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Best 12 Bigg Boss 16 Tina Datta Looks To Adore This Season

Best 12 Bigg Boss 16 Tina Datta Looks To Adore This Season

  • The Bigg Boss 16 Tina Datta looks  residence may be filled with continuous turmoil and buddies who transform into enemies suddenly, but let's discuss just the style factor for a minute.
Tina Datta looks

Big Boss 16 fame Tina Datta looks are quite adorable. People are loving the looks and audience is loving her in Big Boss 16. Tina Datta represents one of Bigg Boss 16’s most powerful candidates. She was ejected from the program, however her re-entry boosted the show’s TRP significantly. In reality, she has returned more resilient and self-assured.

Her unabashed avatar has us captivated. Curiously, Tina Datta is renowned in the program for her clever gaming techniques as well as her taste in fashion. Her dress sense is impeccable. She delivers tremendous fashion goals in everything from stunning glam looks to her night clothes. 

In this blog, we will talk about the best Tina Datta looks, you are definitely going to adore her glamorous looks. Want to know more about it scroll down and get the best ideas. You can also try her looks in the upcoming events or parties or wedding season.

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Best Big Boss 16 Tina Datta looks to adore

Her natural beauty looks with little eye shadow application are catching attention. Tina is recognized for her contemporary wardrobe choices, and she is killing it on the show. Let us take at a Tina Datta look:

1. It has no back!

We couldn’t pay attention to Tina’s harsh words since we were captivated by beautiful backless gown! The mint green dress exuded modest beauty and grace. We also appreciate how well the Uttaran star accessorised this delicate stunner with rich brown lipstick. The earring inside the boho style finished the look flawlessly.

2.Vintage vibes

Tina Datta looks
Tina Datta looks : Vintage Vibes

Tina is always on top of the latest clothing styles, despite when she is inside the Bigg Boss 16 home. Tina killed the look easily in black and white saree, which are a huge continuing trend. She donned a black and white tie-dye wrap over a basic black top. Whereas the costume was simple, it consisted of the actress’s oxidized jewelry which made it stand out. I’d give anything to have that neckpiece!

3. Making Your Pantsuit Sexy!

Large pant suits seem to be the ideal method for appearing imposing and powerful with little effort. Tina dressed nothing except a black baggy pantsuit from the inside out. The plunging neck and faux tassels contributed to the sensuality. I strongly advise the divas to use a jacket on its own to their next nightclub outing.

4. LBD for the win!

Just a little black dress is always a safe bet. Is this correct or incorrect? Tina’s LBD with off-the-shoulder sleeves was stunning. The puffy sleeve and heart neck gave the classic garment a cottage core touch. Could we also take a time to admire that accessorizing? The Uttaran star wore long multicolored chompers that complemented her all-black ensemble perfectly.

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5.When in hesitation, go with Lucknawi

Tina Datta looks
Tina Datta looks: Lucknawi

Lucknowi kurtas have become an ethnic classic that each and every diva should own. They are lightweight, easy to wear, feminine, and wonderfully easy to dress. Tina’s bright purple flowery Lucknawi kurta caught our eye! She accessorized the outfit with silvery jhumkas as well as a bindi and wore the stunner with a white embellished sharara. This style gets a 10 out of 10!

6.Glittery Red Saree

Tina made a strong entrance on Bigg Boss wearing a Smokey red-hot saree. Among the most fashionable outfits amongst some of the female BB 16 candidates. In this outfit, her purity in addition to her assertive attitude embodied her aura.

7. Slit black Indian dress

This attire definitely caught our attention. Who knew the Indian style might be so beautifully tweaked and rendered her appear so elegant? The fashion combination was executed flawlessly!!

8. Yellow is a simple yet elegant color

If current Ichcha would then have to dress for a special occasion, we’re sure she’d choose this one. Chikankari artwork was extremely detailed! This is one of the most adorable Tina Datta looks. 

9. Simple Lehenga with understated makeup

Tina is famous for rocking huge lehengas, however she opted for a modest and lighter lehenga this occasion. Tina’s excellent attire, along with oxidized jewelry, is a fashion suggestion for everyone!

10. Black with a fancy blouse

Tina Datta looks
Tina Datta looks: Black saree looks

Tina became probably the best-dressed participant that day. The glass-based blouse she chose drew our notice. We can only give it a 10/10!!

11.You cannot go wrong with a black dress

Who doesn’t adore a timeless black dress for such a night out on the town? It helps you appear both sophisticated and sensual. Leave your mane open to enhance the effect. Grab this and crank up the heat.

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12.Neckline with a Plunge

What were you referring to by “stunning”? Yeah, plunging necks are always a good choice. You could choose this style to maintain your glamour game, plus he won’t be able to shift people’s gaze away from you.


The Bigg Boss 16 Tina Datta looks  residence may be filled with continuous turmoil and buddies who transform into enemies suddenly, but let’s discuss just the style factor for a minute. Our people do not compromise on their OOTDs, although when they’re sleep-deprived the majority of the day. Recently, in the family special episode Tina Datta Mom visited the house and everyone loved her gestures and the way she was meeting with everyone. Tina Datta is one of the strongest contestants in the house so let’s see who is going to win the final game. Apart from her game, people are loving Tina Datta looks and are really appreciating her style. 

Tina Datta is however one contender whose ensembles rarely fail to captivate us. You might like her or detest her, but her costumes are gorgeous. She might well be considered to be the house’s “vampire,” but she is surely stylish! It’ll be fascinating to watch how Tina handles her Fashion role inside the coming future.


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