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Nail Paints That Go With Everything: A Quick Guide

Nail Paints That Go With Everything: A Quick Guide

Nail colours

Nail paints, nail tools, and all the other stuff related to nail art are so cool, fun, and fascinating. One wants to immediately get started with the process of their nail art upon seeing these things as it is a piece of art at the end of the day and irrespective of how good you are at art, you can always try your hand at nail art and keep improving over time.

8 Nail Paints that go well with everything

1. The basic shades

Nail colours

There are quite a few shades of nail paints that are universal and basic and they look good on anyone and everyone irrespective of their skin tone or how their fingers look. These shades are free from any discrimination and can match well with any given occasion and any given outfit and one does not have to worry about changing their nail paint during the main time.

Reds, nude colors, navy blue, black, and shades of pink are some of such shades that look effortlessly beautiful upon any hand and any fingernail. These colors are always trendy and do not plan to go out of fashion soon is what it looks like.

2. Red

nail colours

The color red is very classy and ironic and so is one of the most preferred nail colors that individuals usually opt for. It never grows old and is like an evergreen. The color red does not specifically relate to the columns red only, it refers to the several shades of red like maroons and clarets. These shades look even better and enhanced in the natural daylight, that is, in the sunlight or even in the winters. The rose-red or even a darker shade of orangish-red literally helps to define the summer season.

3. Nude Shades

nail colours

Nude shades are usually subtle, light, and neutral colors that find their way out to look good on any individual and stick to the basic theme so as to match any or every outfit and occasion given. Shades like mushroom taupe and opalescent pink are quite trendy nowadays. Individuals prefer pale and natural-looking colors as they are quite the hype now. They also help to make the nail structure look even healthier and brighter.

4. Black

nail colours

Black is the ultimate go to nail colour of every individual and is at the top of the most basic colours that go with everything. It gives an instant chic look to the nails and also some classy and bad girl or even boss girl vibes. It looks even more beautiful during the winter season as the black magic is at the peak during the winter days. Just like the little black dress is always very trendy, the colour black too is very trendy and popular among individuals.

5. Navy blue

nail colours

Navy blue too is very classy and iconic and it also gives those rich girl vibes due to its beauty this color too has been a part of the nail salons for quite a long now and looks like it is planning to take a permanent seat when it comes to typical and traditional Indian weddings or any other occasions, like even western parties or meetings.

Such a deep-colored nail color is very popular among celebrities and so people are now trying to step out of the sultry and pale nail paints and add vibrant colors to their nails. The best part is that the brands now offer nail paints that are not too harsh on the nails or on the skin and they do not even goth so people are now trying to experiment with deep, dark, and bold colors like black, and navy blue and even forest green.

6. Pink

nail colours

Pink is a very cute, fresh, and cheerful color that is sweet and is like a relative of the color red as they are very often associated with one another when it comes to color combinations of the nails. Usually, people opt for pink shades when they want to add excitement and joy. The petals Pink shade of pink is also quite popular among celebs and is a great alternative for a lot of subtle and plain nude shades.

It is such a color that any shade of it looks good on any or every individual and it feels so light and comfortable to wear on the nails and it is not even as harsh as the rest of the colors. Though a basic color, it is an eye-catching and cool color that makes one feel confident upon wearing it.

7. White

nail colours

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White is a very basic color that has shades that are very much identical to one another but a close look at them makes one able to differentiate between them. It can be a soft or a strong color, it is a very light and nonharsh full color that is often the go-to color for parties or even lunch dates.

The White pearl shade of the color white is the one that almost every individual is seen wearing all over social media. It is this famous because white by itself can adapt to any size or shape of the nail and the finger and its removal are also quite easy. A matte white nail color gives the perfect day look to the nails and irrespective of the skin tone, white is a neutral color so it makes the skin glow, unlike other colors.

8. Light grey

nail colours

Grey by itself is a very strong color that is quite underrated and not so frequently used. It is such an impactful nail color, it can be used to promote power and even strength.

Such a color when applied over the nails can bring the inner glow out and give a bright looking effect to the skin as well irrespective of the skin tone. The advantage of this color is that the fading of this color will not be visible as it originally is like a faded color itself.

Summing up

Fresh and clean manicures that have matte or glitter along with hand-drawn patterns look so good over every individual irrespective of the shape of their nails and even their lengths for that matter.

Nail art is a very popular and growing trend these days so let us now take a look at nail paints that go with everything so that your nails can match any given outfit. You can check out the fresh collection at Nykaa.

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