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Best 15 Fashion Looks of Celebrities Holidaying In Europe

Best 15 Fashion Looks of Celebrities Holidaying In Europe

Fashion Looks of Celebrities Holidaying In Europe

Are you also crazy about the fashion looks of celebrities holidaying in Europe? Budapest, Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, London and many more are the favourite holiday destinations in Europe for Bollywood celebrities.

It seems like Europe has some magic that attracts a lot of people towards it and is later left with some of the sweetest memories of their life. Since a lot of celebrities are holidaying in Europe currently, their fans cannot stop gazing over their favourite celebrity’s super stylish looks and fashion. Let us now have a look at all the fashion looks of celebs holidaying in Europe.

Bollywood actors, actresses and many known celebrities have been frequently posting pictures from their trips and keeping their fans updated so that gives us the right to say that literally half of Bollywood is currently in Europe.

Best 15 Fashion Looks of Celebrities Holidaying In Europe

Sara Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor, Mira Kapoor and even Kareena Kapoor Khan with her girl gang are having a gala and making the most of their time in Europe by slaying in the best fashionable outfits possible.

Sara Ali Khan

Fashion Looks of Celebrities Holidaying In Europe
Fashion Looks of Celebrities Holidaying In Europe pictures

The always bubbly and cheerful Sara Ali Khan has taken her fans by storm by posting pictures from her London vacation. She often visits London and dons in stylish streetwear outfits that are funky but sturdy and match her personality at its best. She prefers to wear neons and like a pinch of drama added to her looks as that is what defines her attitude.

1. Monochromatic jacket and violet jogger’s pants.

Fashion Looks of Celebrities Holidaying In Europe
Fashion Looks of Celebrities Holidaying In Europe pictures

She never leaves a chance to impress her fans with funny captions to her stylish avatars on social media. The first look comes from what possibly looks like a metro station where Sara seems to be sitting on the ground while she patiently waits for her metro to arrive. She is seen wearing a dark pink top, a monochromatic jacket and violet jogger’s pants.

Silver sparkly shoes, black cat-eye sunglasses and a pink cap to hold together her hair in a ponytail and her bare skin serve the best of quirkiness in her outfit.

2. The sporty look 

While visiting a boxing club, Sara sported a very sporty look to match the vibe of the place that she will be visiting. She chose a monochrome look this time. She wore a mangoes orange tank top with legging pants of a darker orange shade. White Puma shoes, a black sling bag, black cat-eyed sunglasses and a black cap suited Sara in the best way possible.

3. Baby Pink Sweatshirts 

Sweatshirts are probably the most necessary items in the closets of celebrities since they tend to visit spots that have a cold sort of weather. A sweatshirt is quite chic and can be paired with any kind of bottoms and so is also versatile and comfortable while it also provides warmth.

Sara Ali Khan wore a baby pink sweatshirt with the word FAMOUS written in multi colours over it and paired it with orange sweat pants, a dark pink cap and neon yellow shaded sunglasses. That seems like a pretty unusual combination but looks good over Sara Ali Khan.

4. Full sleeves white graphic printed sweatshirt

Fashion Looks of Celebrities Holidaying In Europe
Fashion Looks of Celebrities Holidaying In Europe pictures

Last but not least comes a look that a lot of celebrities have been donning these days, especially while on a vacation. Sara Ali Khan wore full sleeves white graphic printed sweatshirt from Moschino with a dark blue slim-fit denim and a multi-coloured lingerie scarf. Red shoes, a white cap, a black sling bag, cat-eyed sunglasses, open hair and no makeup made Sara look like the cutest tourist possible.

Janhvi Kapoor

Fashion of Celebrities Holidaying In Europe
Fashion Looks of Celebrities Holidaying In Europe pictures

Soaking vitamin c in the sunlight of Europe was Janhvi Kapoor while she was sitting relaxed over the lush green grass. She wore a white full sleeves short dress with a V-shaped neckline and collar and to match that wore white sneakers as well. Golden hoops in the ears, a flush of pink on the cheeks that gives a sunburnt look and a perfectly settled base of the face looked glamorous over Janhvi.

5. The casual date look

A casual lunch date in Amsterdam requires a stylish yet casual look to feel relaxed and comfortable and not look out of form. Janhvi wore a blue denim jumpsuit and a multi-coloured yank top underneath it. Her no-makeup makeup look and open hair were on point and her solver hoops and a black finger ring looked minimalist but stylish over that outfit of hers.

