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Best 8 Slip Dress Styling Ideas For 2023 Trending In 2023

Best 8 Slip Dress Styling Ideas For 2023 Trending In 2023

  • Hollywood's it-girls have been spotted wearing slip dresses everywhere, whether they're attending a red carpet event or going out with friends.
slip dress

We millennials can genuinely recall a time when slips were tucked into dresses. They were worn as a form of insurance so dresses (or skirts) made of clingy materials could hang properly; they weren’t intended to be fashionable. Slips were also used underneath flimsy clothing to provide coverage or to produce a smoother appearance similar to shapewear. Then there were slips, which were worn as lingerie and were solely the centre of attention while people were inside.

But somewhere in the 1990s, ladies really started experimenting with how to wear a slip dress after understanding that it could even be worn as an ensemble by itself. Hollywood’s it-girls have been spotted wearing slip dresses everywhere, whether they’re attending a red carpet event or going out with friends. You might even claim that women like Wynona Ryder, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, and Iman opened the way for the slip dress to become more mainstream and that it has since become a wardrobe essential that flits in and out of the spotlight.

When we fast-forward to spring 2022, slip dresses are anticipated to be yet another enduring ’90s trend that is making a comeback this season. Celebrities continue to endorse it because it’s simple, adorable, and fun.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to wearing slip dresses in the spring and summer. If it’s still chilly where you live, you might want to think about adding one (or five) to your transitional wardrobe while you wait for the temperature to drop.

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Slip dress outfit ideas for 2023

The item has even proven to be a perfect layering piece over long-sleeved shirts. Get ideas for how to style a slip dress today and in the coming days by reading on.

1. Three layers, please

Between the winter and spring seasons, a slip dress can be worn in a variety of ways, according to stylist Tanya Tamburin and celebrity stylist Andrew Gelwicks. The secret, so they say, is to layer — a lot, frequently, and in a variety of ways.

Tamburin advises InStyle to layer up during the winter months with lightweight long sleeve tops and tights underneath and thick knitwear, hooded sweatshirts, fitted blazers, and stylish overcoats on top.

Simply replace those heavier pieces with lighter knits, flannels, denim and leather jackets, layered underneath, and basic t-shirts or band tees to start the shift from winter to spring, she continues.

2. Include contrast

slip dress
slip dress

Use rough, gritty components, such as military boots or an oversized leather blazer, to give contrast to your style because slip dresses are soft, feminine garments. Celebrity stylist Tiffany Briseno claims that the combination will seem “balanced and fascinating” and that it can also be achieved with accessories.

3. Athleisure It Up

Sportswear admirers take note: A slip dress, according to Tamburin, can definitely fit your style. Start with a slip dress with lace trim, advises Tamburin, and add your cosiest sweatshirt, a puffer coat, and a pair of sneakers or moto boots “for an effortlessly elegant, cool-girl style.”

4.Use 90s grunge

slip dress
slip dress

In the 1990s, slip dresses became popular as standalone outfits. To give the piece “just the perfect amount of edge,” according to Tamburin, pay homage to the era of origin by wearing a pastel slip with a thick leather jacket.

She tells InStyle that a pair of ultra-opaque black tights paired with white heels or moto boots will work wonders for creating an even grungier contrast. Replacing the leather with a flannel is then appropriate once spring arrives.

As it gets warm, knot it around your waist, the stylist advises, and button it up when it’s colder outside. Instead of wearing motos, wear black leather ankle boots.

5. Ensure It Is Work-Proof

If you’re returning to the job in spring, Tamburin advises wearing your favourite slip dress with an oversized blazer and a pair of ankle boots for a stylish look that works for the office. According to Tamburin, the boots will give the dress an edgy vibe while the blazer will keep you looking polished and professional.

6. Sneakers are preferable to heels

This writer, as well as CEO and co-founder of Caitlin Jaymes Organizing & Styling Caitlin Jaymes, firmly believe that sneakers and dresses go together. Jaymes advises InStyle how to make it work ”

Choose a dress with a slit to allow for greater movement and prevent it from adhering to your hips and thighs. Also, the slit will offer a feminine touch to counterbalance the sneaker’s manly design “.

