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7 Different Old Saree Dress Design That You Need TO Try

7 Different Old Saree Dress Design That You Need TO Try

  • Turn your fashion game in a much more stylish manner while still keeping up with the ethnic theme of the outfit. Give a modern touch to your traditional look with some small efforts. 
Old Saree Dress Design

Do you have an old saree? So, let’s try something new today, excited! Here, we have shared some ideas for the old saree dress design.  A saree is an integral part of any Indian household and one cannot even imagine their mothers or grandmother without having seen them in a saree once in their life.

If you don’t want to wear a sare, then, we have curated some amazing old saree dress designs for you. It also helps to reuse old pieces of clothing or sarees in a much better and useful manner.

7  old saree dress design that you can try out 

If you are looking for the ways to try old saree dress design. These are some of the best looks and suggestions to help you out in this tough time. So, you can check this out now!

1. A Heavy Dupatta

Old Saree Dress Design

Your mother or grandmother must have a bunch of heavily embroidered in their wardrobe. These look pretty and have thick and shiny borders to them. This gives the whole saree a very expensive sort of look and so throwing such sarees away is such a waste when one can use it as a heavy dupatta and turn it into a wrap-up crop top or a wrap-up skirt. Yes, that’s correct!

A saree is usually almost seven yards long so one can easily make around three dupattas of two and a half meters each from it. While doing so one can use the border and the veil or the pallu of the saree as patchwork and later sew the edges.

Such a dupatta can then be used as a wrap-up crop top a bikini top or even as a wrap-up skirt that can be paired with a plain top or bottom respectively.

One can even use the dupatta over a simple and plain suit preferably a Punjabi suit to add glamour and enhance the overall look of the suit and make it look elegant and classy while keeping up with its ethnic theme of it.

2. Kurta from Saree

For a lot of girls out there, a Kurti is like their go-to clothing item. So, they tend to wear a lot of Kurtis every day. There are days when you have used all of your Kurtis and now, you will have to repeat them all over again. If you feel weird repeating the clothing but cannot buy new ones. In such a case, converting an old saree into a kurta can be the easiest way to get yourselves some more new Kurtis.

Approximately a two-meter piece of a saree is long enough to be converted into a medium to long-length Kurti. A silk saree would be the best for this process.

But one has to measure their height, sleeves, chest, shoulders, neck, waist, and hips to be able to make or sew a kurta that can fit their body type well so that they do not have to make adjustments later.

3. Lehenga

Old Saree Dress Design

Another pretty way for an old saree dress design is to turn it into a lehenga.  A lehenga is a must have for every Indian girl who ever attends an Indian wedding. The rich, ethnic, and royal looks of a lehenga are something that every girl wishes to experience.

So, this can be done easily with the help of a saree at home.  Converted ole saree into a lehenga or even a crop top or both! Here, is your new Indo-Western look. 

4. Full-length traditional wedding gown

Girls of this generation have been lately obsessed with full-length gowns so converting or changing your mother’s or grandmother’s old saree into a gorgeous and long full-length gown is better than having the beautiful sarees thrown away.

A mermaid tail dress, an A-line dress, an Anarkali, and many more types of dresses can be stitched from any given saree.

5 . Palazzo Pants

Old Saree Dress Design

Palazzo pants have been doing the rounds of the fashion world these days as they are comfortable and stylish to wear at the same time.

While they are also easy to carry or pull over any top or kurta or even a shirt. Because of its flexibility, a Palazzo is one of the most preferred types of Indo western pieces of clothing that has not been out of fashion for quite a long time now. So, here is yet another way for an old saree dress design idea!

Using an old saree to make a palazzo is one of the most creative ways of reusing a saree. A saree with an amazing zari border will the best-looking Palazzo that one must have ever seen and that can go with anything that is traditional or modern. Kurtas, Anarkali, mid-length dresses, or even nad Kurtis can match well with such an amazing Palazzo pants.

6. Long-length Jackets

Long-length jackets are seemingly perfect to add tone to one’s broad shoulders. Be it full sleeves or half sleeves or even a sleeveless long-length jacket, it sort of transforms your entire look and manages to not look extravagant or out of the box over a top.

One can even wear such kind of a jacket with a party wear dress. If not full-length, mid-length jackets also tend to look good over almost everything that one can think of.

7. Salwaar Suits

Whenever a mother or a grandmother thinks that their saree has lost its touch or they no longer feel the need to wear a particular saree, they turn it into a salwar suit for their daughter or granddaughter. 

Straight-cut salwar kamees, Patiala salwar, Punjabi suits, Anarkali, and many types of salwar or suits can be stitched from a saree especially a silk one as it has more of a trendy and beautiful effect and it does not lose its rich touch very soon unlike other types of saree fabrics.

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Summing up 

Saree being a beautiful piece of clothing, the young generation finds it hard to bear the mess a saree can get them. So, hope you find these ideas for an old saree dress design useful and affordable.  So, get yourself an attractive garment without buying the new one in an easy manner! Hope this blog gave you some spectacular old saree dress designs for any of your special day. 


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