” situations.

If there will be children at your wedding, keeping a first aid kit on board is a great idea. Kids are easily injured, so keeping band-aids on hand is essential.

14. Cotton balls or swabs

Cotton balls and wipes are ideal wedding day essentials, whether you have itching ears or need to wipe your cheeks.

A wedding emergency kit is ideal since it has everything you need. You will save time and sanity by not having to rush to the shop for everything.

15. Breath Mints

Best 15 Wedding Day Emergency Kit You Need
Bridal Survival Guide Top 15 Wedding Day Emergency Kit Items

Breath is simple to detect, and you don’t want to have bad breath on your special day. Bring a few breath mints to put your brain at rest.

Furthermore, breath mints taste good and provide a pleasant respite from whatever tension you may be experiencing.


Being prepared is one of the nicest things that can take place on your big day. Packing this equipment might save your sanity. 

If you arrange ahead of time, you will not be required to stress. Best of luck! When it pertains to a Day of Wedding emergency kit DIY, you just cannot go wrong. This is merely one of thousands of ways you can get ready for your wedding.

We appreciate having the concept of a Wedding emergency kit since it not only makes the bride delighted, but may also help anybody else who is there that day. 

Emergencies occur frequently on wedding days, and the most wonderful thing you can do is just be prepared with your Wedding emergency kit.

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