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Best 14 Fashion Looks of G20 Summit 2023 Featuring India

Best 14 Fashion Looks of G20 Summit 2023 Featuring India

fashion looks of G20 summit

The world of fashion may have evolved throughout the years, but what it signifies in today’s socio political environment has not. Fashion and politics have always had a close link since people have utilised their clothing to express their political opinions and beliefs. Today, we will talk about the best fashion looks of G20 summit.

Fashion has always been and will always be one of the most powerful methods to let the world know what their values are and to make them feel seen and heard, from Gandhi to Martin Luther King Jr. to Hillary Clinton. Let’s talk about fashion looks of G20 summit.

Best fashion looks of G20 Summit 2023 

With the G20 conference currently underway in the capital city, here’s a peek at the present participants in attendance.

Let’s take a look back at the fashion looks of G20 summit that got everyone’s attention.

1. The G20 Gala Dinner

On September 9, the Honourable President of India, Droupadi Murmu, hosted a gala dinner at the Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi as part of the G20 Summit 2023. World leaders and politicians attended the occasion in immaculate style.

Droupadi Murmu, the gracious host, radiated elegance in a beige silk saree highlighted by a turquoise border accentuated with floral embellishments. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the other hand, looked regal in a white kurta set and V-neck striped jacket ensemble!

2. Sheikh Hasina (Prime Minister of Bangladesh)

Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh, looked stunning in a lilac silk handloom saree and accessorised her ethnic costume with pearl jewellery that included a pearl string neckpiece, stud earrings, and a statement watch!

3. Rishi Sunak (UK Prime Minister) and Akshata Murty (wife )

At the G20 Summit 2023 gala supper, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murty radiated charisma in elegant clothes. Rishi Sunak sported a black formal suit, a white button-down shirt, and a maroon tie. Akshata Murty, his wife, looked stunning in a fusion style rainbow ethnic print top and skirt. This is one of the most praised fashion looks of G20 summit!

4. Fumio Kishida (Japanese Prime Minister) and Yuko Kishida (wife)

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida wore a fitted black suit with a blue tie. Yuko Kishida, his wife, wore a classic silk saree in pink with gold butt details and a pink satin blouse!

5. Anthony Albanese(Australian Prime Minister)

 Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese wore a steel grey formal suit with an off-white tie and formal dress shoes to the gala dinner. Jodie Haydon looked stunning in a basic blue midi dress with turtleneck detailing, accessorised with bold earrings, shoes and a sequin purse!

6. Joko Widodo (Indonesian President) and Iriana Joko Widodo (wife)

Indonesian President Joko Widodo looked classy in a navy blue suit with a crimson tie and formal shoes. His wife, Iriana Joko Widodo, wore a traditional Indonesian costume with a long kurta-style top with lace trimming and a patterned skirt. The Indonesian First Lady accessorised her look with a beaded purse and black loafers! This is one of the best fashion looks of G20 summit. 

6. Emmanuel Macron (French President)

Emmanuel Macron, the French President, looked dashing in a custom-tailored black suit that had a white button-down formal shirt, a black blazer, and matching pants. Mr. French President accessorised his monochromatic ensemble with a black tie and formal shoes!

7. Giorgia Meloni (Prime Minister of Italy)

Giorgia Meloni, Prime Minister of Italy, came at the G20 Summit 2023 gala supper in a beautiful black gown with minimal design details including a turtleneck neckline and fitting form.

She accessorised her simple suit with a mauve-patterned stole. Ms Meloni dressed up her look with striking jewellery such as a long chain necklace, cuff bracelet, and a beaded purse!

8. Ursula von der Leyen (European Commission President)

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, wore a light pink midi flared dress with a dotted design all over. The President Madam complemented her easy-to-wear outfit with a similar simple stole and kitten shoes! 

How Akshata Murty’s ensembles celebrated India?

During the G20 Summit in New Delhi, Akshata Murty’s wardrobe selections emphasised her Indian ethnicity.

9. A fusion combo on arrival

Akshata’s sartorial odyssey began the moment she stepped off the plane in New Delhi. She made an eye-catching entry with a pristine white pleated blouse and a classic skirt with intricate brocade details.

This blend of Western and Indian themes established the tone for her tour, representing her connection to both civilizations as well as her appreciation for her Indian ancestry.

fashion looks of G20 summit
fashion looks of G20 summit

10. Drawn by Surprise

One of the most unexpected sightings was Akshata in a vivid co-ord combination consisting of a breezy top and a skirt made by Rhea Bhattacharya’s Indian label Drawn.

11. Stylish dress with Indian connect

During a visit to an agricultural fair in Delhi, Akshata seamlessly merged Indian and British elements. She wore a chic lilac gown by Manimekala, a London-based designer with Indian roots. Manimekala herself expressed delight in Akshata’s fashion choice, saying, “I’m extremely pleased that Akshata is using her position to bring attention to women-owned companies, encouraging an ethical and environmentally friendly approach to fashion.”

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12. Vibrant colours for G20 Dinner

Akshata greeted the dinner given by President Droupadi Murmu with a stylish display of brilliant colours. She wore a patterned dress by Saloni Lodha, a London-based Indian designer, stressing her link to both her British and Indian identities.

13. Traditionals for temple visit

Akshata wore an ethnic kurta outfit during her visit to Akshardham Temple. She prayed and did aarti with her spouse, expressing her profound devotion to Indian traditions.

fashion looks of G20 summit
fashion looks of G20 summit

14. Grand finale in Raw Mango saree

Her sartorial adventure came to an end as she prepared to leave for the United Kingdom. Akshata Murty made a powerful statement in a barfi pink saree by Raw Mango, encapsulating her Indian ancestry. She brought a piece of India back to the UK with her in this last ensemble. And what better way to accomplish that than with a standard six yard?


After two busy days in Delhi, the G20 Summit closed on Sunday, with world leaders returning to their respective nations. Fashion was one factor that absolutely stood out. Fashion fans were treated to a visual feast at the summit, with everything from beautiful saris to vivid contemporary costumes. These were some of the best fashion looks of G20 summit. 

Global leaders dressed to impress in traditional costume as they arrived at New Delhi’s Bharat Mandapam on Saturday for the G20 Summit.



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