14 Hairstyles For Wedding Party To Look Gorgeous

  • Here we will talk about the trending hairstyles for a wedding party that will make your friends go wow. Deciding upon the right hairstyle sometimes become tough so here we have categorized different hairstyle according to your hair length.
hairstyles for wedding party

Wedding is near and you are worried about your outfit makeup and most importantly your hair. Deciding upon the right hairstyles for wedding party is such a daunting task. It is so difficult to decide on something that compliments your outfit and your makeup. So, if you are looking for some trending hairstyles for wedding party you are on the right page.

Here we will talk about the trending hairstyles for a wedding party that will make your friends go wow. Deciding upon the right hairstyle sometimes become tough so here we have categorized different hairstyle according to your hair length.

So, without any further dealing let’s get into the topic.

Top 7 wedding hairstyles for wedding party for short hairs

Short hair looks gorgeous and is so easy to manage. Here, are some trending hairstyles for wedding party for short hair ideas: 

1. Side part with floral element

You can go for the side part of your short hair and can curl it from the end so that it gives a wavy texture. On the other side, use floral clutches or real flowers and pin them up. This hairstyle definitely looks amazing and will go well with your wedding outfit. If you are wearing a red lehenga then, you can go for red roses. If you are wearing something in pastel then you can go for a pink and white rose combination.

2. Pinup

hairstyle for wedding party

Simplicity is best. So, you can simply give a formal touch to your entire look by pinning up your short hair on one side with the perfect hair clip. This hairstyle is perfect for a cocktail party or your best friend’s Haldi ceremony.

3. Half up and half down hairstyle

Here is another most trending hairstyle for the wedding party. All you have to do is choose a topsy tail and put half of your hair into a ponytail, Now, spilt the hair down the middle right above your hair tie. Now, take your ponytail and flip it. To give it a sparkling look you can add flowers or some jewelry to it. 

4. Strand braids on one side

Take a part of your hair strand and braid it. Pin it up and leave your hair open. This is one of the most simple and no-fuss arrangement hairstyles. You can add an extra element to the braid by decorating it with some glitters or beads.

5. Curl it up

If you have a bob cut then, simply curl it up and give your hair some wavy texture. This will look perfect with any outfit that you carry. Try to curl the lower half of your hair and keep your upper half straight. This will give a more perfect look. 

You will love the final results.

6. Messy bun

The messy bun is an immediate go-to-go look. This look is amazing effortlessly. Ruffle your hair a little and add a little hair spray to it and you are done. If you are carrying a gown this hairstyle will look even more amazing. 

7. The Tiara style

hairstyles for wedding party

The classy Tiara never goes out of style. If you are carrying a messy bun look you can simply add a tiara with it or a headband that will give you a regal and royal look. You can find the best tiara online at Amazon

Hairstyles for wedding party for long hairs

If you have long hair and you are looking for some hairstyles for wedding party, here are some ideas: 

1. The curls

hairstyles for wedding party
You don’t have to do anything simply curl you here and let it flaunt itself. Try to keep the upper length of your hair straight and make curls at the lower end of your hair. This will look amazing and give you a perfect look wedding party look.

2. Chignon look

Simply use pearl clips and secure your long hairs into a twisted signal. Add hoops complementing the hair clip and your outfit.

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3. Loose plait

You can create a beautiful look by turning your hair into a loose chunky plait. Let some of your tendrils around your face and curl them. You will look amazing!

4. Fishtail braid

Fishtail braid never goes out of option. This is one of the best hairstyles to secure your hair and look amazing. Style a fishtail braid along with your shoulder and you are done. To add more sparks to it you can add some sparkles or pearl beads.

5. Slanted crown braid

The slanted crown bridge looks absolutely amazing. Take a strand of your hair and make a braid using it. Now, secure it using a pin in a slant direction. Woah you are done!

6. Messy bun with a floral touch

hairstyles for wedding party

Messy buns look absolutely amazing. Do you know that messy buns look perfect with indeed every outfit and styling? So, this wedding season go for messy buns and add a floral touch to them. You can use real flowers as well as go for fake ones. You can add roses or any other pastel shades.

7. The Long Braids

You can pick up these long braid hairstyle which looks stunning when you have long hair. From French braids to flowing sides you can pick any of them. If you want you can accessorize it well using some hair clips, flowers, or jewelry.

Summing Up:

So, these were some of the trending hairstyles for wedding party that you must try. Whether it’s your brother’s wedding or your best friend’s these hairstyles will make you the showstopper.   In fact, these hairstyles will look amazing on you too when you walk down as a bride. Just pick a hairstyle that complements your looks and the accessories which are perfectly matching with your lehenga or gown.

So, girls what are you waiting for just go grab your comb!

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