7. Boost with Accessory

Slip dresses, in Jaymes’ opinion, are one of the best items to dress up in for an occasion because they’re often made of shining satin and have a formal appearance. Simply add accessories to further spruce up the appearance. According to Jaymes, “all you need are a nice pair of heels, a colourful ring, and layered necklaces, bracelets, and striking earrings.”

8. Add an Extra Large Sweater

slip dress
slip dress

Although it’s still cool outside, Ramy Brook CEO and creative director Ramy Brook Sharp suggests styling a slip dress with an oversized sweater to make it appear as though you’re wearing a midi skirt.

To get a “tucked in” look, Brook advises InStyle to tie a belt around the narrowest portion of your waist and plume out the turtleneck on top. And the better when it comes to wristbands and necklaces, she continues, but forgo the choker as the thickness of the pullover will be plenty. Last but not least, Brook advises wearing beautiful short booties, “ideally with a pointed toe,” to add some variety to your wardrobe.

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Belt it but not in the way you’d anticipate. Because slip dresses occasionally have a tendency to look too straight-lined, Brook tells InStyle she’ll wear a belt to draw attention to her waist — but “not a conventional belt,” she specifies. Brook advises against this and suggests using a long necklace to wrap around your waist—bonus points if it has multiple strands.

Brook suggests pulling the tail of the necklace towards the front side of your hip. “Next pile on the bangles and rings, and don’t forget to wear a gorgeous pair of sneakers. Just switching out the shoes will spice up this ensemble and make it suitable for a variety of settings.”As an alternative, layering belts will give you a distinctive appearance.

A Slip Dress: What Is It?

A slip dress is a thin, spaghetti-strapped dress that mimics a slip, a shapewear worn beneath dresses as an additional layer. Slip dresses range in length from short minidresses to long gowns that end at the ankle and are made from opulent materials like satin, silk, chiffon, or linen.

They have a low-cut neckline, such as a V-neck or square neck. The greatest slip dresses have bias cuts, which are cuts made at an angle across the weave of the fabric to give it additional suppleness and elasticity.

Six styling hints on how to wear a slip dress

Slip dresses are a mainstay in any woman’s wardrobe all year round because of their adaptability and timeless appearance. These six outfit suggestions for slip dresses:

  • In the winter, cover up with a sweater. Despite the thinness of slip dresses, you may still wear them throughout the cooler months by pairing them with tights and a cashmere sweater. To make the dress appear like a slip skirt, drape a cowl-neck sweater over it and wear it over a long sleeved shirt or turtleneck sweater.
  • In warm weather, layer over a white t-shirt. And for its thin, streaming fabric and open throat, a step sequencer or micro slipped dress makes a terrific summer garment. Put on your slip dress over a white T-shirt and accessorise with white sneakers or strappy wedges for a timeless Parisian look. To keep it warm on chilly evenings, complete the appearance with a cardigan, blazer, or denim jacket.
  • For a traditional wedding guest dress, pair with heels. For a spring or summer wedding, a slip dress made of satin or silk is a classic choice. For a formal wedding, choose a midi or maxi slip dress, and take into account a dress with a vibrant design, like a slip dress with a floral print.
  • Fall: pair with outerwear. Layer a thin jacket underneath a slip dress to wear it in the fall. Wear your black slip dress with a long cardigan for a relaxed fall style, or layer it over a classic trench coat and accessories with knee-high boots.
  • Use a biker jacket to add style. A satin slip dress with combat boots or a leather jacket makes for an aggressive date-night appearance.
  • For a laid-back appearance, pair with a blazer or button-down. For a straightforward look, team a midi slip dress with a white button-down or an oversized jacket. Tie the bottom ends of the shirt in a stylish knot at your waist if you choose to wear one over the dress.

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A slip dress is a simple choice that will never let you down when fall is approaching and your calendar is about to get busier. Included above are some of my favourite slip dresses as well as styling suggestions for slip dresses that may be worn in any season, environment, or situation.

Remember, for instance, how Rihanna seemed in July 2021 when out and about in New York City wearing a lacy black slip dress? A few weeks later, Bella Hadid demonstrated that the understated piece was a must-have by posing in a Michael Kors version while in Miami, while actress Laura Harrier did the same for Jennifer Klein’s Day of Indulgence celebration.

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