Best 13 Reception Looks In Saree You Can Invest in 2024

  • Indeed, whether you are a bride anticipating your reception or a visitor attending the party, we have compiled some wedding saree ideas for you to wear while selecting the best designer reception looks in saree for the event.
reception looks in saree

Let’s face it, one of the most anticipated occasions at each Indian wedding is the reception party, where the newlywed couple shares their joy with their loved ones. Whether you are a bridesmaid or a guest attending the reception party, this is one of the most significant events in nuptial ceremonies since it allows the guests to shine in magnificent attire and bless the bride and groom who just got #hitched! Here, we have clubbed some of the best reception looks in saree. 

Indeed, whether you are a bride anticipating your reception or a visitor attending the party, we have compiled some wedding saree ideas for you to wear while selecting the best designer reception looks in saree for the event.

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Guide to the best reception look in a saree

Choosing a fresh set of costumes for the wedding may be highly stressful since you will be meeting a large number of people at the reception party.

But don’t worry, we’ve gathered the best designer reception looks in saree for a wedding reception to help you create a spectacular reception party!

1. Maharani Hues For Royal Feels

Maharani reds and maroons are more popular than ever in wedding reception looks for 2023 brides. With minimal makeup and accessories, a plump red ensemble may pull off a confident reception appearance for the 2024 bridal beauty.

The colour speaks volumes with its potential to create a memorable statement appearance. To be specific, 2024 brides are crazy about regal crimson reception looks from royal photo galleries, classic Bollywood blockbusters, and celebrity trends in wedding reception dresses.

From silks and satins to mulmul and georgette, the fabric options for a strong red tone are limitless! Surprisingly, velvet has grown in favour of a red saree style for wedding celebrations.

reception looks in saree
reception looks in saree

2. Georgette & Satin

A georgette is the most airy fabric for showing your favourite glittering pieces at the reception event. Georgette is a rare beauty among wedding reception clothing styles, as elegant as pearls and diamonds.

Significantly, satin has been attempting a strong comeback with eye-catching colours and detailing. Without a doubt, fashionistas choose stylish georgette drapes to slay their reception appearance while still being comfortable.

To be more specific, the lightweight fabric kinds of organza, georgette, and satin serve as lifelines for staying engaged and enjoying yourself over a long night of dance parties and family gatherings.

3. Kanjeevaram Saree with Contrasting Blouse

Gold is a timeless shade that can be worn to any occasion, and it will not fail you in this regard. A golden Kanjeevaram Saree instantly adds a very royal vibe to your dress and is great to wear for the reception party.

Brides! It is also crucial to remember that this sort of hue will not always appear good in wedding photographs, so choose a contrasting blouse to balance out your bridal apparel.  Indeed, the benefit of this design is its adaptability to a variety of materials, and it always looks nice regardless of the fabric of the saree itself.

Tip: The ideal reception looks in saree are always the darker, richer shades that will instantly complement your saree.

4. Banarasi Silks For The Win

Handloom bridal collections in Banarasi sarees are skillfully made with one-of-a-kind zari decorations. Banarasi silk may be the answer if you’re seeking the best silk for your reception dress!

reception looks in saree
reception looks in saree : Kanjewaram saree

We’ve seen a lot of wacky peppy colours in the reception outfits of 2023 brides-to-be, who are often spotted in colourful colours. Banarasi silks provide a gleaming striking border dipped in gold tones.

In contrast to typical patterns, we’ve noticed touches of rose gold and slightly subdued hues. Without a doubt, Banarasi silks are ideal for channelling your inner diva!

5. Net Sarees Are Always a Good Choice

If you want to try on a new style of reception looks in saree, net sarees are hard to pass up. They are lovely, stylish, great for parties, and comfortable to wear.

They can be excellent designer saree alternatives for the bride, especially if they have shimmering detail and a lot of work on the top. If you are a visitor and want to wear a net saree, choose a light choice in the shape of a basic net saree and combine it with a gorgeous blouse and little jewellery! 

