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10 Best Haldi Outfits For Groom For Wedding 2023

10 Best Haldi Outfits For Groom For Wedding 2023

  • The Haldi Ceremony, one of them, is a staple.Making memories with the bride at this event is one of the most joyful yet emotional activities. But what is this haldi ceremony, exactly, and why is it so important that it warrants attention? check out now!
Haldi Outfits

The most lovely moment in life is when you marry the girl of your dreams. For colorful occasions like the Haldi or Mehndi wedding, selecting one of the ideal Haldi outfits for the groom might be challenging. In terms of dress and style, contemporary grooms are a real rival to brides. Nowadays, males have a wide range of options, from floral kurtas to fashionable achkans. Let’s talk about haldi outfits for groom. 

Choosing the appropriate haldi outfit is crucial because the haldi ceremony is one of the most entertaining parts of any Indian wedding. There are many possibilities when it comes to Haldi Ceremony attire for the bride, including lehengas, vibrant sarees, kurtas, and other ethnic wear, but “Yellow” is unquestionably the color of the ceremony!

Finding the perfect Haldi attire can be challenging because there are so many fashionable Haldi outfits for groom to pick from. The time when wedding photographers simply photographed the brides is long past.

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Best Haldi outfits for Groom to be in 2023

A future groom must therefore appear dashing and fashionable during his wedding-related gatherings. And you can only do this if you pick the perfect clothing for your Haldi ceremony. Therefore, in order to make things simple for you, we have put together a list of the best and trendiest groom dresses for the haldi ceremony.

Find the perfect Haldi outfits for the groom by scrolling down.

1. A White Kurta for Summer Weddings 

Haldi outfits for groom
Haldi outfits for groom

jot down some notes Presented by this dapper Haldi outfits for groom. For a summer wedding, the ideal outfit is an off-white kurta. It is customary for daytime events like the Haldi ceremony to occur. So, to stay cool in the sweltering summer heat, it is preferable to dress in light colors. Incomparable fashion statement is made by the groom’s all-white ensemble.

2. Embrace Tradition In A Yellow Kurta

For the Haldi outfits for groom, wearing a yellow suit is said to be lucky. The vivid yellow color evokes the ideal atmosphere for a formal wedding event. The groom shines on his wedding day thanks to the tiny sequins on this stunning kurta. In wedding events, a simple yet stylish groom’s outfit always stands out. 

3. For The Stylish Groom, Awe-Inspiring Nehru Jackets

Haldi outfits for groom
Haldi outfits for groom

At his Haldi ceremony, the groom wore a bright yellow Nehru jacket, which we just adore. It’s impossible not to appreciate the criss cross embroidery on the jacket. The groom will undoubtedly be the star of the show with this style of yellow Haldi outfits for groom. Constructive wedding photography in Kolkata now includes this style of wacky and upbeat Haldi poses.

4. In a silk kurta, nail the haldi look

For the Haldi outfits for groom, a silk kurta is one of the better options. An Indian groom looks great in the lightweight, cozy silk kurtas with the golden embroidery on the borders. The perfect time to wear this style of kurta is to a winter wedding.

5. Fashionable Mirrors for Your Home Kurta

Haldi outfits for groom
Haldi outfits for groom

A glittering mirror kurta in bright colors is a beautiful way to stand out at your colorful Haldi ceremony. The most popular groom attire for the haldi ceremony, mirror kurtas, never fail to draw attention from the audience. To keep your groom’s appearance ethnic, match this glittering suit with a contrasting churidar.

6. The Pathani Suit Style

Indian grooms choose pathani kurtas with collared necklines. For all wedding seasons, this is one of the most fashionable haldi outfits for grooms. This kind of subdued and elegant kurtas provides you a royal feeling and heightens the groom’s charm.

7. Outstanding Charm of Floral Kurta

Your individuality will look chic when wearing floral prints. The most popular haldi attire for grooms is floral print kurtas, which is loved by all. Put on a contrasting Nehru jacket over this floral kurta for the greatest look. For a stylish groom appearance in the wedding photos, wear contrasting sets of churidar pajamas.

8. A Chic Waistcoat For Today’s Grooms

Winter weddings are the ideal time to don an Indian bandhgala or waistcoat. On a trendy groom, a dress like this with excellent embroidery looks really elegant. To stand out at a pre-wedding function, pair this waistcoat with a contrasting kurta and dhoti pants.

9. Drape Your Kurta To Make A Statement

The most recent development in groom fashion wear is drape kurtas. You look fantastic and elegant in this trendy groom costume. The groom in this instance chose a calm white draped kurta, giving him a classy appearance. To achieve that understated, opulent effect, use it with a contrasting Jodhpuri suit.

10. Dhoti & Kurta Classic Look

Traditionally, the groom wears a dhoti kurta for the Haldi outfits for groom, which enhances his attractiveness. White dhoti and kurta, worn by this lovely groom, make a statement. In the wedding portrait, his off-white dhoti is really fashionable.

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If you are Indian or have an Indian friend who is Indian and you have attended an Indian wedding, you must be aware that Indian weddings are all about a tone of functions, hippy music, lavish food, over-the-top décor, and traditional Indian rituals that have been observed for as long as anyone can remember. Hope these Haldi outfits for groom helped you out! 

The Haldi Ceremony, one of them, is a staple. Making memories with the bride at this event is one of the most joyful yet emotional activities. But what is this haldi ceremony, exactly, and why is it so important that it warrants attention?

The haldi ceremony entails simply putting a paste made of turmeric, sandalwood, some oil, and rose water to the bride-to-be in order to drive away any negativity, fill her with positivity, add shine, purify her soul, and symbolize blessings for whoever applies it.


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