Best 5 College Romance Outfit Ideas To Adore In 2023

  • In conclusion, the "College Romance" character-inspired outfit ideas display a great variety of looks, each of which captures the distinctive personalities and experiences of Karan, Trippy, Naira, Bagga, and Deepika.
College Romance

Popular online series “College Romance” has won over viewers’ hearts with its relatable depiction of college life, friendships, and developing relationships. Beyond the compelling plot, the characters’ wardrobe choices have become a key component of the show’s appeal. The distinct personalities of each character give them greater depth, which makes them more likeable to viewers.

In this stylish guide, we explore the enthralling clothing suggestions inspired by the main characters of “College Romance.” There is something for everyone to enjoy, from Karan’s relaxed preppy appearance to Trippy’s wacky bohemian feel, Naira’s beautiful refinement, Bagga’s easy street style, to Deepika’s gorgeous boho-inspired ensembles.

We explore the skill of fusing comfort with style throughout this fashion adventure, exhibiting how the characters deftly combine popular items, patterns, and accessories to create looks that capture the essence of college life.

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Best 5 College Romance Outfit Ideas

These outfit suggestions from “College Romance” will definitely inspire your wardrobe decisions, allowing you to show your uniqueness while embracing the spirit of college romance, whether you’re looking for casual and cool or exquisite and timeless. So let’s embark on this fashion journey and choose the ideal outfits to make your college years both memorable and stylish!

1. Karan

College Romance
College Romance: Karan

Karan’s fashion is distinguished by its relaxed and preppy atmosphere. He balances ease with a dash of refinement with ease. Here are some looks that draw inspiration from Karan:

Traditional Preppy Look

  • A pair of navy blue chinos and a fresh white button-down shirt.
  • Brown leather loafers with a belt to match.
  • a blue blazer would be a classy addition.
  • A plain silver wristwatch served as the adornment.

A Relaxed college day

  • A polo shirt in a solid or striped pattern.
  • Khaki pants or slim-fit jeans.
  • Fresh white trainers for a casual appearance.
  • A chic leather rucksack for carrying necessities.

Athletic Elegance

  • Over a collared shirt, a light jumper in a pastel colour.
  • Tailored joggers or sweatpants.
  • Suede loafers or spotless white trainers.
  • Aviator sunglasses and a sport watch.

2. Trippy

Trippy embraces her eccentric and outgoing nature via her sense of style. Her attire frequently includes eye-catching hues, distinctive patterns, and daring accessories. Here are some Trippy-inspired clothing suggestions:

Hippie Chic

  • A flowing, vividly printed maxi dress with flowers.
  • A fringed denim or suede jacket for a bohemian feel.
  • Ankle boots or beaded sandals.
  • Statement earrings and multi-layered necklaces.

Diverse streetwear

  • A crop top with graphics or an oversized t-shirt.
  • Denim shorts with colourful patches around the waist.
  • Fishnet stockings or leggings with fun patterns.
  • Combat boots or platform shoes.
  • Stacks of bracelets and wristbands in various configurations.

Vintage Glamour

  • A wrap dress with polka dots in a vintage style.
  • Wearing a headscarf and cat-eye specs.
  • Stylish shoes with traditional pumps.
  • Antique purse and pearl earrings.

3. Naira

Naira displays elegance and grace in her sense of style. She frequently wears stylish ensembles with a contemporary flair. These wardrobe suggestions, all inspired by Naira, are:

Effortlessly Chic

  • A wide-leg pair of pants with a high-neck, sleeveless top.
  • d’Orsay flats or strapped heels.
  • Dainty gold earrings and a pendant necklace are examples of minimalist gold jewellery.
  • A clutch or a tote bag with structure.

Casual Sophistication

  • A flowing mid-length dress with a faint floral design.
  • wedged espadrilles or ballet flats.
  • For a dash of glitz, use a straw hat and big sunglasses.
  • A crossbody purse made of leather.

Modern Business Casual

  • A silk camisole layered under a fitted jacket.
  • Ankle-length or skinny trousers.
  • Loafers or pumps with pointed toes.
  • A stylish watch, together with stud earrings.

4. Bagga

Bagga’s casual and comfy wardrobe selections define his sense of style. He values simplicity and easiness while maintaining his uniqueness. Following are some Bagga-inspired costume suggestions:

Casual Street Style

  • A nice saying on a graphic t-shirt.
  • Cargo shorts that are loose-fitting or worn-in jeans.
  • Slip-on footwear or high-top trainers.
  • A bracelet and a baseball hat.

Comfy Campus Look

  • A relaxed sweatshirt or hoodie.
  • Track or jogger trousers.
  • Athletic sandals or slip-on shoes.
  • A rucksack for carrying necessities for college.

Minimalist Cool

  • A simple crewneck tee.
  • Chinos or jeans with a loose fit.
  • Shoes made of canvas or boat shoes.
  • A simple leather bracelet.

5. Deepika

College Romance
College Romance: Deepika

Deepika’s sense of style is the ideal fusion of contemporary trends and boho features. She frequently wears fashionable items, stylish accessories, and flowing designs. Here are some attire suggestions motivated by Deepika:

Boho-Inspired Ensemble

  • Flared pants with a cold-shoulder shirt from the bohemian style.
  • Suede ankle boots with fringe.
  • Showy rings and layered necklaces.
  • A wide-brimmed hat and rounded sunglasses.

Casual Chic

  • A bodysuit or stylish off-the-shoulder shirt.
  • Slim jeans with a high waist or a denim skirt.
  • Wedges or platform sandals.
  • Crossbody purse and hoops earrings.

Date Night Glam

  • A lace-trimmed slip dress that moves with ease.
  • Stiletto sandals or heels with straps.
  • Elegant gold jewellery and a bold handbag.


In conclusion, the “College Romance” character-inspired outfit ideas display a great variety of looks, each of which captures the distinctive personalities and experiences of Karan, Trippy, Naira, Bagga, and Deepika. We discovered that clothing plays a crucial part in conveying one’s individuality and providing dimension to the tale as we looked into their varied fashion choices.

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There is a fashion inspiration for everyone, regardless of personal tastes, from Karan’s easy preppy appeal to Trippy’s lively bohemian flare, Naira’s refined elegance, Bagga’s laid-back comfort, and Deepika’s trendy boho fusion. The show not only gives entertainment but also the chance to explore and experiment with various appearances, learning how fashion can be a potent form of self-expression.

The characters in “College Romance” serve as a reminder to treasure this time and celebrate individuality via our choices in clothing because college represents a critical stage in one’s life. The key to dressing well is to feel secure and at ease in what we are wearing, whether it be for date night elegance, on-campus casual, or a fusion of trends.

With these costume suggestions in mind, we may start our own college romance, embracing the next adventures while authentically and  creatively expressing ourselves via clothing.

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