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Akshay Kumar Fashion : Best 7 Fashion looks To Adore

Akshay Kumar Fashion : Best 7 Fashion looks To Adore

Akshay Kumar Fashion

Akshay Kumar, whose real name is Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia, is an Indian actor, producer, and martial artist who has made a significant impact on the Bollywood film industry. He was born on September 9, 1967, in Amritsar, Punjab, India. Akshay is one of the most successful and versatile actors.  Along, with his acting, Akshay Kumar fashion are also the talk of the town always.

Akshay Kumar is a popular Bollywood actor known for his versatile performances and charismatic personality. While he is primarily recognized for his acting skills and action-packed roles, he has also made a mark in the fashion industry with his distinctive style.

Akshay Kuma fashion sense can be described as casual and effortless yet stylish. He often opts for comfortable clothing, such as well-fitted jeans, T-shirts, and jackets. He is also frequently seen sporting traditional Indian attire like kurta-pajama or sherwanis on special occasions or during promotional events.

When it comes to accessories, Akshay Kumar prefers minimalistic choices. He can be seen wearing simple watches, sunglasses, and occasionally a bracelet or a pendant. He tends to keep his overall look understated and focuses on comfort and functionality. One notable aspect of Akshay Kumar fashion choices is his inclination towards supporting Indian fashion brands and promoting Indian textiles. He has been seen wearing outfits made from traditional fabrics like khadi and endorsing Indian designers.

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Apart from his everyday fashion choices, Akshay Kumar also experiments with different looks for his movie roles. He has portrayed characters ranging from a cop to a chef, and his wardrobe often reflects the persona of the character he portrays. He has sported various costumes, including military uniforms, suits, and ethnic wear, depending on the requirements of the role.

Akshay Kumar Fashion looks we love 

Overall, Akshay Kumar fashion sense can be described as down-to-earth, practical, and rooted in his Indian identity. He exudes a casual charm and manages to strike a balance between comfort and style, both on and off-screen.

Outfits of Akshay Kumar fashion

Akshay Kumar has been spotted in various outfits throughout his career. Here are some notable Akshay Kumar fashion:

1. Traditional Indian Attire

Akshay Kumar Fashion
Akshay Kumar Fashion : The Traditional Look

Akshay Kumar often wears traditional Indian outfits like kurta-pajama, sherwanis, and dhotis. He has been seen wearing them during award shows, festivals, and promotional events. he looks exceptionally handsome when he carried the whole white kurta Pyjama in Namaste London, girls went crazy seeing him in the full desi avtar eating the sugarcane.

2. Casual Wear

Akshay Kumar’s casual wardrobe typically consists of well-fitted jeans, T-shirts, and jackets. He often pairs them with sneakers or boots for a laid-back yet stylish look. Akshay Kumar fashion is mostly about the casual outfits and looks that he carry during the film promotions or any party. His casual outfits are quite adorable.

3. Suits

On red carpet events and formal occasions, Akshay Kumar fashion is often about wearing well-tailored suits. He prefers classic colors like black, navy blue, and charcoal gray, and adds a touch of elegance with accessories like ties or pocket squares.

4. Military Uniforms

Akshay Kumar Fashion
Akshay Kumar Fashion : Military uniform

Being known for his action roles, Akshay Kumar has worn military uniforms in several movies like “Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty” and “Airlift.” These outfits include camouflage prints, army fatigues, and combat boots.

5. Sports Attire

As an advocate for fitness and martial arts, Akshay Kumar is often seen in sportswear. He has been spotted wearing tracksuits, gym shorts, and workout gear while promoting fitness-related initiatives or participating in sports events.

6. Ethnic Fusion

Akshay Kumar occasionally experiments with fusion wear that combines traditional Indian elements with modern fashion. This may include pairing a kurta with jeans, accessorizing with a scarf or a jacket, or wearing a Nehru jacket over a shirt.

It’s worth noting that Akshay Kumar’s fashion choices vary depending on the occasion, whether it’s a movie promotion, red carpet event, or casual outing. He has a versatile sense of style and manages to adapt to different looks effortlessly.

Akshay Kumar Fashion
Akshay Kumar Fashion : Best looks

OMG looks of Akshay Kumar 

After a long wait, the much-anticipated teaser of ‘OMG 2’ has finally been released. The film features Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, and Yami Gautam in important roles. The teaser begins with Pankaj Tripathi’s voiceover, portraying a strong believer in God. This movie is a sequel to the 2012 satirical film ‘OMG- Oh My God!’, which starred Paresh Rawal as an atheist.

However, ‘OMG 2’ takes a different approach, with Pankaj’s character, Kanti Sharan Mudgal, being completely opposite to Paresh Rawal’s character. Kanti Sharan Mudgal firmly believes in the existence of God and is a devotee of Lord Shiva.

In the teaser, Akshay Kumar embodies the essence of Lord Shiva, appearing shirtless, with long dreadlocks, and a forehead smeared with ash. It appears that Tripathi’s character is facing some trouble, and Akshay comes to the rescue of his devotee. It’s worth noting that in the original film, Akshay Kumar portrayed the character of Lord Krishna.

Akshay Kumar has revealed a captivating glimpse of his upcoming movie ‘OMG 2’. In the recently released 30-second teaser, the actor dons a mesmerizing look as Shiva, complete with dreadlocks, tilak, and rudraksh mala. He excitedly informed fans that the teaser will be unveiled soon, with the movie set to hit theaters on August 11.

While many fans praised Akshay’s portrayal as Shiva and showered him with comments like “Har har Mahadev,” there were some concerns expressed by others. A few fans urged the filmmakers to ensure that the film respects Hindu sentiments and culture, fearing potential disrespect to their religion.

Directed by Amit Rai, ‘OMG 2’ also stars Yami Gautam, Pankaj Tripathi, and Arun Govil in prominent roles. The film is scheduled to release on the same day as ‘Gadar 2: The Katha Continues’, starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel.

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In conclusion, Akshay Kumar fashion in ‘OMG 2’ as a mystical Shiva has generated a mixed response from fans. While many are excited and impressed by his portrayal, there are concerns among some fans about the potential for the film to inadvertently hurt Hindu sentiments or disrespect their culture.

Akshay’s unveiling of the teaser and the upcoming release date have created significant anticipation among audiences. As the movie approaches its release date, fans and the public will likely be eager to see how the portrayal of Shiva and the overall film will be received and how the filmmakers address any sensitivities surrounding the subject matter.


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