6. Interesting Block Prints & Patterns

Whatever the occasion, sassy block designs and patterns are something we all look for. Bridal saree trends for 2023 scream abstract designs and patterns, which frequently include flora and animals. Masaba Gupta, for example, has been reinventing bridal partywear by introducing striking designs and colourful patterns that are full of life and love.

Meanwhile, traditional bridal saree weaves with elaborate repeated patterns are still popular. We have been overwhelmed by the trendy bridal saree prints and patterns that will make your celebration appear very gorgeous and bright!

7. Pure gold

Dripping in glossy gold saree attires has long captured the attention of wedding fashion gurus. Brides prefer to receive that quick glow-up by tossing on a dazzling gold saree dress, which is heavily influenced by classic Bollywood flicks and its wardrobe curations. Combine it with pearls, gold, or diamonds for a new burst of elegance and grace.

reception looks in saree
reception looks in saree

There are unquestionably several types of embellishments that enhance a golden bridal silk saree! Among the latest detailing features discovered in gold-toned bridal reception saree styles are sequin weaves, embroidery, stones, and baroque pearls.

8. Stunning Contrasts

Looking for the correct colour choices for your reception looks in saree seems both thrilling and difficult! Isn’t that right? Since the start of the 2023 season, we’ve seen some of the most popular wedding saree colour combinations.

Colours with strong contrast have suffered as predicted due to their predictable behaviour. Instead, we’ve seen a slew of never-before-seen colour combinations, such as hot pink and muted reds and greens. Brides, no matter how refined or ‘old money’ they are, enjoy keeping a surprise element in their reception appearance!

9. Add Elegance with a Tissue Saree! 

When going to wedding ceremonies and celebrations, the fabric used in tissue sarees is exotic and has a very attractive aspect.

Picking a vivid tissue saree with zari work on it and then finishing the look with a flowery blouse to give some oomph factor are great saree alternatives. Also, if you want to make a statement with your saree, don’t forget to wear similar jewellery and colourful makeup that is appropriate for the occasion! 

10. Shimmery Sarees For Shimmer

If you’re heading to a reception, this is one of the first things you should wear. If it’s a designer saree, pair it with strong statement jewellery and a hair bun for an immediate appeal that will set you apart from the crowd, especially if you’re the bride.

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Combine it with a deep-neck shirt and a shimmering pair of sandals or shoes to complete the outfit. Also, as a general rule, you should keep your makeup basic, therefore the best possibilities are nude lips with smokey eye makeup.

11. Extensive Embroidery on the Blouse and Saree

Sarees with extensive work on them, such as beads, stones, and thread work, are becoming increasingly popular due to their beauty. This style of saree will perform wonderfully for you whether you’re an or a bridesmaid!

If you are concerned that too much work on a saree would be too much for you, you may always choose sarees or blouses in neutral colours such as off-white, beige, and ivory, which will minimise the work on the sarees themselves. 

If you want to wear a basic golden saree that doesn’t seem too blingy in images, pair it with a contrasting colour top and don’t forget to apply the proper shade of makeup (ideally nude hues) for the reception party! 

12. A Novel Saree Draping Style

It is fascinating to observe that your draping style may suddenly transform the reception look in saree, even without purchasing a new saree. If you want to look stunning, even as a wedding guest, choose a plain saree and then drape it in various fashions, emphasising the pattern of the blouse to seem like a million bucks! 

You can immediately transform an uninteresting saree into a diva-level saree by adding a fashionable haircut and a touch of fashion accessories.

13. Wearing a Beautiful Blouse

This is a terrific choice if you are attending a close friend’s wedding. The goal here is to combine a modest saree with a gorgeous blouse to create an interesting contrast and look great during the wedding celebration! 

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It is vital to note that the reception party takes place late in the evenings or at night, so choose a saree hue and jewellery that looks great on you at that time. Furthermore, bear in mind that the reception party is frequently held after the sun has set, and you may be subjected to a lot of flash photography. So, to prevent having too little or too much exposure, keep your makeup for the reception looks in saree on point and eliminate blotches on your skin that may appear ugly in pictures! 

The reception party allows you to wear modern attire much more than the wedding ceremony itself, which helps you stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, there are many fantastic sarees to choose from that will offer you a fashionable style. So, check out the best reception looks in saree


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