6. Red bodycon dress

The whole on another lunch date with Nysa Devgn, Janhvi chose to wear a little extra this time to raise the beauty standards and wore a red outfit for this fancy lunch date to enjoy with her friends. The red bodycon dress, silver hoops and no makeup along with her curly hair let the dress be the centre of attraction solely

7. White floral strappy dress

To match the bright morning sunshine, Janhvi wore a white floral strappy dress that had a thigh-high slit with brown strappy heels. The red and green flowers over the white dress looked perfect and matched the background of the picture quite well. Janhvi’s wavy hair and no makeup makeup look looked effortless and classic over this dress of hers.

8. The airport look

While at the airport, one always prefers light and comfortable clothes to travel in so as to ease the whole travelling process and so does Janhvi do the same. Seen at the airport is Janhvi Kapoor wearing a beige tank top with crème-coloured sweat pants along with a light brown scarf with blue edges. She even wore white sneakers and a big tote bag to carry along with her on the flight. With no makeup and wavy open hair, Janhvi Kapoor aced the airport look very well.

9. Mira Kapoor

Fashion Looks of Celebrities Holidaying In Europe
Fashion Looks of Celebrities Holidaying In Europe pictures

Mira Kapoor is the busy wife of Bollywood who seems to be travelling a lot around the globe lately and is a travel freak. From her recent London shenanigans, one can spot Mira Kapoor wearing quite a chic and millennial outfit. She wore a black sweatshirt, light blue parallel denim pants, off-white sneakers, a sling bag and black sunglasses. With open hair and no makeup, Mira seemed to truly enjoy the beauty of nature in London.

10. Late-night dates

London is all about luxury, comfort and divine views as put forth by Bollywood films. People love being in London as it has now become a status symbol and enjoy late-night dates with their loved ones in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. While going on a night date, Mira chose to do her makeup all by herself and proudly flaunted her makeup skills over social media without adding any filters to it.

Since she wore a cute black dress, she chose to go with a light amount of base and then went crazy with her bronzer to give her a sculpted look. Adding a light blush, light lip colour and black eyeliner were all that Mira had to do in order to achieve the fabulous and glamorous makeup look.

11. Pink furry sort of tank top

Just to chill around in random cafes and enjoy their splendid meals, Mira chose to wear a pink furry sort of tank top and added a high waist black denim pants to it. Simply to add some sass to it, Mira added a few wristbands and a black smartwatch to one of her hands. With her hair enjoying its freedom while being left open, her no-makeup makeup look was clearly the most flawless thing to have witnessed.

12. Orange floral dress

She even wore an orange floral dress while exploring the streets of London in comfortable orange and white sneakers and a red-coloured sling bag. A few wristbands and a smartwatch in her hand added a twist of colour to the look. With white framed sunglasses to flaunt, Mira chose to even flaunt her silky-looking hair and looked fabulous in this outfit.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Fashion Looks of Celebrities Holidaying In Europe
Fashion Looks of Celebrities Holidaying In Europe pictures

The Nawabi wife of Bollywood is Kareena Kapoor Khan who drips off royalty every time she decides to wear an outfit and later just slays in it. Her choice of clothes and footwear have always been the talk of the town since she is the Bebo of Bollywood who is the fashion queen and loves making stylish and elegant appearances both on screen as well as off-screen.

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Since she is currently in London enjoying the holidays with her family and girl gang, she is having a blast there and it is quite evident through the pictures that she posts to keep her fans updated about the ongoing things in her life.

13. Off-white sweatshirt

Posing under a rainbow while holding her younger son in her arms, Kareena is seen wearing an off-white sweatshirt paired with blue denim and enjoying the view in the most natural way possible, that is, with her bare skin serving no makeup over it. Her hair is side parted here and it seems like her son makes her the happiest.

14. Black leather jacket and a shimmery black sheer skirt

While posing with her girl gang, Kareena was seen wearing a black leather jacket and a shimmery black sheer skirt. With Ling and black high heels and a tote bag in her hand, Kareena must have not felt the need of going extra with her makeup and so stuck to the no-makeup makeup look and had middle parted pin straight hair to match the look.

15. A White T-shirt with black lines

While enjoying a cup of coffee that she had desired a lot, Kareena wore a white T-shirt with black lines over its edges and a black sleeveless jacket over it and light blue denim pants under that.

She even wore white shoes, a pink belt smartwatch over her wrist and some eyeliner over her eyes and minimal makeup and open hair. Overall, Kareena is the queen of the actual and literal no makeup look as she can carry and flaunt any outfit without actually and literally wearing any makeup over her face and still slaying in it.

Summing up: 

So, these were some of the famous fashion looks of celebrities Holidaying In Europe. Fall in these amazing fashion looks and whenever you plan a holiday just take inspiration from any of these looks. Hey! We know you are also crushing on these looks. 

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