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Best 10 Hairstyle For Long Hair on Men To Try In 2023

Best 10 Hairstyle For Long Hair on Men To Try In 2023

  • Do you have long hairs and are looking for some hairstyle for long hair on men? Scroll down you will fin a complete list of trending hairstyle in 2023 for men.
hairstyle for long hair on men

Long hair might just be scary. Several male clientele are wanting to grow out their hair. So, this year we have come up with the best hairstyle for long hair on men. For starters, what are you going to do with all of this additional length? And, if you possess short hair, how can you get it to expand out? Long hair, on the other hand, is easy to maintain and adaptable, which is why it’s so popular. 

If you’re thinking of growing your hair out, the key is to pick a style that suits your type of hair from our list of hairstyle for long hair on men. Long hair on guys looks wonderful if indeed the hair is moderate to heavy in texture. The thickness of your hair could also play a huge impact in how you handle styling.

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Best Hairstyle for long hair on men

To learn further, we asked our male audience to share 10 of their favorite hairstyle for long hair on men. There seems to be a ‘do for every hair texture, thickness, and preference, from wavy lobs through straight-up romps.

1. Shag  haircut

Longer shaggy hair is indeed an extremely cool, seductive and attractive style. It is perfect for dense straight hair, and while it is among the lengthy hairstyles for men that requires some effort, it is definitely worth the additional time to look amazing. Wear it unkempt or well-combed.

2. Long curly hair

hairstyle for long hair on men
hairstyle for long hair on men: Curly hairstyle

Curly locks offer evidence that your hair may truly be your greatest beauty when it pertains to long hairstyles for guys. Long curls offer both texture as well as volume, and if you’re willing to tame the frizz, it’s a laid-back appearance for guys. Prepare to wear your locks long with boldness now with this hairstyle for long hair on men.

3. Long layered hair 

Long locks can be layered to smooth out dense, thick hair or even to add volume as well as texture to thin, long locks. It’s the perfect men’s long haircut for the round as well as square features, with a middle part. Consider star Norman Reedus for manly-mane motivation.

4. Long hairstyle with textured waves

Harry Styles’ hairstyle, such as his profession, has evolved a great deal ever since X-Factor. among the famous singer’s favourite appearances is lengthy with textured waves, which is merely one of the long hairstyles on guys he has helped popularise. It flatters practically every face shape and looks best on men with natural structure and flow in their hair.

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5. Long dreadlocks 

hairstyle for long hair on men
hairstyle for long hair on men: Long dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are little more than a long hairdo for males. Dreads could be a powerful expression of non – conformance or spirituality. Because there are numerous methods for achieving dreadlocks, consult with a trained hairstylist to see which would perform effectively for particular hair type. Next, use residue-free shampoos to maintain those luscious locks looking fresh.

6. Man bun 

For a long time, the man bun was the most popular long hairstyle for guys. In addition to being macho and sexy, it’s also functional. A man bun appears generally attractive and may be tailored to your facial shape. Explore to find which hairstyle for long hair on men your facial structure best: messy, sleek, sitting low, or styled high.

7. Braids for men

It’s legitimate: long hairstyles on men are in, specifically braids for males. Braids are a dramatic appearance for gentlemen with flowing locks, from Viking lengthy dreadlocks through French to fishtail. They are perfect for preserving the hair, maintaining it from touching your face, and keeping you fashionable.

8. Long half up hairstyle

hairstyle for long hair on men
hairstyle for long hair on men: Long half ponytail

Think gorgeous surfer joins Charlie Hunnam for this look. It’s one of several hairstyle for long hair on men that first gained popularity in the 1990s and has now been redesigned for the millennials man. Separate the hair into two halves, diagonally arrange the top portion of the hair, bind with a band, and prepare to be the good dude.

9. Long Viking hairstyle

A lengthy Viking hairdo will make you feel manly, vivacious, and powerful. It’s among the long hairstyles on men that may be worn in a variety of ferocious and sexy looks. Showing off your daring appearance by twisting your hair into a partial or full ponytail, rocking your hair with a courageous beard, knots, and much more.

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10. Ponytail with undercut 

If you consider oneself to just be edgy and rebellious, an undercut is indeed a great way to express yourself. To produce a striking contrast, having your barber completely trim the rear and sides of ones hair, then move back the lengthy top portion into a loose pony to produce a modern hairstyle for long hair on men.


Long haircuts on men are appealing because they represent vitality, masculinity, as well as overall wellness. So, hope this blog helped you out in getting an idea of hairstyle for long hair on men. Men’s hairdos are for individuals who are confident in their individual skin, which appeals to all genders. Overcoming gender stereotypes requires courage and shows how you are your unique man.

To maintain those luscious locks glossy, you will have to perform some upkeep. Arrange regular haircuts with your hairdresser and eat a healthy diet. When washing your hair, avoid using too much heat and avoiding chemicals and equipment that cause dehydration as well as breakage. Hair should be brushed on a regular basis, and if you keep it in a ponytail or man bun, use softer hair ties instead of elastic bands. Don’t forget to tell us which is your favorite hairstyle for long hair on men.


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