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Best 6 Jawan Looks We Are Crushing Over At the Moment

Best 6 Jawan Looks We Are Crushing Over At the Moment

  • Nayanthara's versatile style has not only influenced the character transformations but has also contributed to the film's appeal as a whole. "Jawan 2023" promises to deliver a fashion-forward narrative that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity, offering viewers a visual treat that mirrors the evolution of characters and the story.
Jawan looks

As the release of “Jawan 2023” draws nearer, the excitement continues to build. Beyond the captivating storyline and stellar cast, one aspect that has always been a highlight in the “Jawan” series is the remarkable fashion. Today, we will talk about the best Jawan looks to adore in 2023. 

In this extended exploration of the “Jawan 2023” look book, we draw inspiration from Nayanthara’s iconic style in the song “Chaliya” from the original “Jawan” and how it has influenced the fashion aesthetics of the sequel.

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Best Jawan looks that you need to adore 

Here, we have listed out the best Jawan looks:-

1. Nayanthara’s Dreamy Gowns to Streetwear Essentials

In the song “Chaliya” from the original “Jawan,” Nayanthara showcased a versatile range of fashion, from dreamy gowns to streetwear essentials. Her ability to effortlessly transition from one style to another left a lasting impact on viewers. Here’s how her iconic looks have influenced the fashion choices in “Jawan 2023”:

2. Dreamy Gowns: An Ethereal Influence

Nayanthara’s dreamy gowns in “Chaleya” were a visual treat. Their flowing silhouettes Jawan looks and intricate detailing captured the essence of elegance and romance. 

Bhargavi’s character, portrayed by Mehreen Pirzada, draws inspiration from these gowns. Her wardrobe features ethereal ensembles, incorporating flowing dresses and gowns that reflect a sense of timeless beauty and grace.

3. Streetwear Essentials: A Modern Touch

Nayanthara’s streetwear essentials in the song offered a modern, urban vibe. Her casual yet stylish Jawan looks resonated with contemporary fashion sensibilities. In the sequel, “Jawan 2023,” the new characters introduced to the story are seen embracing a fusion of traditional and modern styles.

Streetwear-inspired elements like trendy jackets, denim, and sneakers make appearances, giving the characters a relatable and updated look.

4. Nayanthara’s Influence on Character Transformations

Nayanthara’s influence goes beyond just fashion; it has played a role in shaping character transformations in “Jawan 2023”:

5.Bhargavi’s Evolution

Mehreen Pirzada’s character, Bhargavi, undergoes significant development in “Jawan 2023.” Her character evolution is mirrored in her fashion choices. Bhargavi’s transition from the dreamy gowns Jawan looks of the past to a blend of contemporary and traditional attire in the sequel represents her journey towards self-discovery and adaptability.

6. New Characters, New Styles

The newcomers in the cast, influenced by Nayanthara’s style versatility Jawan looks, embody a mix of classic and modern fashion. These fresh faces bring unique personalities to their roles, and their fashion choices reflect their characters’ growth and complexities.

7. A Seamless Blend of Tradition and Modernity

“Jawan 2023” aims to strike a seamless balance between tradition and modernity, just as Nayanthara did in “Chaleya.” Jawan looks showcases a fusion of styles , drawing inspiration from the past while embracing the spirit of contemporary fashion.

Plot of Jawan

 Azad, the jailer of a women’s prison in Mumbai, orchestrates a daring hijacking of a Mumbai Metro along with a group of inmates named Lakshmi, Eeram, Ishkra, Kalki, Helena, and Janhvi. Azad’s demands are conveyed through negotiations with NSG officer Narmada Rai, who is tasked with contacting the Agriculture Minister to secure ₹40,000 crores in exchange for the safety of the Metro passengers.

Jawan looks
Jawan looks

Kalee Gaikwad, a global arms dealer, discovers that his daughter Alia is among the captives and agrees to fund the ransom. However, Alia questions their motives, prompting Azad to reveal his plan of using the money to help impoverished farmers by waiving their loans. Azad and his gang manage to transfer the funds directly into the farmers’ bank accounts and successfully escape from the Metro. During this, Azad discloses his true identity as Vikram Rathore to Kalee through Alia.

Following these events, Azad crosses paths with Narmada and her daughter Suchi, leading to a romantic relationship and eventual marriage. Azad and his gang later kidnap the Health Minister, demanding improved infrastructure at government hospitals in exchange for the Minister’s release. The government complies with their demands, allowing Azad and his gang to escape after a confrontation with Narmada and her team.

Shortly after their marriage, Narmada learns the truth about Azad’s identity but is subsequently captured and tortured by Kalee’s brother and his henchmen. Fortunately, Azad is rescued by his doppelgänger, the real Vikram Rathore. Narmada infiltrates Azad’s gang by disguising herself as an inmate, ultimately discovering Azad and Vikram’s connection.

The narrative then shifts to 1986, where Captain Vikram Rathore is a commando in the Special Ops unit of the Indian Army. He embarks on a mission to eliminate a terrorist group responsible for a deadly attack on Indian soldiers. Despite facing casualties due to faulty weaponry, Vikram and his team successfully neutralize the terrorists. Vikram files a complaint against Kalee, the weapon supplier, who attempts unsuccessfully to strike a deal with him. That same night, Kalee’s henchmen attack Vikram and his wife, Aishwarya.

Vikram is taken aboard a plane and seemingly killed by Kalee, while Aishwarya is imprisoned for killing corrupt police officers under Kalee’s influence. Vikram is declared a traitor, and Aishwarya gives birth to their son, Azad, in prison. When Azad turns five, Aishwarya encourages him to seek justice for his father and the oppressed. Unbeknownst to the world, Vikram survives but loses his memory, only to be rescued and rehabilitated by a tribal group in northeast India.

Learning about Vikram and Azad’s shared past, Narmada decides to assist Azad and his team. However, they face opposition from Narmada’s subordinate, Irani, who is revealed to be working for Kalee. A confrontation results in the death of inmate Lakshmi. Azad arrives at the prison and eliminates Irani during a stampede. Subsequently, Azad, Vikram, and their respective teams target Kalee’s trucks carrying funds for upcoming elections, which are intended to boost Kalee’s political aspirations. Azad and his team manage to steal the trucks, but Vikram’s team is captured by Kalee’s henchmen.

Azad releases another video, revealing that he has taken control of voting machines and demands the closure of 253 factories responsible for air and water pollution. The government complies by sealing the factories. Kalee learns about Azad’s location in the women’s prison, leading to a final confrontation where Vikram regains his memory and helps Azad defeat Kalee, resulting in Kalee’s demise.

In the aftermath, it is revealed that STF officer Madhavan Naik aided Azad in his missions, assigning him a new task targeting Swiss Banks.

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As the anticipation for “Jawan 2023” reaches its peak, it’s evident that Nayanthara’s iconic style in the song “Chaleya” has had a lasting impact on the fashion aesthetics of the sequel. From dreamy gowns that evoke timeless elegance to streetwear essentials that reflect a modern vibe, the characters in “Jawan 2023” embody a diverse range of fashion influences.


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Nayanthara’s versatile style has not only influenced the character transformations but has also contributed to the film’s appeal as a whole. “Jawan 2023” promises to deliver a fashion-forward narrative that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity, offering viewers a visual treat that mirrors the evolution of characters and the story.

As fans eagerly await the release of “Jawan 2023,” they can look forward to a cinematic journey that not only continues the legacy of the “Jawan” series but also sets new standards in fashion and storytelling. It’s a sequel that promises to redefine the genre and leave a lasting impression on the audience, much like Nayanthara’s unforgettable style in “Chaleya.”


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